Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Next Week

For the past few weeks.. i was under soo much stress...worrying about my nursing course program...i checked the college website whether i am accepted or not daily! Is very frustrating everytime i see the same thing ..which is " NO DECISION" arghhhhhhhhh...
i couldn't sleep good every nite...
I know.. i should leave everything to HIM..and have FAITH in HIM...i know..but..i a big worrier here eh...
I broke down and cried yesterday afternoon while talking to my aunt..or stepmom... she called me and asked me abt the college thingy..she knew i am under tremendous stress ..that's where i couldn't hold it anymore... i just broke down n cried...
COz i felt i am stuck in the middle.. I did all what they asked me to do..i even score the subjects...i don't see why they don't accept me..
I am soo worried that they dun accept me.. coz if that happens..i am stuck..i couldn't go work in business field..coz no one will hire in ever since i graduated from my degree..i haven't been working for 5 years... who will ever hire me...unless i start studying again.. furtheremore business field i couldn't afford to work 9 to 5 job... i have RYan to look i felt soo in i couldn't more forward or turn backword!

Today, i called the program admission officer..she told me the same decision has been made... have to wait till next week.
Phewwwwwwwww..least i see some dim light here.. for sure i will know next week...yes or no..will be next week!

I never felt soo pressure before in studying situation...maybe because i know Kit is relying me to get into this course and get a job as soon as that we can move to another and better place and environment ..FOR RYAN!
I am soo eager to have my own career too...the INDEPENDENCE feeling...u know...i can buy anything i wish and want..without thinking twice.

Oh God please have mercy upon me and forgive me for not being me to the right path and be with me throughout this journey LORD.. I need you and your comfort badly! Teach me and guide me to be more faithful to u and be your servant!
Thank you LORD.. AMEN!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I am on time!

Yippieeeeeeeeee i am on time..i am able to hand in my Unit 2 Psychology, sociology and anthropology ...thanks to FIL! hahaahah....last 3 days i was like chugha chugha chugha chugha chooo...rushing through my way to finish 5 lessons! hahaahah... Omigosh..i am soo stressful now eh..i still didn't hear anything from my application eh... ai yo yo... pls GOD! next week will be the last week to hear from them..if not i have to call them...

Tomorrow i will have the Unit 3 back..hopefully i can finish it within 2 that i can get the high school diploma faster ...then i can argue with the college...Pls GOD.. bless my application!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ryan's birthday pics (Jan 25th 2007)

These pics taken on Ryan's birthday.. Mara and Ian (our neighbour) gave Ryan sweater, jeans, candy,and a bear...he attack the bear candy first..and enjoyed it while watching tv. At nite..we had a small party for him..didn't managed to take the cake pic..coz Kit was using camera video instead.. Kit bought him Thomas and Friends train set..which Ryan loves it very much.. and picture with grandpa and grandma...

Snow Storm

We had about 50 cm of snow this morning... the pics will tell u guys the rest :)
Ryan had soo much fun...infact..MIL and FIL as well too..kekekek ;)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gong Hey Fatt CHU Choi!

Gong Xi Fa Cai... Gong Hey Fatt everyone is celebrating Chinese New Year this coming Feb 18th :)

Wishing u all good health, happiness, and prosperous new Boar Year! :)

We are getting soo much better after the cold.... but Ryan still have some running nose..
I am sooo busy taking care of housechores...coz MIL went back to work..i have to cook 3 meals a day for FIL and everyone..
I am soo drained till i have no time to study..not even start any assignment on unit 2.. worst part i have to hand in this coming 22nd feb..kekkke..pai seh... 5 lessons ..chiaaaaaa latttt man... wish me luck lor :)
Somemore this weekend will be another 2 full days..coz all in-laws coming over for reunion dinner...well, luckily me not cooking ler..MIL will be the one who cooks..kekeke..of coz the chef cook only assistant...

Anyway, have a great and wonderful time with your family n loved ones :)

Kit won't be in Hamilton this Valentine coz snow storm in hamilton today will last till thursday..
So he will be sleeping over in MIssissauga (Kit's sis place) coz nearer to his work place..
so i will be celebrating Valentine with my PIL and version of Valentine huh ? :)
nevermind ler...
as long as everyone happy... anything also can ler..