Monday, July 24, 2006

going very slow....

I am going very slow with my assignments. The english course has 4 units all together. Each unit or book, has 5 lessons. Each lesson has 4 support questions and 1 Key question. All i have to do is answer all the 5 lessons Key questions and handed in.
After i finish a book, i only get to get the second book or unit.

Rite now i am at first book second lesson only. Sigh...very cham ler... headache...dun feel like studying at all. Getting old..brain also bit jam here and there liao. I just finished typing the second lesson key question. Don't think i can continue the lesson 3.
Man i am bit frustrated.

ANyway, just wanna let out a bit..hehehe... Well, Ryan is getting taller nowadays.. and he talks a lot lately. Learned lotsa chinese words.. of course chinese words...he only speaks cantonese..hehehee..
I tried to teach him both cantonese and english..but he got confuse easily. He picked up his cantonese faster than english.
But he learned how to sing fast...but his pronounciation of those english words is very bad...didn't get it properly.
Oh well, he is only 2 and a half.. hopefully he can get better :)

On saturday, my neighbour Mara were out doing her gardening. All of a sudden, heavy rain poured down.. but she continued coz she said she has no time to do it except for today.
So, my dear son, kept calling "Arra, (MARA) ... okkk kei ar...sapp sappp (house ar ..wet wet)
what he meant was...go inside the house.. u r getting wet.
but poor Ryan, Mara didn't understand what he said...soo again he didn't get any response from her..
heheh but this time he didn't say "em kong la"

he soo cute!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

busy.... :(

I have no time to blog lately and i am kinda exhausted too. I have to study at nite plus taking care of Ryan day time.
Don't feel good at all. Our lives has totally is hard to live with someone else especially u were soo used to ur own style and way of doing things.
My PIL are okie so far...but there are things here and there that i cannot avoid it... is just like they mind their own business and i mind my own business..

Ryan is doing very well..he has learned alot lately. He managed to recognized alphabets A-T...he is getting there.
Everyday, i tried to teach him new stuff and play with him. He is more fascinated with the remote control car that daddy bought for him.
He will say to me everyday by pointing at the remote control car :

RYan : charge teen ar (charging the battery ar)
ME : hai lor... you charge teen ..em hai ..em wan tak ka (yes...need to charge the battery if not u cannot play later)

*** actually, the battery is just that i dunno how to operate the car...u know..kit always play with Ryan..not i dare not touch those gadget stuff..
i felt bad..kekekek... i know i am bad mother...i shouldn't lie to him.

He is fine...luckily he didn't fuss abt just that when Kit got home..he will fuss abt it..and kit has to let him play.. i good or what? phewwwwwwwwwwwwww :)

I am supposed to do my assingment now..but i felt so tired and i couldn't concentrate at all... sighh...
i just wish i can study in the morning when my brain is fresh...
but i can't coz Ryan won't let me.... he will destroy everything. :(
I guess i have no choice...just have to have the "just do it" attitude...hehehe :)

I need hugs badly!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

"emm kong" (dun wanna talk)

This incident happened 2 days ago during evening time.
Everyone was outside the yard enjoying the nice weather. I was watering my lawn, mil weeding the lawn, FIL & Kit were inside the garage doing something.
As for Ryan, he was runing up and down the driveway, having his fun like as if he was locked up in the prison for days...hhehehehe

As i was watering the lawn, my neighbour Bertha (70 plus old woman) very nice but has a strong attitude abt everything..but overall she is nice to us :)
Normally, whenever i see her come out the backyard i will greet her by saying "Hi Bertha"

So, Ryan thought everytime he sees Bertha, he has to address Bertha.. "hi bertha"..
And to explain further the incident, we have a bush fence that is abt 6 foot tall in between bertha's house and ours.

As i was watering the lawn, Bertha came out from the house and water her plants as well.
But i couldn't see her well, so i did not greet her, is not nice to greet somebody when that somebody couldn't see u at all... (coz the fence is covering up)

So.. what happened was :-

Ryan: iii ertha
Ryan : iii ertha
Me: aunty bertha teng em tou... kong dai sang tit (aunty bertha cannot hear u, u call her louder)
Ryan: iii ertha (louder tone)

No response from Bertha so far...
Me : aunty bertha tai emm tou nei..hei chiin tit (aunty bertha cannot see u, go further front where she can see u)

Ryan walk further fron where there is no fence, and...
Ryan : iiii ertha

Still no response from her...
At this moment..ryan was kinda upset a little bit...
Ryan : em kong la.. *he walked away and looked for daddy* (em kong = dunna wanna talk anymore)

LoL... this little fella...i was surprised he said that... what he meant was... i am not going to call anymore... wasting my time and effort..coz he was not getting any response at all..
poor boy...
we were laughing so hard..

I dunno how he get that dunna wanna talk thingy..hehehe never taught him be4... :)

Actually Berta didn't see him and didn't hear him well..that's why..he got no response ...
after that..i brought him over to say hi to her..
then he felt much more better :)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Nursing Course

I am going to enrol myself in the Practical Nursing Course next year. Right now i have to have my Malaysian high school & Australia degree assessed in order to get into the course.
The requirements are grade 12 (M'sia form 6) English and Science (Biology) for a mature students application..(like me)
Is pretty hard when u are a foreigner here when u want to go back to school. They make it soo hard for u to get back onto your feet.
Come on, english? sigh...that's the system matter u have a Phd or what...u still have to go through their Grade 12 English.

So rite now i am studying independently at home the english.. pretty much work to do..all the reading and writing..Shakespear & stuff...
no kidding eh...
After i pass these 2 papers, i can only apply into the nursing course, which start around September 07.
Initially, my plan is going back to school around Jan, coz their intakes are Jan & Sept.. but the jan one are fulled now!
So i have to wait!
good a way coz i get to spend more time with Ryan and teach him more stuff.
My mil will take care of Ryan for me once i start school...
but she doesn't understand English.. so is very hard for her to teach Ryan the basic kindy stuff.
It will be tougher for Ryan because he has 2 languages to master, rite now we speak mostly Cantonese to him..and his english is not very good.
so, Ryan might find some difficulties when he starts school.
I am doing my best to teach him the basic english and make his life easier... :)

My life is getting more busier these days because i need to handle more stuff now. My nights will be hectic and tired. It's been awhile for me since the last time i handle school stuff. My brain getting really rusty...hehehe
Oh yea... i totally forgot that i helped Kit to study Company and Business law for his C.E.T. exam.. (which he managed to pass eh!!) :)

oh well, good training for me rite next year it won't be that hard anymore :)

I chose Nursing because i have a passion for this field since when i was young. I love to take care of people and i like to hang around with old folks.
I pursue business field after my SPM because everyone told me Nursing back home not really a good position.
Oh well, i dun care what other ppl say now...i just wanna do what i want now...
Least nursing job overhere is good.. the pay is not bad eh...they pay u starting salary with 39k a year & there are plenty of job everywhere.
The most important thing is..i can work part time and spend more time with Ryan :)
I really hope everything will turn good for me this time. Seriously i really needed this badly!
I am willing to work my butt off for this :))

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Secret Fives

Aisey..i kena tag by Geetha abt 5 stuff that i hide or are around me.... i dun think 5 things are enough...considering me? lotsa stuff man..heheheh
let seee....

5 items in my freezer :

-ice cream : for summer time! :)
-frozen meat like drumsticks, minced pork, port.. all been washed and put in a bag for daily cooking
- ice : for everyone who need it...summer time now :)
- frozen mixed vegetables for cooking spaghetti
- a box of baking keep the stinko smell away...

5 things in my car..
err..this one really hard..coz i dun have a it will be kit's car..

- rubbish...lotsa rubbish..u know ler..guy's car
-tissue paper
-car seat? i dunno whether this count..hehehehe

5 items in my closet

this is easy..what else..clothes... more clothes...
unless is kit's closet...
might have some hidden xxx dvds..hehehehehe

5 items in ur handbag ( or u carry with u)
- diapers
-baby wipes
-sanitary pad..(just in case)
-ryan's snacks

there u go... ...pretty easy :)

Dunno who to tag... well u guys can feel free to tag urself.. is fun :)