Monday, July 25, 2005

Kit is on 1 week vacation.

Wohoo! Kit is off this whole week. Saturday, i took off as well because my aunt from Toronto came for bbq. Everything went well and they love my bbq chicken wings and ribs :)
It was a full day for us but we really enjoyed ourselves very much.
Sunday we went to Scarborough (another city in Ontario), a china town, more of chinese population. We stock up our dvds (pirated ones of course..hehehe shhhhhhhhh...) we got 8 for 30 bucks. I chose some chinese movies and kit chose some english movies. It was a fun day too. After shopping around the chinese mall, we stop by at my aunt house in toronto. Her daughter bought an outfit for Ryan on Saturday but it was too small. So, she went to exchange it on Sunday and asked us to drop by after shopping at Pacific Mall.
We spent the whole afternoon and evening overthere. My aunt took us out for dinner, we had sushi. It was tasty! Yummie.. didn't have sushi for quite some time already! :)

Oh yeaaa, i got a Black and Decker oven toaster from Jaz and Aunt for my birthday! Yippie..very nice of them :)
They are the only family members i have overhere in Canada. They help us alot when we had hard times last time.
Bless them!

We didn't go out today coz Kit wanted to do some renovation work in our basement. So he spent the whole day working in the basement today. It was really hot today and i had slight headache and tummyache too (tummyache from "aunty visit")
We didn't really plan to go anywhere this week coz Kit has to finish the work in the basement before winter comes again..
So maybe tomorrow we will go shopping again..hehehe this time probably Mapleview mall or Ikea. Wanted to check out stuff in Ikea. :)
Ryan sure will be very happy tomorrow coz today he didn't get to go out at all. poor baby, he was so frustrated just now and showing tantrumms..
boyyyyyyy drives me nuts too. ;(
Luckily now he is asleep and i can enjoy my peace and freedom! ;)

Friday, July 22, 2005

This is what i cooked yesterday

Honey Lemon Lean Pork with Red Kidney Beans Posted by Picasa

Tadaaaaaaa... this is my invention. Nope i didn't get any recipes on the net coz Ryan was up as soon i finished blogging. So i didn't get any chance to surf the net for recipes.
I didn't not cook the prawn. I chose the lean pork instead.
At first i did not know what i was doing. I just took everything out from the fridge. Anything that i can find..heheheh
So i invented this dish. It was not too bad. Everyone loves it.
It has

Button Mushroom
Red Kidney beans
Lean Pork

Dark soya sauce
Vegetable stock

I do not know how exactly the amount that i put. Everything was just according to taste. hehehehe
Not bad after all huh.. so everyone is satisfied. Ryan has his potatoes and Kit has his soup and a little bit of chinese cooking.As for me, not soo much of spicy food ..but nevermind la.. at least i got my juice last nite..hehehehe ;)

Today i just simply fried rice. Easy and fast. Furthermore i have to work from 5 till 9.30 pm and Kit is going to his parents place anyway. So no point for me to cook fancy food. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

What to cook?

This is the question i asked myself everyday. I got problems cooking dinner everyday. First of all, I have 3 different taste buds here in the house. First, Kit has those china man taste bud..where he wants soups, vege, etc those chinese cooking. Second of all, my dear son Ryan, has western taste bud.. he wants potatos, bread, cheese, pasta etc .. and lastly myself, i want spicy food! hehehe

ai yo, headache, kepal pusing eh.. dunno what to cook. I struggle everyday cracking my head what to cook for dinner.
Today i took out prawns and some lean pork from the freezer. I still haven't decide how to cook it. But i already boiling the chinese yok choi tong (chinese tonic soup?) i also dunno what it suppose to call in english.
Ryan is good and bad in away.. he is bad because he doesn;t like rice at all. He prefer pasta or noodles. BUt he is good because he eats his vege.. :) any kind of vege u give him..he will eat it too. esp he loves those green leafy vege :)
So i have to make some potatoes to subsititute the rice for his carbo.

Kit never complains abt the food i cook, He just eat it eventhought it doesn;t taste good. All he will do is he just keep quiet..hehehehe if it is good..he will compliment me. Ahh isn't it nice huh?
BUt sometimes i felt guilty too..coz he work hard too..i just wanan do my part as a wife to cook him some good food that he is looking forward everyday when he comes home from work.
Of coz, i cannot cook fancy food on the days i got to work.
So, that is why i am struggling on the days that i am off from work.

Not to mention that i have already struggling what to cook for Ryan during lunch. hehhehe
n myself, i am in the process of dieting too.. try not to eat oily food and eat more vege and fruits.
That is why we bought the juicer.

AI yai yai... i hope i can find some recipe on the net after this..heheheh..

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Today's Lunch

My lunch Posted by Picasa

1 apple
1 tomato
2 stalks of celery
4 carrots

This is what i have for lunch today. So refreshing and filling eh. One big glass of juice to drink to cool me off from the heat and help my stomach stay filled.
Tasted good too.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Shopping day!

Yeah! I am very excited about today because is my off day. Don't have to worrie abt rushing the house chores and going to work.
We planned to bring Nellie , Doris & Alfie (Nellie's sis in law and bro) to Crystal Dynasty in downtown for dim sum. Supposed to meet them at Nellie's place around 11 am. Unfortunately, I got a called from Nellie around 8.45 am this morning saying that Alfie having problem to chew his food as in his mouth is sore. Poor man, so i told Nellie maybe next time, after he fully recover first if not he couldn't enjoy those food. They never have dim sum before.
Alfie and Doris, they are 2 beautiful people... as nice as Nellie! Doris just bought lotsa toys , chairs and table , tri-cycle and bicycle for Ryan. Yea she is soo nice and thoughtful! Bless her!

As the lunch has cancelled, we thought of going shopping! hehehehe.. long time we didn't shop. Furthermore, Zellers has good summer sale this weekend. All men and women's clothings are 50% off.
Kit bought 2 pair of pants and i got myslef 2 pairs of pants and a blouse as well :) hehehehe
I get to buy one extra pair because of my birthday is coming up..hehehehe
I got one pair of jean for 15 bucks, and dress pant for 15 bucks as well. Coolies!
and the blouse cost a little bit more, 20 bucks.
KIt got his pants for 15 bucks too. Cool DEAL!
Never felt this satisfied before. heheheheh
We had a great time shopping.

Ryan of coz had fun at the toy aisle. He behaved himself overthere. He didn't really touch a lot stuff.. and he only touch the one he wants. heheheh but too bad..the one he touch cost alot! Daddy couldn't afford.
Talking abt high and expensive taste here huh? ;)

It was pouring rain when we left Zellers. We have to go to Asian store for our grocery shopping. Got ourselves some chinese pastries (buns with filling inside) and got some chicken wings for this coming Saturday's BBQ.
Yea this time i am having my aunt from Toront coming over for bbq. :)

We had those buns for lunch and we had New York Style Pepperoni Pizza for dinner. hehehe no need to cook again. how lovely! :)
I got that pizza for free coz i got coupon from work. :)

Just another relax and wonderful Sunday for us. :)

Saturday, July 16, 2005

couldn't sleep

Is almost 1 am now and I am still awake. Dunno why, maybe because my back is giving me problems.
Yesterday i had pretty bad backache in the middle of the nite and i ended up sleeping on the floor.
Hmm dunno why.
Besides that, Kit is snoring too loud and i couldn't concentrate my i thought maybe i go blog la..

Yesterday i had pretty long shift compared to the one i usual had. I worked from 5 till 9.30 pm. Boyyy, my ear is pretty sore with those ear phone thing on for hours.
I had one customer ordered 21 large pizza for pick up and cost her abt 217.17 ..whoohooo..that is alot man..there must be a party or something. At first i thought she was kidding only..but she sounded very serious.
Oh well, some ppl can just spend money like that..i cannot afford. It depends, if we are having party, we will probably have something else ... not just peperoni pizzaa.

Later on i will have another long shift too..oh boyyyyy gonna be a long day for me. ..with all the grocery shopping, banking, etc and work starts at 4.30pm.
Pretty busy busy day i can foresee it.
Luckily i get sunday off :)

I hope i will have pleasant customers later.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

power juicer

We just got our Jack Lalane's Power Juicer which we ordered from TV on Saturday morning.
This juicer is superb cool coz it really gives lotsa juice and the pulp really dried out unlike from the normal juicer.

It cost Kit 252 bucks for that thing. Ya.. what to do, need to stay healthy nowadays, coz we really have serious problems with our health. We just got it yesterday. Darn postman delivered it early in the morning yesterday abt 7.30 pm. I was nicely snoozing away when i heard the door bell rang. It was the side door bell (we have 2 doors-the main door and the side door, and our mail box is at the side door, and we have 2 types of door bell-side door bell ring once *dong* and main door bell ring twice *ding dong*) i was still half way asleep and half awake. Then the door bell rang again, i looked at the clock, mannnn is just 7.30 am.. i was thinking who the heck is it.
I was still reluctant to get up and get the door...i thought maybe somebody is trying to play the door bell or something.
The next thing i heard a real hard knocking on my side door. Ohh oo..i thought who is it... so i got up and try to get change coz i was on my spaggethi strap tank top (hot leh), dun want ppl see me on that with my messy hair..
the moment i finished changing, went to open the door, i guess the person left. Nobody was there, i opened my mailbox therei s this card from post office saying that i have a parcel.
Then i was big relief.. it was just the postman...maan they are early!

So i was going to look for the location for us to go pick up the parcel. It says there the parcel was left at our back porch.
Wahhhhhhh... like that also can ar..mannnn what if we are not at home huh i went to our back porch.. saw this huge box ..n i tried to carried inside.. MAnnnnnnnnnn it was soo heavy!
it weighs 6.5kg..
Lucky i managed to carried it in.
I knew it was the juicer.. :)

I didn't try the juicer till Kit got back. We had carrot and celery juice. Yummie!
TOnite we try different juice.
We can juice abt anything.. the schute is big enough for us to put the whole apple inside without cutting them into pieces first.
Ain't that cool?!
Felt like trying tomatoes, carrot, celery and brocoli.
hehehe..yea they came with 2 recipe book.. all sorts of juice u can make.

Oh yea..boost it up baby!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Patch up!

This is the follow up situation when Kit got back and found out that i was mad and blasting the computer room..hehehehe

Oh well, he was trying to explain but i was too upset to listen to him. I didn't really talk to him. I was too upset to even use my brain to argue with him.
I know he is torn in between 2 but heyyy, he is a grown up man and he has a brain to set his priority.
He can tell them that i have already cooked and will go back and eat. ...buttttttt... he didn't. and the worst part is..this is not the first time his parents did this to me.
Everytime called the last minute and asked us to go there for dinner. Never care abt ppl's feelings and respect ppl's privacy, freedom and plans.
THey always never have the decency to call ahead and tell u what they want. And what makes me even more upset is, Kit never have the guts to say no and always "fly" over there when his parents call.

ANyway, i didn't talked to him till Sunday morning. He woke up and try to patch things up. But i didn't bother him and let him handle Ryan all morning.
He didn't even say sorry or anything. THat even makes me more frustrated coz that means i dun have the right to get angry and my anger towards him is totally wrong.

He came to me and explain the whole thing to things happen yadaaaa yadaaaaa yadaaa..
i couldn't be bothered what the actual story is anymoreee.
That time Ryan felt soo bored and he wanted to go out soo much. Sooo, we stroll Ryan to Gage was sunny and hot day. I was walking in front and he was strolling Ryan at the back. We didn't utter a word during the walk to the park.
I put Ryan on the swing and let him enjoy his swing for awhile. Kit was sitting down on the ground day dreaming away.

Lately, we just grew further away from each other...we really need a big break.. u baby, enjoy ourselves, go dating n such.
We didn't do things together for such a long time already ever since Ryan is born.
U see, i do not wish to let my MIL to baby sit RYan for me and go out with Kit. I just couldn't do it. I dunno why ..i dun feel comfy and i dun feel alright at all.
All these while i am just holding my guard proctecting Ryan and myself from MIL and without realizing that i am ruining my relationship with Kit.
Hmmmmm i just dunno how to let go and go on with a normal life....

As we were walking back home from the park... I started to talk to kit as in what happen to us. WHat he wants from me... u know i am trying to help the relationship and mend things back.
He told me he needed break.. a big time break.
I knew what he wants when he mention break. (Ryan always stick to his daddy when daddy is that makes kit very tired)
I know he wanted me to let his mom to baby sit Ryan and we go out on a date or do things together without any interruption from RYan.

So i was soo reluctantly said..okiee..since i am off today, why not bring Ryan to ur mom's place and we go for a movie later.
Deep inside my heart i was ssoo hardhearted to do that...but i got no choice.
Kit really needs a break from everything he is doing rite now.
Me too i guess..

SO guess what, we went to watch Mr. and Mrs Smith at 3.10 pm. It was good movie.
We drop Ryan at MIL's place around 2pm and off we go.
THe movie ended aroundd 5.30 pm and Kit drove us back home first. He suggested that we should have some time to ourselves alone at home b4 picking up Ryan. heheheh notty him
we had bubble bath together and some intimate time together ...hehehe ;)

I was like happy and relief that we had time together. The best time ever since RYAN!
but at the same time..i was always worried abt RYan all the time.
Silly me huh!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

piss off!!!

Boyyyyyyy i am damn piss offf rite now! I just got back from work and found out hubby and Ryan is overthere at MIL's place.
I really hated that when Kit did not i dun like him going just that he bring RYan there without letting me know!
He didn't really respect me at all.
Why can't he tell me in the first place when he wanted to go visit his parents!
OOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooohhhhhh..geramnya! felt like wannna strangle him eh!

when i got back..found the house is empty and found the note on the fridge saying that he and ryan is overthere.
I still have issue with my MIL.
Seriously, lately she is up to something..always wanna get close to Ryan...I really hate that!
I know i should not feel that..
but too bad..i couldn't help it.. I just hate her soo very much! for what she has done to me!
I can't let goo...

Rite now i dunno what to do..i have to blog abt my feelings rite now..with my speaker on blasting my computer room!

N guess what? they are having dinner nicely there...fuck! i have already cooked and kit just wanna eat there.
what's the point of me cooking at all. furtheremore i have to go to work ..i sacrificed my time just now...tried to cook dinner b4 i go to work.
N WTF! he is nicely having dinner there!
WHY? because stupid mom asked to!
MAMA's boy always will be MAMA's boy..can't he just said that i have cooked and come back and eat la..
damn it!
now what am i going to do with the leftovers.?
damn it
i am just tooo pissed off rite now~

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Happy Canada Day

Happy 40th Birthday to Canada. Yup, Canada turned 40 last Friday. Our long weekend was very nice and tired.
Thursday nite we went over to Kit's parent's place for dinner. We bought some pizza overthere coz Mil didn't know that we wanted to go there. It wasn't a planned one though, coz Fil called on wednesday nite and left a message to call back, which we did but he didn't put his phone back properly so we couldn't get through. So, Kit decided to visit his parents on thursday evening. That's why we ended up having dinner overthere. I didn't get off work till 9 pm that nite, so it was latee long nite for me. I had my dinner around 10 pm. More like supper huh..hehehehe

Anyway, Friday was a great one. We spend early morning outside our backyard watering the platns and clean up here and there. We decided to stroll Ryan to Gage park (10 mins walk from our place) a nice park where they have yearly celebration on Canada Day. They have concert, amusement rides, craft works, and lotsa multi cultural food stalls as well.
We just went there for a walk and Ryan as usual enjoyed his swing very much.

Kit's younger bro came to Hamilton around 2 plus afternoon that day. He stayed over the weekend at my Mil's place.
Saturday was an okay day for us...but extremely tired. Fil has to work that day and nobody driving mil to she has to tag along with us to do some groceries shopping.
Oh my gosh..we went over 5 places to do our grocerries shopping. OH boy i was soo dead tired and by the time we got back , i only left an hour to rest and get ready for work. Is always hectic for me on weekends..but Thank God, nowadays i got Sunday off..hehehe..i dun have to be so stress out.

On Sunday morning around 2 am, KIt got a phone call from his younger bro saying that Fil got stomach ache ..gotta go hospital. oh he rushed overthere to fetch him to hospital..Kit didn't got back till 6 am. Poor guy, he looked tired and worried. Fil got kidney stone and has to wait for scanning . Kit got back first and wait for his bro to call and pick them back. Kit's bro didn't call till 2 pm, was like almost 12 hours eh...
THank God nothing serious... doc said the stone is almost coming out ..all he has to do is do lotsa big business (bo bo)
poor old man look tired and exhausted..he must in real pain eh.

With all this emergency thing happened, Kit's sis didn't even bothered to come over to Hamilton to visit her dad.
All she did was call and ask how are things. At first she said she will go visit on sunday evening, but in the end, kit found out that she won't come till monday. She is the type of a person that is scared of troubles.
For her to drive from Mississauga to Hamilton is troublesome. Esp is on sunday somemore.
If she come on will be more convenient for her because she works in Burlington, is like 15 mins drive compared to 45 mins drive from Mississauga to Hamilton.
N guess what? She is on holiday Montrrreal already..hahahhah..what a good one huh?
Hmm i really dun understand why she behave like this. She is turning like a self centred person..behaving like her hubby,.
Poor old man, i think he was upset too eh...coz he loved his daughter very much..n she is the favourite one eh..
Isn't very ironic??

Oh well, i dun care that her problem.
All we have to do is to do our part only.

That is one good smile ;) Posted by Picasa

Look at me..i am flying ;) Posted by Picasa

Look who is in action? Ahem! heheh..Ryan is enjoying his swing with coolie sun glass  Posted by Picasa