Wednesday, January 31, 2007

what a weekend :(

Last Saturday started great...where mil and i went to centre was a great walk...Kit and Ryan stayed home... they decided to play snow instead.
When we got back...kit had made an appointment to go for hair cut at we went out around 1 plus just by ourselves ...for the first time..Ryan allowed us to go out!

We got back around 5 plus...and everything went normal..except that FIL had flu on friday liao.. :(
I was so worried that Ryan caught it..but he seems okie on saturday...
around sunday morning 1 am...Ryan had febrile seizure... yea..this seizure cause by fever... this is the second time he had it...the first time was last summer :(
We had to call 911..and spend few hours at the emergency ....
Came back around 5 plus in the morning..didn't get to sleep..i was watching him..all nite..making sure his fever gone down...
I dun like when Ryan is is soo hard eh...if i can choose..i rather get sick..than him..
Well, sunday whole day , we didn;t get to rest..3 adults making sure that little Ryan is okie...he doesn't want to eat, or drink..that is the worst part...and his fever was like 38, 39 on and off..
on sunday nite...i started with this dry cough...and turn pulak..
Kit was soo nice..he sleept with RYan...all nite looking after Ryan for monday he couldn't go to work..coz is his turn to get flu...and myself too
Lucky thing..MIL didn't work this she help us alot..i mean alot!
I really appreciate what she has done here....I thank you...
will give her big hug later when i fully recover...
i am still having this flu bug with me..and the stupid cough...yesterday i coudln't get up from the was worst last least i get some walk around and online :)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

January 25th - Ryan's 3rd Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday my dear boy...time really flies... I thank you for letting me to learn how to be your good mother.. I thank you for letting me to learn how to love someone soo much...I thank you for letting me to learn how to be more patient...I thank you for letting me to learn how to be a kid again ;)
Most of all, I thank you for letting me to be part of your life!
Mommy wish you good health and happiness always! :)
Love you very much!

Note: I like the way how mamabok did Chloe 3year old birthday slideshows..that's how i got inspired from :)

Friday, January 19, 2007

random picture part 2

i just notice i have post twice RYan's this pic that i meant to post it.. isn't he silly :)

Random pictures

MIL didn't go to work this week and i managed to catch up my studies and all of a sudden i am too free today..kekekek
It is snowing quite heavy outside, so i thought take some pictures..but it is not as bad as the one that Mamabok showed..

Ryan had fun outside again with FIL...with the snow sleigh..didn't get to take pics..
maybe next time..
Look at my sunroom..full of Ryan's toys everywhere..this is the messy part ler.. ;)
silly RYAN...whenever i wanna take his picture..he will smile silly-ly for me.. :)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

2007 Snow

Finally, today it has snow a little bit and Ryan get the chance to play with the snow and wear his snow boots and snow suit :)
He had lotsa fun..and tried to help us shovel the snow..kekeke..
Yup again..he wanna work ;)
my handy mand huh ;)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Super Busy

I have been very busy lately due to the house renovation. I am not doing the reno but i have to clean and prepare lunch and dinner for everyone, as well as taking care of my little brat.
I have neglected my studies lately due to i am way to tired to study at nite. Sigh, i guess i have no time to update my blog.
Will have to continue whenever the project is done.

Super tired here bones felt like wanna crack everyday...never felt this tired b4..sigh...maybe getting old..and fat too! hahaha maybe this is kinda good way to force me to exercise..kekekeke

ANyway...will come back to blogging whenever i am free :)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

This N That

Ryan has improved alot in his it Cantonese or English. His vocabulary is getting better and better. Below are the daily conversation between Ryan and us at home.

YESTERDAY during dinner

I have cooked black bean soup with pork bone and the pork bone i bought got lotsa meat. Normally, kit loves to eat those meat by dipping it on soya sauce.

Ryan saw Kit eat those pork bone meat and he says :

Ryan: "Kim chuu yuk....suiii" (I dunno how to translate Kim in english i am trying to translate to the closest.. "squeeze pork meat....water")

FIL, MIL, Kit and myself: ?????

after few seconds..i managed to get what he said..

ME: ohhhh...hey u sek chuu yuk dim see yau eh (he wants to eat the pork meat by dipping the meat on the soya sauce)

smart little one...he made his own words...he doesn't know how to say the right words as in... "kiap chu yuk dim see yau" (taking the pork meat using chopstick and dip in the soy sauce..)
soy sauce ..he said water...walau eh..

Conversation with grandma

Mil was carrying him front way as in Ryan sleeping straight on her arms... and MIl jokingly said...

Grandma: awe tiow nei ar ( i am throwing u..)

Ryan: Tiow lap sap (throw garbage)

He is saying that he is garbage....and ask grandma to throw garbage...he said that because every thursday whenever kit has to take out the garbage...Kit usually said..tiow lap sap har..(throw garbage har)

My big helper

Here is my big helper eh...getting rid of the wall paper ;) Yup, FIL and Mil are helping us to renovate the house...Coolies eh! ...
Summer comes we will paint the whole will be a big project.
Look at my little concentrate on working! :)