Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Is almost July now...and the weather is chilly..yesterday it was only 19 degrees..and today 17degrees ...what's up weather?

We planted tomatoes, long beans and some chili...i am worried about my veges with this cold weather.
I can't wait for my chilies ...yumieeeeee :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lost touch....

I have not been cooking since last September coz MIL took over the cooking...and now I have to do the cooking again, I am totally LOST!
Everyday, i have headache thinking what to cook for lunch and dinner. Boy, is not easy for mothers or cook daily.

Crack my head daily..i have to plan my menu for days ahead.. I think it will get worst when i start working..coz i have to cook lunch and dinner at the same time.

Today, I made ribs with bean sauce and ginger, vegetable soup, fried tofu and prawns.
Tomorrow, I am going to bake the whole chicken with BBq sauce, and some vege..will plan tomorrow..

U see, my family they bring home food for lunch.. so i have to cook lunch for Ryan be4 he goes to day care, then bigger portion of dinner for 4 1/2 people and 3 person's lunch tomorrow.
So, u see why i got headache everyday.
Mind you, my MIL is picky too... if u don't cook right, she will be very sarcastic towards the food..say too oily, too salty...too much gravy.

not only i got rusty with the cooking...i got rusty handling the knives ...i have been cutting my fingers lately...u should see i had plaster all my fingers.
i am clumsy...i must say!

Webster's Fall

These pictures taken weeks ago when we went to Webster Falls in West Hamilton. It was our first time there. Ryan had a blast there...Look at him with the rock throwing action!
We had a great time there, although I was too chicken to hike around the rocks...ekkekeke..

still waiting...

I am still waiting to start my job. I went for my paid Orientation last Thursday... and got everything settled. They told me that they will call me today and give me the schedule..and i can start...but ...still no news.

I am nervous here..coz firs time working in community. I told them i can only work from 2 pm onwards tues-fri and weekends all day.
End of June is approaching...and i left about 2 more months to go. I have to go back to school in Sept.
I need to make more money. If school starts, I can only work weekends..maybe only Saturday...coz i know my school work load is crazy.
Rite now my body and brain really getting used to be lazy..hahhaa..getting up at 8.30 am is luxury eh.
I used to get up at 6 am mon-wed..and 4am thu-fri..... geeze..i am really spoiled here.

Eager to work and at the same time...nervous. Once i am nervous..i feel like wanna go to washroom often...and really often! esp the number 2!
Don't know why..i had this when i was young....

I hope everything goes well... :)

Not Chinese

Last 2 weeks, I had BBQ and I had invited 2 of my classmates as well as my BIL. One of my classmate, G, she is single and one yr younger than my BIL. My intension was to let them get to know each other and hope something great can blossom from there.
Everything went well, and they are interested to proceed further. They have exchanged e-mails and i think hopefully they are going out for the first date this coming Saturday.

The issue here is my MIL not very happy about it. After that day, she did not speak to me for days...till now. She was upset because G is not Chinese. G is Spanish ..but she is very nice, gentle, kind hearted lady. That's why i want to introduce her to my BIL.

MIL's thinking is Chinese is better because can communicate better, and knows how to cook chinese food.
She once introduce my BIL a gal, daughter of her friends's friend...Chinese, but doesn't speak Chinese coz born in Canada and live Canadian lifestyle. so what's the difference?
BIL didn't like her... that was like last year.

And now.. I am trying to help my BIL...he is 28... just wanted him to mix around with more people..that's all.
I am not asking them to get married or something..if great things happened..they want to get married..that's their decision. Is my BIL life..and not hers!

Boyy, mil hated me even more on this eh...i guess i just shoot myself with a gun...hehehehe..
but i don't care..i am doing a great thing here...i didn't force my BIL..i am just letting them to know each other..that's all.

Wonder what she will do, when ...if BIL get married with G?
heeheeh i really don't know..will see how..

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Not good enough?

Yup, that's what explain me to someone in my house. NOT GOOD ENOUGH! No matter what I do, say or act not good enough for her.

Sigh..why oh why...I tried...for years doesn't work. My patience ran out... I guess..We will never get along..

After I started school, I thought things are getting better. We talked..but now I am on my break... that someone back to old self. Treating me like I am nobody. Tension is always around between us.
I am to blame when something happen to I am not a good mother. Doesn't know how to feed Ryan good. That someone will utter out words that hurt me so much. Sarcasm is so strong in the air that u could smell it with your stuffy nose.
I dislike when that someone compare me with what that someone can do... I am not that someone.. I have my ways.. I know what my son need...

Kids get sick ...esp when they are in day care. U can't avoid that!!

I just cannot believe that that someone can utter words that is not true about me. Making lies and remarks that is not true.
Her look is filled with hatred!
She never listen properly what I have to say. She twisted my words!

Never good enough! I was refer to as his mother...Ryan's mother! that lady!

This is ridiculous... I know i shouldn't be sad or upset. But I am a type of person who wants a happy family!
I do no wish any of this crap in my family.
When can i have my from all this garbage!

...I am just too has been crazy lately that i need to express out my feelings.
I tried to fix this...she just won't allow... she just won't accept me.
Face it!
She just hate me very much! PERIOD!