Thursday, June 07, 2007

Blood test

Got my blood test done for the Nursing course today! Thank GOD..that PIL aren't working today..
Have to get my TB test done as well..i have scheduled for July 4th ..
Hopefully everything goes well...
3 more months..i am going back to school!
Can't wait!
But now.. still have to rush my last course..which i chose Individuals, Families in a diverse society..another social science subject.
I thought this might be helpful for my Nursing in Psychology parts!

Started like on felt so sleepy when i open the dryyyyyyyy!

I dun think i can have the time blogging these days...u can see i didn't even take up some of the PPP opportunities..even though they have approved me (Finally!)

well, got to do the important stuff first.


mama bok said...

Yup..!! PPP is secondary.. ! do the most important thingie first.. :)
Good luck.. dear Gene..!

G @ said...

ur "to do" list seems to get shorter, dear, way to go! PPP will always hv opps for u to take nx time when u're free. congrats that u've been approved :D

Gene Lim said...

MamaboK: Thanks dear..i guess i'll have to :)

Grace: Yea...come to think of it....left only 1 thing to do..which is my high school diploma.
Thanks for your support eh dear...
Well, u and Jan are very hard working PPP posties eh...salute!!