Thursday, June 28, 2007

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Now i am started to have fun in blogging...ehhehe

What to cook

I really dunno what to cook everyday...lately is not easy because PIL stayed with us..and i cannot just said eat sandwich all the time.. they are very Chinese oriented and furthermore they work at the vine yard..they need rice and meat for the energy.
Today i really scratch my head to think what to cook...actually not today..everyday i do that.
So this is what we are going to eat for lunch and dinner today! Fried Hokkien Style Noodle.
It is good to have it with cili padi (small chili peppers)
Funny also after i cooked it and when i visited my friends' blog..and i found
Grace's entry on noodles!
Her noodles looks yummie and i am very sure it tasted very good too! Makes me want to eat again...hahahhahaha
how to diet? u tell me!

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How Vain Are You?

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Tagged by Grace

The results say it all...i am not VAIN at all..hahahahahhha... sometimes i wonder why Kit pick me...
i am very different from all other women..first of all...i am boyish, never at all care how i look as long as i don't look monster to people..good enough!
Second of all i am always fat from young till now.. hahahahha
soo...u can say i don't really know how to love or pamper myself.

The girly things that i do daily are as follows:-

1) Apply Nivea Soft moisturizer twice a day (morning and nite)
2) Apply lotion hand, leg and heel (prevent from dryness)- is hard not to apply in cold and dry country. Never did apply lotion when i was in Penang.
3) Shampoo and Conditioner (Sunsilk and Pantene) always changed..see which one is cheaper..hehehehe
4) I do have grey hair since i was 7 years 3 months once i dyed my hair with Garnier Nutriese Hair colour
5) Keep eyebrow from growing like a bush..
6) Keep my mouth hairless..( i do have a little mustache)
7) Never use make-up unless for dinner function (hardly have one) so no make up at all

That's me... call me crazy or what..i just don't feel comfortable applying those make-up stuff..or wearing designer money how to wear man...
maybe i'll change when i start to make money :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Miracles do happen! Ya.. i am done...i can't believe it...THANK GOD! I know U r the one who did the last question for me.. THANK YOU FATHER!

I am load off...i don't have to write exam over at the centre..
YAY! i Can do cool stuff with Ryan tomorrow... :)


2 more questions..

Chugga chugga chugga chugga...that's my express train moving eh...i left 2 more questions to finish...due date is Thursday...
Both questions are essays...headache man..

I won't be able to blog and visit blogs these days...will be back as soon as i finish it..hopefully by tomorrow! :)

So, Grace, I will do the tag ..hopefully by tomorrow nite..hehehehe...
wish me luck!
Actually i need more than luck...maybe Miracles..hahahahha...

2 more questions then i am done with first book....3 more books to go...and i can get my high school diploma..

P/S: I got approved by the government loan to study! but they didn't give a much lesser than i expected..bummer! need to talk to them again..not even enough to cover my tuition fees!
will blog abt it later....

Friday, June 22, 2007

Ryan with Puter

Today, while i was busy cleaning the house, as usual i will allow him to play his games and watch his favourite you tube video airplane that Kit save for him.
I thought wanna take some pictures of him busy with soon as he saw me taking the camera..he wanted to post for me... :)
Look at his silly look with his tongue out...all blue coz he just drank some blueberry juice.
House chores done today..but my assignment work not yet! hahahhaha..can't really do anything during the day time...coz my time is always occupied either with Ryan or the house!
My only me time will be at nite..thank God is Friday today..meaning i can really change to super super TURBO speed now.

P/s: Excuse the mess in our study room..also supposedly Ryan's room..but every nite Kit sleeps in there...and Ryan sleeps with me!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fruit Basket

This fruit basket was given to us on May 31st by Mara & Ian, our wonderful neighbor. I didn't get to post this due to i was busy lately.
Anyway, the reason they gave us this basket because once in awhile i fried my specialty hokkien noodles for them, look after their house while they were away for vacation, and let them store their patio chairs and tables during the winter time in our garage.
They are too nice..we are just be what a good neighbor should be...they appreciate what we did for them...on the card..they said.. thank you for everything you done for us!
Mara and Ian always bought lotsa goodies for Ryan during Christmas, Birthday, Halloween and Easter..
Ian mow our front lawn all the time..coz we share the front lawn.
That's why sometimes i have to cook for them..the least we can do :)

Instead, they felt like we did alot for them...

We are blessed coz we have good neighbours!

Still got lots to learn...

Ryan still got lots to learn as in how to talk properly ....not only that..he still need to learn English..
This is an example of Ryan's daily conversation with us:-

Today,MIL is at home and Ryan wanted to bo bo...and i was studying..he came upstairs and told me that he has to bo bo...
after awhile and he is done..he open the washroom door..and the conversation goes like this:

Me: Orr hou mei ar? Mommy pong nei matt arr.. (Are you done bo bo yet? Mommy help you to wipe your bum bum

Ryan: Orr hou mei ar.. em sai ar..mah mah pong nei mattt (Are you done bo bo yet? no need ...grandma help you wipe bum bum)

The correct one supposed to be: Or hou la...em sai ar...mah mah pong ar matt (Done already, no need...grandma help me to wipe)

Ryan always said the nei (you) instead ngor (me) ...hehehe..when i explain to him..he got confused..hehehe

This morning, he asked me where is grandma...
Ryan: Mah mah leh? (where is grandma)
Me: Lau Seong , neem keng (upstairs room, praying)
Ryan: huh? teng em tou! (huh? didn't hear u )

The correct one is ngor em sek teng..( don't understand)
he don't understand the word he said he didn't hear me..actually he wanted me to explain what is praying...

BOy..he still got long way to go...for Cantonese..
And worst part is English...hehehehhe

But he always always understand when i ask this to him in english:

Me: Yau Zhen, U love mommy?
Ryan: Yes! (with a smile and big huggie and wet kiss )

Aweee..ain't that sweet?

Appreciate it....

I know MIL is grieving.... but i do appreciate her help as in looking after Ryan for me these days.
I just finished lesson 2... (finally)...3 more lesson to go...due date next thursday...
i dunno how am i going to finish it...but i really do need miracle! hahahahaha

I did prepared lunch for them...even though i know i am busy...a quick sandwich for me will do..but not for them...
so i decided to fried some noodles for them...furthermore i need a break :)

Anyway..Thank GOd i finished lesson 2...will go to the next one after this...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mak Sang...

Mak Sang...or Mr. Mak is PIL colleague and he always called FIL to inform whether going to work or not..coz their job sort of like depends on the weather one...
FIL fetch Mr. and Mrs. Mak to work as well.

So my dear Ryan here heard FIL talking to Mr. Mak..which FIL always called out Mak Sang arr..

As a result of the conversation..this happened:-

*** Kit got back from work and Ryan always wanna put his car keys back the keys holder and cell phone on the book rack.. for his daddy daily.
On Monday, Ryan took Kit's cell phone and pretend to have a conversation on the phone...and the conversation goes like this...

Ryan: Arrr...Mak Sang...lee kor..arrr ( Arr..Mr. Mak...this..arrrr)

Ryan: Arr..Mak Sang...em hai ar...takk takkk.. (arr..Mr. like this...cann cann)

** Ryan is walking up and down the house while having this conversation...

Kit and me: LOL we laugh till tears come out...coz Ryan really surprised us with the whole Mak Sang thingy..

No go back

PIL decided not to go back.... coz they cannot rush back on time for the no point for them to go back..
MIL felt very down ....n she told me that she couldn't concentrate working yesterday at all.
I gave her a hug yesterday when FIL and Kit were upstairs. She was touched i guess..and appreciate it..(finally)
I told her that i understand how she feels now... n comfort her...telling her Grandma is old and is time for her to rest in peace..U did ur part as a daughter and she will understand that u couldn't go back.

I washed all her working stuff yesterday and prepared everything that FIL has to bring today for work. Today she is off. I let her to be alone and sink in everything.
I even cook lunch for her..but too bad she is having vegetarian food today.

SIL is on leave this week...but she did not call or come over to visit MIL at all.
I am very disappointed about this. She should at least come and bring her out.
If i am her i will...coz she has a car ..
i dun have a car..if i do..i will definitely ask her to go out the mall...have lunch outside...
I guess..SIL doesn't know how to do such thing...
Oh well, is not my position to say anything or judge...

MIL is very down..and not herself today...
so...i went to No frills ..bought the food that she like to eat...
the least i can do..tried to talk to her..but she locked herself in the room...
I know she need time to get everything over..
I know will take awhile to do took me 10 years to get over my MOM passed!

Job Interview

Kit went for a job interview last Saturday for a similar position he is working rite now but at a nearer location. Currently, he is working in Georgetown, where he has to drive an hour to work and an hour back...too far and too tiring.

This company that he went for an interview is just a 14 months old company. Doing the same thing as what Kit's current company is doing.
The only difference is their manufacturing company is in China. They build hydraulic lifts.
The interview went ok-okie only...coz what they are trying to offer is less than what Kit is making rite now.
The job function is the same. Furthermore, Kit has to travel China once in a while.

Hmmm..soo to me, I like the idea for Kit to travel and talk to people. I want him to expose more and communicate more coz he does not do that often. He prefer to be in his own cubicle and do his own thing.
He does not socialize at all...this is bad eh!

They are supposed to call him yesterday...but no news yet..
I guess Kit's ask too much...hehehehe..oh well, no call..kinda good news too..
No trip to Pak KUU for me to worrie..hahahahhahaa

Is not that i dun trust him..i dun trust those pak ku there....kekekkeke ;)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What a nite

I had a sleepless night yesterday! Phone ringing non-stop from mid-night on and off till about 6 am.
Worst still, i switched room with Kit coz i gotta study (burning mid-night oil). And the room i slept in last night, was the computer room..with the phone beside i was the one to answer the phone all nite before i handed over to MIL...
imagine...i am like a zombie now eh...can't focus a is HOT HOT HOT!!!!

Well, bad news we have ... MIL's mom passed away this morning around 12.30 am... umm i think she is 80 plus..heart beat stop suddenly.
So, phone calls from Kit's elder bro all the way from K.L. and tried to discuss how and when PIL are going back for the funeral.
Amazingly, they went to work this morning....
MIL looked okie outside, i mean facial reaction...but i can tell deep down..she is sad, hurt and i dunno what words to explain for a person to loose a mother.
I understand her feelings..coz i lost my mom when i was 14.
So, even though her mom was like 80 plus...but a mom still a mom! MIL tried to be tough in front of everyone...but obviously..i can tell how she felt!

This morning, around 5 plus am... SIL called discussing abt air fares...well, times like this those agencies sure take the golden opportunity to cut your throat..the fare is doubled the normal rate.
So, MIL very upset abt the price of the airfare...
they are very to say....just let is very important to them. Until now i still not sure that they are going back or not...coz they just left for work after talking to SIL. Hmm..will find out tonite.

U know...i felt like giving her a hug...but there are voices telling me not to. She probably won't like it...not her style i guess... They don't hug! or comfort...they just wanna act tough! u know..typical chinese style.

I have met Kit's Grandma way b4 we got the first time i met Kit and family back in 2000.
She was a great woman and very humble.

Everyone is sad about this news.
God bless her soul.....

*** Yawning***.. i am very sleepyyyyyyyyyyy....still need to finish off my assignment..have to hand next week...last day is next thursday!
GOOD LUCK to me...

Friday, June 15, 2007

I am done!

10.19pm done...
Yup..done writing my essay for lesson 1..tomorrow i can put my nose on lesson 2.

Can't believe it..really squeeze every drop of my brain juice that i can...

soooo...who wants to eat curry chicken, hainannese chicken rice, or fried hokkien mee...
that's my specialty... i cook u guys eat!!...or coffee?
my treat.. :)

Wanna Bet?

Who wants to bet that i can finish my first lesson tonite?

who bets i finish, and they win.... i promise i will chiaaaaa (treat) u in what..i dunno..u pick la..

and who bets that i didn't finish leh..and they win...i also promise to chia..(treat)...

hahahahahhahahaa...teng teng tenggggggg.....

Will let you guys know...

Ways of Motivation....

To get my engine warm up...i did...

1) one cup of tea
2) one cup of water
3) lock myself in study room
4) have the fan on
5) media player on with Lionel Richie on
6) Writing my blog
yet stillllllll nothing can come out from my BRAIN!!!


memang only berlagak study leh...muahhhhhhhahahahahahahhahaha

Picking on my brain cells

I need some inspiration to write my essay on The evolution of Family Structure from the like history age..where women are only supposed to work at home and giving birth till now where women works and earn their equal status with men...and also giving birth...
I can write on with my ideas..but i hate to use quote and research materials...
some more the research has to be genuine ..not any research from Google site.

This is only the first lesson man...and today already 14th of JUne..i still have 4 more lessons...dunno how many questions (which all of them are essays and research essays)
I felt so stupid now..coz i should have not pick this subject man!
Darn..i am getting old liao... not like b4..i can finish it within hours... just have to sit for hours and pick my brain cells..
Now..i am not motivated...not only that..dead tired, sleepy and lazy!
Sigh.... Gene oh GENE...where is my old self!...where are u....
I need u now....this is kinda emergency leh....quick ..quick... come out ler.... sigh...

I know i have been complaining a lot..and did not do anything yet....
I really salute those writers!
They can just write and write like no body business ...
i just wish i can half of their brains..then i am more than happy liao..

Hmmm what am i doing here..still complaining huh..hehheheh..alrito...gotta go ...need to squeeze out my brain juice..i am hoping to finish the first lesson...n tomorrow another...;)...
(talk only)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day is round the corner...4 more days, all the fathers in the world will celebrate this meaningful day.
What did i get my dad this father's day...hmmm nothing...but just a long distance call from Canada.
Pai seh...totally forgot to send my dad a card..coz was busy pass weeks and if i send will be late coz it takes 2 weeks to get there.

Luckily my sis got him a card and she included my name as well :) She even bought him a T-shirt :)
I will give him a call this Sunday.

As for Kit, he already got himself a MP3 player ...on Mother's day..he asked for his Father's Day's cool is he huh?
Cost me over 60 bucks..
Oh well, he deserve one!

Today, i asked Ryan to make a card for his Daddy and he drew lotsa flowers and "grass" on it..and i wrote Happy Daddy's Day and Happy Father's Day for both daddy and grandpa.
He drew 2 actually for his daddy!

Anyway, I take this opportunity to wish all the Father's out there ..especially
Papabok ,Kiwi G husband of
Grace ,and

Have a very Great and Happy Father's DAY

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

no cooking today

Is hot and i am very tired today... actually been tired for the pass few days due to Ryan's change of nap time.
Started on weekends he slept around 8 pm till like about 4 am and he is up while we are nicely snoozing.
Is very tiring for me...coz i need to cook, housework and study at the same time. Is nice when he nap and sleep coz i get to catch up my work.
But i still need my just that ..when is time for me to little king is awake! said NO to cooking..coz i cannot take it..i need to hand in my assignment.

Good news is.. i called John, the examiner, to confirm abt the change of exam policy...he said i just need to hand the first unit instead of all the units for the course.. great is that! Lucky me..i only need to work on 1 book instead of 4 books.
So no rush..but still got to rush for the first book.
Lotsa reading and essay writing..
I wish it is as easy as me writing my my dreams!!

Anyway, i really wonder what will my wonderful MIL will react when she comes back today and find out they have to eat tuna sandwich for dinner and nothing for her to bring to work tomorrow!
Let just is not easy for me!
But..too bad..i cannot take care of everyone and ruin myself.. i am trying my very best already...machine do get their rest too!

Just pray...that later will be an easy way out for me.. :)

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Everyone, there are free games and software that you can get for free! YUP, u hear me rite...FREE!
Everyday, this site call Give Away of the Day
will allow you to download softwares or games for free. You don't have to pay for it. No catch or nothing...just u have to check out this site daily for the feature of games and software of the day. If u like it..u download it and it will be yours!

This is how Kit got all his games. Some of the games, Ryan got hook onto it!

Is worth to check it out :)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Blood test

Got my blood test done for the Nursing course today! Thank GOD..that PIL aren't working today..
Have to get my TB test done as well..i have scheduled for July 4th ..
Hopefully everything goes well...
3 more months..i am going back to school!
Can't wait!
But now.. still have to rush my last course..which i chose Individuals, Families in a diverse society..another social science subject.
I thought this might be helpful for my Nursing in Psychology parts!

Started like on felt so sleepy when i open the dryyyyyyyy!

I dun think i can have the time blogging these days...u can see i didn't even take up some of the PPP opportunities..even though they have approved me (Finally!)

well, got to do the important stuff first.

One computer, 3 users

Yup, i have to share the computer with Kit and Ryan.... even now i am having trouble to use the computer coz Ryan is bugging me that he wants to play computer!
Thanks to Kit...he got Ryan hook on those pin ball games!
I cannot believe it..when i was 3 years old..i know nothing about games man!
Kids nowadays..gosh! have to be careful with what they are exposing to!
He learn very fast!

I am supposed to study now coz PIL are home lazy and tired!

Meh Yer...teng em tou

Ryan has learn new word again..well, it has been weeks that he uses this word.

Every time whenever i call him to do anything, he will said this.

The following happens weeks ago:

Ryan was playing computer games upstairs..

Me: Yau Zhen, chung leong ar...yeh la..fai teet (Ryan, bath time now, quick, is getting late now)

Ryan: Meh Yer? Teng em tou ar.. (What is it? I cannot hear u )

*** I am like beside him..and he told me that he cannot hear me?

He also has learn his communication skills ...i mean improve his English words..
Whenever he sees anyone pass by our window... he will say hi..and how are you ?

Today, as he sees Berta my another neighbor sweeping her yard...Ryan said the following

Ryan: Hi Berta! HOw are you? What you doing?

I was so impressed that he can talk so much in English...coz he converse more in Cantonese.
I am trying to teach him more English now... so that when he starts school next September, he won't be left out :)

Monday, June 04, 2007

No more take home exam

Yup, no more take home exam for me.... the district school board has change their exam policy for independent study students...we can no longer bring home the exam. Bummer!
It is so inconvenient for me coz I have Ryan to take care.

John the examiner is nice to tell me the change of the policy which will be effective on July 1st.
I have 1 more course to do then i can get my high school diploma. So he asked me to hurry the last course b4 July 1st so that i can still bring home the exam.

GOod news and bad news for me... good news..i already know the change of policy...bad news is..i have to rush the course.
20 units altogether in one month...2 books to read....and i can only study at nite on weekdays!
Weekends Kit needs to do his thesis report for the Certified Engineering Technologies title.

Sighhh..i am always stressful...i though i can rest abit...dim chi... the engine is always running turbo speed.
At times.. i really feel tired and wanna take a break...but i can't!
Just have to keep going....
What to do... no pain no gain.... :)

Minta Ampun

Yup, my dearest hubby sudah minta ampun (already beg for forgiveness).
I am totally a loser when he begs!
OH well, after i wrote the entry...i was much better..least i let it out liao.

Mamabok is rite..have to look at both side of coin. But at really kayu, chiu chang (tree)

i just dun understand why they cannot be a little bit sensitive.

Anyway, he apologized and i forgave usual.

Friday, June 01, 2007

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For me yes! I mean, i am not a frequent traveler but to think of it, boy , it can be tedious!

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Very Insensitive!

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I am soo pissed off!

Who actually made me that mad??
My wonderful hubby!

He is always soo insensitive! Everyone thought i sure had a good time celebrating that i pass my driving test...
u guys are wrong!
Not only dun want to celebrate with me...and made me cook dinner yesterday as well!
What a good husband!

I wanted to order pizza yesterday..he said..why waste money!?

Sighhhhhhhhh..lately i am so sien with him now..

never thought of how i feel at all...

To me, passing the driving test was a huge thing for me. I am not asking him to bring me to fancy restaurant or what..
Just a coffee at Tims..i am more than happY!

Celaka him.... sometimes i felt like want to bitch slap him what Mamabok said...
i am soo boiling mad here..

Today he called during lunch time..telling me when is his off days...coz i asked him yesterday how many off days he left..
coz i need to do some blood test and tb test for my nursing program thingy..
also i already planned to go to Joel Osteen Ministry this coming July...and is on Friday 6 pm in Toronto..
So again he has to take off day on that day..

Walau..our wonderful friend here said..
Wahhhhh.... i dun want to change so many times of my off days ....all my off days wasted on u doing ur stuff.

DOING MY STUFF???!! can u believe what he said? WTF! Ryan is not his son ar..wahhhhhhhhhhh lau..said until is my duty to take care Ryan..
somemore i am taking Nursing help u out leh..MR.CHINA MAN!
if u feel that it is soo burden..okie fineeeeeeeeeeeeee..i stay home n become siu nai nai
but the true fact..u can't afford to let me be siu nai nai okie!

I was soo F****** pissed off here !

I gave up everything for him...and this is how he treat me!


Tired! Tired! Tired!

Ohh boy.. i am soo tired now! Due to i had my driving test yesterday, i had no mood to clean the house till today.
Usually i will do it like twice a week as in mopping and cleaning the washroom. We had 1 full bath meaning 3 pieces thingy, toilet, sink and bath tub, which is at upstairs. We also have another 2 pieces thingy, only toilet and sink downstairs. Normally i have to clean both of them twice a week.
This week is soo exceptional coz whenever i am stressful i don't wish to tired myself out.

So today, walau...i am soo tired. Took me 2 1/2 hours to finish everything. This time i have to forgo time with Ryan coz MIL nicely invited SIL to come tomorrow. If i don't do it...i will go crazy tonite!
Thank goodness that Ryan behaved for me. I told him i had to do house chores...and he said okie..He played by himself , watch tv and play computer games while i was doing the house chores.
I am fully satisfied that the house is clean.. but all is hard work.
After finished, i had to prepare lunch for Ryan then get ready to prepare the soup for tonite's dinner! what a bummer!

"siennnnnnnnnnn" man!

Actually, i crave to eat curry today but i am too tired to cook curry they gonna eat left overs from yesterday!