Friday, August 22, 2008

over did it

Ryan has over played for the pass days..he had a blast on Saturday..and on Wednesday he went for a school trip..another full day for him.

Consequences of all those fun- SICK! Yup..he was down with cold yesterday nite and this morning a mild fever.
I was up all night looking after him..poor baby couldn't get any sleep due to stuffy nose. He didn't cry at all..instead forced himself to sleep. Such a good boy i have here..if for me..i definitely throw a fuss already!

He woke in the morning with 37.4 Celsius, a slight fever..i was worried at that time..due to his febrile seizure history. I kept his temp down with ice pack and tylenol fever.
THank God by 10 am..his fever is down..back to normal temp...and he didn't take his nap at all till about 2 pm.

I am like a zombie now..with a head felt so heavy and i felt like wanna throw up...
I have been feeling like this all day..but i still have to watch Ryan.
I didn't cook dinner for everyone except i cooked porridge for Ryan.
I am not in the position to cook dinner feast for everyone!

I need help myself too..i am waiting for KIt to come home now so that he can take over my place...
I need good nite sleep tonite..badly!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

2 more weeks

Time really flies eh... I left 2 more weeks of break then I have to go back to my crazy schedule life.
I really miss my crazy life these 3 months break. My brain getting lazy and rusty too.
I just got some of my books and i started to look at it..boy..i think i am getting very very busy and crazy this coming semester.
I will be dealing Mental Health clients as well as medications field again.
I hope everything goes well.. This time I will not have any Biology stress ...but will have Nursing Professional Ethics stress instead.

What I am going to miss when September comes is Ryan and Kit... I am going miss spending quality time with them..esp my Ryan. Every fun always have to come to an end..
Ryan will be going to Junior Kindy as well...and he is starting full day school every other day too.
Is going to be tough for him..I just pray that he will be alright and able to adjust to the routine.
Importantly, he won't get sick this coming winter time...

Low Iron

My doctor has been telling me that my Iron level is low since April 2008. I tried taking Iron pill but didn't help me much due to it constipate me.
I tried nuts and spinach..but not enough..due to every month when my "aunty" come... i sure loose a lot!

Nowadays..i get tired easily..and at times..i felt like i wanna faint..So, today i started to continue my iron pills..and decided to take every other day to avoid constipation. Hope that helps..

Really... big size like me..still have low iron level..i am surprised here..

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ontario Science Centre

Last Saturday, we all went to Ontario science Center in Toronto. It was fun for Ryan.
It was fun and tiring for everyone...Ryan really had a blast that day..he really over did it that day..heehehe..
Till today, i am still feeling tired from all day walking on Saturday.


Yup i got upgraded from G2 license to G license..wohooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I passed my freeway driving test..FINALLY!

Gosh i was so worried and scared for the whole month..i tell ya! Didn't really had good sleep for weeks.
U can tell by my "panda eyes"

Anyway, I am so very glad that everything is over now..and I am ready to go back to school now!

Thanks everyone for praying for me! MMMMMMMMMMMUAks

Thanks Facebook

What a great surprise.. has re-united me and my long lost friends..from primary school.
Facebook is really good...u can search anyone in the world..that u have lost contact and get back in touch.

Lenny and great to get back in touch with u guys!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Aug 14th

This day is big for this day is my highway driving test or freeway driving test they call it over here.

9.30 am is my test..and i am very nervous about it. I have not been driving for a year since I got my G2 license last year except for the driving lessons i got recently.
Its been rusty...and plus the test that i failed 3 weeks ago...gave me phobia.

If i fail this time..i have to re-do everything..from writing test to going through G1 again.
I hate the system here...why do they require 2 road driving test!
It is wasting time and money!

I left few weeks of break b4 i go back to school in Sept 5th.
Don't know what to expect here.... more challenging assignments to come...

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Today is the open ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. It started at 7 am over here in Canada Eastern time. Too bad, i only get to watch for about an hour and half due to Ryan wanted to watch his Treehouse program.

Don't get me wrong, Ryan let me watch the open ceremony..but it just that he was so restless and dunno what to do. I felt guilty and not comfortable at all. Is hard to be parent here coz all u think is the best for your child. SO, I finally gave in and let him have his tv programme.

I managed to watch the fireworks ceremony, the dance of paper creation, printing, compass, and history of confucious thingy.

Anyway, is different this time coz normally in Malaysia, i get to watch it during the nite time.
Kit and PIL didn't get to watch at all due to they have to go to work.
I wonder they will air it again?

The Chinese people really did was really grand thing ceremony! Got to give them the credit!