Sunday, December 31, 2006

Xmas pics

These pics taken on i think christmas eve...yup b4 we went to Mississauga. Excuse the mess and of course Ryan is still with his bottle! :(
I am trying so hard to wean him off..he just won't drink his milk using sippy cup or ordinary cup. :(

Of course..i have gain sooo much weight... i hoping i can go walk around the neighbourhood these days while MIL look after Ryan.
sigh.... that's why i dare not put my picture up...but what the hey...fact is nothing to hide! hehehehehe
Will be my New year resolution...loose 10 lbs b4 i start school :)
Wish me LUCK!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Green Xmas

No snow for this year's xmas.... pretty much dry one eh... i am not sure this is good news or bad news..but definitely good one for me..coz it won't be so cold and wet lor..hehehehe

We spend our xmas at Kit's sis place in Mississaua....infact, i am writing this post from my sil's computer...we have stayed overnite for the last 2 days liao...
Our xmas eve was pretty good...i have cooked lamb curry and sil made viatnamese spring roll and chinese herb soup. Preety much chinese style of xmas dinner..kekekek
Xmas we had turkey at Kit's cousin place in Bayview. It was great..Kit's cousin is a great cook! we had turkey, chinese spring roll, roast beef, fried noodle, salad, bean salad...
the best part is ..she made all those dishes herself! I really salute her eh! actually she can open up a restaurant! :)

Today, boxing day, kit got up early with his younger bro, Hol, to staples and loblaws to get somethign they want. I have stayed home coz Ryan was still snoozing away. After around 10 plus..Kit got back and had his bfast and out we go again to Walmart. It was a total disappointment...coz we didn't get anything that really cheap.
Good news in away la..coz save money lor :)

Ryan is having a blast coz he loves his uncle so much that he totally forgot abt us. Poor Hol coz he was soo drained from playing with Ryan.
Of course both of us, kit and i are having a great time of baby free! hahahah...

I hope everyone had a great xmas and enjoying their holidays!

Happy New Year everyone !

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Introduction to Anthropology,Psychology and Sociology

While waiting for the good news...the next subject i have to do is Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology... also so very gaya one... i really dunno what else to i pick this one.
I am doing this one in order to get my ontario high school diploma.. furtheremore psychology is one of the subject i will learn in nursing..
so i thot this can help me.
All together it has 4 units..the first unit..the folder darn thick! like the telephone directory book....
but i think it will be interesting..not as boring lor.. ;)

Good luck to me la.. hehehehe...more studying again..

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

This is it...waiting time

Wohoooooooooooooooooooooooooo! i finnally got my result and i just applied for my course. All i have to do now is wait and continue studying for another 2 subjects in order to get Ontario, canada High school diploma..just for the fun of it ler..coz i have several months before i start the nursing course in sept. :)

I got 83% for English paper and 96% for my Biology paper...hehehehe..pai seh... never thought i can get so high for my biology one.
I am soo happy now and such a big relief Phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

I have to wait till next march in order to know whether i will get into the course or not...Please everyone..pray for me!
Hope everything goes well :)
Thank you ..thank you.. :)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Weekend at Mississauga..

Last weekend we spent it at my SIL's place..coz on Saturday nite, we had to attend Kit's company Christmas dinner. It was splendid and i had a load of fun! The restaurant served Portugese cuisine..something new for me.. Food tasted not bad..but not really great ..great for me..
We started with soup..dunno what kind soup is that... then greek salad. Next was baked fish and some western rice.
The fish was good! I thought the fish was the main meal... me wallap la everything...i even skip the bread while having the soup.
Walau..after the fish, came the steak!! my goodness...i can hardly eat the steak man..i didn't eat it...
but Kit was like finish everything! coz he is crazy over steak...he was not supposed to eat beef due to his religion thingy...but..outside..he dun care ler..kekekek
then after that came the deserts...waffle with ice cream..that also i didn't take...
i was soo fulll liao... but i cannot miss one thing..
COFFEEE! hahahah i must have the coffee..gee they had the cappucino and expresso ...woah..of coz i attacked la.. ( like those suah pak kau only (like monkey just came out from the cage)) heheheh...
kit had expresso and i had cappucino lor...
so of coz both of us end up cannot sleep at nite..hahaahahah..i didn't get to sleep whole Sunday was soo tired...
Luckily FIL made malaysian kopitiam kopi o..wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh again my eyes wide open after 2 cups..haahahahah ;)
man missed those kopi eh

Overall our weekend was alright... at first i thought i will not enjoy it coz have to meet the in-laws ..(they got back last tuesday dec 12 but stayed at their daughter's place..) which is good news la..kekekek
wohooooooooooooo buttttttttttttttt
guess what everyone?!
I was soo sooo touched that MIL gave me one necklace..a jade necklace...well they went to Beijing on Nov ..n she thought of me eh?
I was soo touched eh..i almost wanna give her hug..but i knew she won't like those thingy..they never like those lovey duvey stuff.
To tell u the that moment... i almost wanna cry...coz is not the value of the necklace thing that i care the thought that she had for me!
I am very very touched and surprised eh..
THANK GOD! i really hope things will really work out for us... Because..i really wanna have a mother figure with me..coz my mom passed away when i was 14 years old..soo it will be splendid if we can get along! :)

Change of plan...

I am supposed to pick up my result today and start applying for my course today..unfortunately, they didn't have my result yet. :(
I am not very flexible type of person here... coz once i have my plans planned ahead..i will make sure i get it done and i want it perfect.
This morning when i got to know that i couldn't pick up the result..i was very dissappointed till i dunno what to do next.
My whole day was a mess. I know i am very bad at adapting in situations...this is really bad side of me.

We are supposed to visit my previous neighbour Nelly this evening..but when i called her..she prefered that i visit her during the again.. another mess up plan..hahaahha
i guess today, God is teaching me a lesson to be more flexible.
Nellie told me to visit her after 1 pm.
That time it was around 11 plus am.
So.. i was soo moody abit and dunno what to do... i can't sit still..and i have to do something...
so i bake lor...hehehehe...
I bake banana walnut cake..the one i had the recipe up on the blog b4 but without the pic..this time i managed to take some pics..

everything has to change today..even the dinner plans.. i was supposed to bake some ribs tonite.but didn't get to marinade it..due to i was at Nellie's place..
i just got back not long ago..
i have to cook something easy and fast tonite..maybe some noodles ler..kekeke
tomorrow Kit has to take some sandwhich to work for lunch..heheh
infact i am having my lunch now...sighhhhhhhh... i dun like this..i dun like surprises ..i like to plan ahead!
i know sometimes we need to go along the situation..but i can't.. i just can't...
so today is pretty bad for me..but at least i get to see NELLIE..
:) and RYAN is taking his nap 5.30 pm..sigh...tonite he sure cannot sleep liao.. chialattttttttt

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The model

This afternoon, Ryan wanted his pictures he possed for me. He even showed off his school bag.
Maybe he wanted to be a model in future huh..then this big mama will be his manager..kekekek ;)

I love you until i reach the moon!

For those who already married, did your spouse personalized the wedding vows for u guys?
For us..nahhhh...Kit will never be that sensitive..he only follow blindly what the reverend utter out..from the bible...

Yesterday, i asked him, if he is given another chance...will personalized the wedding vows for me? and he was like..errrrrrrrr...vows? what is that?
I told him...the promises u made during the marriage thingy la..
n he was like...ohhhhhhhh...the one i have to follow the reverend said one ar?
i said..YA la! then the conversation goes like this..

Kit: vows ar.... hmmm what abt u? what abt your vows?
Me: heyy..i asked u first... so answer my question ler...
Kit...hmmm...errr okie okie..goes like this... I will love you until i reach the moon...
ME: until u reach the moon?? the heck...u can easily reach the mooon now..just have to pay nasa billions bucks..then off u go!
KIt: no... what i meant was reach the moon ..very high..very strong...
Me: but u said until wor..after u reach moon liao..u dun love me ar..?
Kit: yo..u know me english no good one...
ME : SIGH....

can die or not... kit is not the expressive type of person..but he cares for u through action.
I guess all engineers are like that kua..kekekke ;)

Monday, December 11, 2006

12 December (tomorrow)

YUp ...PIL are coming back tomorrow ..... hmmmm...i am not really very exicited abt it... frankly, i am kinda sad... i know things will be very different when they come back.
Sigh...oh please God... help me! Touch her heart... pretty pls... n mine too...Guide me through this challenge... i need strength to face them. All i need and pray for is peace, harmony and love in this family!

I know i need her to take care of Ryan for me when i go to school.. but..there are issues between me and my mil. Or should i say she has issues with me rather. I know she doesn;t like me at all. Tried very hard to be somebody's DIL... Sugar! i tell hard to please someone who doesn't really like u at all!

I know i will be stronger and smarter if i can get through this challenge/battle/situation.... i need all the strength and patience in the world!

Finally...half way over...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... i am free abit now i just handed in my exam for biology. Waiting for the result to come in next week, then i can start apply for my course!
I am on time...yay!! Actually all the five books of biology, i did pretty good eh... i am proud of myself...
first book i got 99%, second i got 93%, third book and fourth book i got 97% and fifth book i got 100%. Being sucked at science... (only managed to get C5 for my SPM general science in malaysia), these results are actually good for me! :)
I am waiting for the exam result only.. hopefully everything goes well and next week i can apply for the nursing course!
And if everything goes well... will be starting the nursing course in SEPT 07.
Things to do after i get the acceptance letter:

1)Need to go take up CPR lesson and get the certificate (one of the requirement for the course)

2)Learn Driving( yea..pai seh..already 28 liao..i still haven't get my license)

3)Apply for Canadian Citizenship

4)Get ready for going back to school :)

Hopefully, next year will be a totally diferent year for me. I know it will be hard for me as in balancing both studies and family. Just pray hard that God will guide me and give me the strength to do it!
2 years only.. i just need 2 years..then things will start getting better and better :)

Friday, December 01, 2006

Lucky ....extremely lucky!

Who is lucky here? definitely not me la.... well, i am talking about kids today...especially kids over here...
As u all know..Xmas is approaching... so presents ,etc etc..
This evening, i thought i wanna take a break from all the studying and taking care of Ryan...
I told Kit that we will go to the mall for ..just window shopping..getting fresh air and look see around.
Every time we go to Walmart,we have to stop at the toyland section for our king here..
Nothing different this time, except that bit crowded with parents and kids at this section compared to before.
Parents got headache as in what to buy for their kids for xmas... i saw one calling home asking the wife which is the exact model that their son need... and there is this couple..with 2 of their daughters...going through aisle by aisle of the toy departments asking what their daughters want....
it seems that price is not an issue anymore here...walau eh... back in my time...i dun really recall that i ever had this kind of privilege.

Well, we are no different from those parents except..we still look at the price tag... we are looking for toys below 20 bucks for cheapo ler.. what to do.. Single income only nya...i am not working yet...and we are not printing money here.

Soooooo... kids nowadays are very lucky!