Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ryan still not talking...

Ryans is turning 20 months this 25th September and he still not talking yet. I mean he still baby talks.
He understands what we tell him and he replied us with his own language..ehhehe..sometimes we have to guess what is he trying to tell us.

Words that Ryan used everyday are as follows:-

"tat-tat" : wanna pee or bo bo
"Mmmmm" : means the food is good
"Nen Nen": means he wants his milk

Words that he acted out instead of saying it are as follows:-

"wave bye bye" : whenever we say bye bye or whenever we check out from the cashier register in the mall or bank teller. He loves young blonde ladies and he makesure he steal their hearts aways by waving goodbye to them.

"making whoof whoof sound" : whenver we told him to food is hot or the oven is hot, dun go near the oven.

"hit his bum bum" : whenver we say Ryan yai yai, ta ta see fatt (notty, hit ur bum bum ha)

"shaking his 2 wrist around: when we say the food no more, u finished ur food already.

"clap his both hands: when we praise him or thank him if he did something good i.e. after his finishes his bottle of milk, he will bring it to me for me to wash, pick up small pieces of garbage on the floor if he sees one and throw it in the garbage can. We normally say "pandai baby" or thank you baby... ;)

Ryan sometimes really surprise me with his little action like put back all his toys to the bin when he get it from.
He is not a bad boy... sometimes really melts my heart and sometimes drive me crazy too..hahahah
i guess it balance up huh ;)

Rite now i am still struggling to potty train him. Manage to show him the potty and let him sit on it..but he doesn't like it.
It will take times..

Summer is ending...

Here comes Autumn or Fall we call it. Summer is ending this coming 22nd Sept. We can feel the chilly cool weather these days especially during the morning and late evening. We have to get ready for the cold brutal winter where we have to shovel and shovel everyday.
We also need to rack all the dried dead leaves when autumn comes and start pruning all the perenial flowers and for those who wish to plant spring flowers, they can start now.
That's the beauty or not of staying in 4 seasons country.

During summer time, we have to do the lawn and cut the grass, autumn we have to rack the leaves and winter time, we have to shovel the snow. Hhahha..there is always something to do overhere.
Today i have started to prune my roses and cut it short so that it can grow back next year.
Didn't do much coz nothing can be done if Ryan is around. I have to watch him so that he didn't eat the soil or run out the walk way.. sighhhhh..
wish i have a gate to block the driveway!

I am not really looking forwad to winter except for Christmas! It is soo cold and it gets dark so fast during the day. Can u imagine around 4.30 pm the sky is almost as dark as normal 10 pm during the summer. It just makes u think that the day had already ended and have to look forward for tomorrow.
The only good abt winter time is less crime. All ppl will hide somewhere and u wont see a single soul on the road during nite time coz it is soo cold! hehehehehe

Hope we get a good winter this year!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Don't feel good!!!

I am not feeling good! Not in terms of health...but emotionally i dun feel soo good! I dunno why.
Maybe is just one of those days i guessss.
Today i have to work late and i am going to miss my family time with Ryan and Kit :((
It sucks!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

We got our mattresses

Yes!! Last sunday, we went for matresses shopping. Ryan needs a new bed coz he has grown soo much and besides that he doesn't like the baby mattres..is kinda too hard for him to sleep on.
We also need one good one too!
We went to this store at Upper James (Hamilton Mountain area) recommended by Kit's colleague.
We got pretty good deal there. Our queen size mattress cost $880 (two split box spring with pillow top on top of the mattress included) and Ryan's single matress with box spring cost $200 bucks and plus $30 delivery charge as well. SO all together we pay $1110. Sigh, there goes another big expense, but is well invested though! Because the mattress that we are sleeping on rite now always gives me back pain. :(
Ryan needs to learn how to sleep alone by himself so that we can get good nite sleep every nite eh!

Sunday was another full day for us! We went grocerry shopping early in the morning (went 3 places). After that, we went back home drop all the things and headed to the furniture store.
After we paid downpayment of $500 bucks..we went to Wallmart and shop around and had lunch there too.
Then we headed to St Joseph to visit Nellie. She looked soo much better now. I am soo very glad that she is doing soo well. We spend 2 hours there accompany her and talked to her.
We got back around 4 plus and headed to my in-law's place to clean up and collect their mails.
It was a short visit there only and we reached home for good around 6plus.
We met our neighbour Mara & Ian outside their backyard deck. THey were having bbq and they invited us over. So we did not want to reject them coz they have invited us several times already..and everytime we say no...sooo this time we have to say yes.
It was good...we had ribs, Kit had T-bone steak..Ian is soo good at BBQ .. he can bbq several different things at the same time..without burning them and they all tasted good with the rite texture !!
We enjoyed it soo much! Ryan was having fun too..playing with their 3 dogs!!
He had a full day and nite too!
hehehe we came back around 9 plus pm..woahhhh i was soo beat that nite eh.. coz that day my "auntie visit" too eh :(
but overall, it was fun!! :)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

the guy didn't survive

Heard the news yesterday, that the guy who got shot near my area didn't make it!! :(
God Bless His soul...hopefully police manage to catch the culprit!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Gun Shot in my area

This early morning around 2 plus in, i was having problem to sleep. My back was so itchy because the air is soo dry and i forgot to put lotion. (one of the problem staying in overseas)
So, i was scratching here and there till Kit woke up and asked me am i okie..hehehe pai seh...woke up hubby pulak...
then i said okie la..but my back soo itchy and i was having problem scratching it..cannot reach ler.
SO he said..turn over i scratch for u la..so i turned lor..the he scratch scratch ...wahhhh...soo nice..much better...then suddenly no hand movements and i hear engine started snoring liao..alamak... he scratched till he dozed off again ...so i woke up and go to wash room to put some lotion .
that time the clock showed 2.50 am. After putting the lotion.. i went back to sleep..after few mins i heaard 2 gun shots!!
I thought i was dreaming but at one point i thought again..cannot be because i wasn't sleeping that time..i was just lying down only.
THen i looked at the cloock it was 3 am and after like 10 to 15 mins i heard police sirens and ambulance sirens too.
Ohh oooooo... there were really gun shots eh..but i had no idea where was it.
I didn't not wake Kit up..coz he was really tired and furthermore he has to get up around 5 am..so i better let him sleep.
I went back to sleep and remind myself to watch news in the morning..
Around 4 am i heard very loud fire engine sirens...is very near by..aiksss...fire nearby? i got panicked...got up again n looked outside the window...
i didn't see any firetrucks ..but i could smell very strong smoke and i even see it too..
Kit was woke up by the sirens too...sooo...i was like busy checking the front and back windows to find out where was the fire came from.
Nope..i couldn't see it..only can smell it.

I just told kit that just now i heard 2 gun shots and he was like are u sure? I didn't hear it eh..then i said..of coz u didn't hear it la..u went to dreamland liao whatttttt...heehehe
that time it was 4.30 am liao..
kit said..okie la..let me snoozz for another half an hour ..then i have to wake up liao...

oh boyy whole nite we didn't really sleep good eh..
And this morning when i watch news..yup there were 2 gun shots happenend nearby my area.
It happened 2 blocks from our house... (5 mins walk or less than that)
it was a white guy got shot on the head and he was lying on the parking lot.
Summer is always not safe for everyone overhere. Dunno why everyone tend to do crazy things in summer.
That guy still in critical condition. Believed that he had involved in a fight. :(
Hope he gets better and survive!

And the fire..it was 5 blocks from our place. The whole house was burned down. nothing left. :(
Lucky thing nobody at home.

What a niteeeeeee !

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Yesterday's Dinner

That is what we had for yesterday's dinner. Is call Fajita Tortilla wrap. Pictures taken from before i started to cook and finished wrapping.
I used beef, mushroom,green and red pepper (forget to snap it) , and onion. The Fajita seasoning can be bought at grocery store.
I like this wrap thing..tasted good! When i was in the process of uploading these pictures, Ryan saw it and he say "mmmmmmmmmmmm" ( his version of yummie) heehehe.

Oh yea forgot to mention, my home grown beef steak tomatoes!! heheheh RYan loves it very much!
and for the wrapping process, u need some shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce and onions.
Walla! Ready to eat!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Ryan enjoying his fav french fries

Mmmmmmmmmm yummie yummie friesss... I just love McDonald's french fries.. ;)

Got my own "toy"

Perfect timing for me to blog this... i am enjoying my hot green tea and listening to Alicia Keys album.
Today we had a full fun and great day. We started the day by going to Confederation Park for a long walk. The weather was perfect this morning...infact the whole day!
Nice breeze and cool air. After the walk, we went to Easgate Mall in Stoney Creek to shop for my "toy". Yup, i want to buy an electronic stepper for myself. Thought this could help me loose some weight during the winter. :)
BOught it for $79.99 plus taxes. It was okie, wasn't a bargain price ..just a regular price. After i got my stepper, we went to get some flowers for Nellie. The visiting hours were 2-8pm. So we reached there almost 2 pm .

Nellie looked soo much better compared to last Sunday. She started to eat a little bit and we can see some colour in her face.
Last sunday she looked so pale and tired!
We are so glad that she is much better. She is staying at the Acute Mental Health Department. People admitted there are experiencing major depression problems.
Nellie told me most of the patients there were young adults..some are 16 years old only..
Wonder what kind of depression they are facing huh...hmmm

ANyway, we stayed there till almost 4 pm. We reached home around 5 plus. It was a full day for us. Ryan was soo tired.
Rite now , my boys are snoozing away in wonderland....dreaming away in dreamland..hehehe

I just wanna have some quite time for myself and relax a little bit.
I am kinda miss my quite time. :)
What a Sunday for me! I really enjoyed my day today! I dun have to work and i get to spend time with my two men..hehehe
WHat a blessing!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Nice friday morning

This morning i strolled Ryan to see Nellie and i found out that she was admitted to St.joes.
I have already took the information and we will visit her this weekend. TOday's weather is good. Is very breezy and cooling. The sun is shinning but we didn't feel any heat at all.

I strolled Ryan to Gage park from Nellie's place. It was 15 mins walk from her house and 10 mins walk from ours.
Ryan seems happy when he sees the swing. When we reach the swing, Ryan was giggling laugh and pointed at the swing.
He was soo excited and couldn't wait to get into the swing. He was having fun and great time swinging.
I felt much better after breathing the fresh air. :)

Felt a little bit different today, kinda a little peaceful compared to other days. Maybe because i knew tonite i only work 3 and 1/2 hours shifts. Yesterday was 4 hours and the calls keep coming in non-stop.
The worst part was i talked non-stop till my throat got itchy and kept coughing. :(
Lucky the phone calls i got yesterday were all decent customers.
Thank GOD for that.
He really watch over me. Sometimes when i got nasty customers, while we were talking halfway, the connection got disconnected itself..hehehehe...lucky me... i do not have to handle them.
But sometimes i have to..but He provide me the wisdom and courage to face them.

This coming weekend is a long weekend for us. Monday is a holiday for us. (Labourday)
Kit gets excited and already planned what to do on that day. :)

Nelli admitted

Nellie admitted to St.Joseph Hospital. (Nellie is my ex-neighbour) She didn't feel good. Her depression gone worst after Albert's passed.
She has lost 12 pounds.

Pray hard for her recovery. Will visit her this weekend.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

MIL & FIL back to KL, Malaysia.

Mother and Father in law are going back to KL, Malaysia tomorrow. They will be back here in 2 months time.

Should i say... yehhhh yippieeeee yehhh..hehehe..oh well, we are okie lately.. is just that we didn't get to see each other that often anymore. Why? Because i am working late till 9 pm every thursday, friday till saturday. So, normally Kit will bring Ryan overthere and come back home around 9 pm. :)
So, i dun get to visit them. WHich is good in away coz if we didn't see each other, there won't be any problems at all. :)

Their perspectives towards me still the same as before. And as for me, I am totally okie (healed!)
I do not feel bad anymore whenever Kit and Ryan visits them. I guess i have moved on!
I thank God for this.
I thank HIM for his strength, courage and wisdom!!

Lotto 6/49- jackpot 14 million

Aisey man, I normally dun buy all these lottery stuff but i was soo tempted yesterday to buy one when i see lotto 6/49 jackpot was 14 million.

We are soo desparate to get more money to pay off the mortgage and i can go to school get better education in order to get a better job.
Sighhhhhh... I have sinned against my heavanly Father. :(
I bought it yesterday and i even got excited to check the result at 11 pm yesterday.
My heart was raising fast and hoping to win at least 100 thousands.

Buttttt too badddddd... i didn't win. hehehehe... I know there is no short cut in life!
I have learned my lesson i guess.
Sighhhhh... just waiting for good opportunity for Kit and myself to get a better job.

Oh well, i am very grateful that we have our own house, He provide us both a decent job to put food on the table.
I could never ask for more!
I am soo soorie Father. Please forgive me!