Tuesday, March 29, 2005

what a weekend....

woahh..being MIA (missing in action) from my blog..heheh oh well, pretty busy week for me. As i mentioned last week, Kit was sick..and Ryan caught the germs and he was sick too.
Therefor, i have to take care 2 babies at the same time. Before i continue...am just going to sum all the week's happening into one blog. It will be longgggggggggggggggggggggg...kekekeke

Anyway, back to the storie... yea Ryan sick..sooo...gotta watch hiim..makesure he is well dressed up.. i mean warm enough.. and makesure the heat in the house is warm enough for him. So pretty tiring and exhausted for me..coz Kit wasn't able to help me during evening coz he was sick too. So, one man show eh..walau ehh... i always thought i can handle..superwoman...but no eh.. i realized that Kit's help is important to me. I begin to appreciate his help now...pai sehhhh...before i was kindaa umm...thinking he doesn't do anything ..hehehehe..oh well..now i know lor.
After both of them recover.. guess i am not iron woman ..so me felt sick lor... yeaa...what to do... u have to cook, clean, make sure both of them okie , and not enuf sleep at nite..so all added up.. tadaaaaaaaaa..the germs attack me lor. So on Thursday i got the flue and dry cough. Ai ya ya... screw my long weekend plan..coz Friday Kit was off..(GOOD FRIDAY) and Saturday i took off as well.
So on thursday, feeling lousy but have to drag my fatt ass to work. Luckily nothing happened..it was a good nite.. no crazy customers. Came back at nite, took 2 Tyelenol (Panadol for malaysia)
and went to sleep. Can't really do anything that time..coz my brain was really toasted! I didn't even cook that day..luckily Kit managed to find something to eat..kekekek... ;)

On Friday, we woke up late... especially Kit..he really needed the sleep..coz every weekdays morning he has to wake up at 5 am ..so holiday is really luxury for him...
talking abt waking up late.... the late according to Ryan will be 7.30 am..hahaha... not 10 or 11 am ler... yeaaaa..what to do..our little king is our alarm clock during the holidays and weekend.
So we had bfast and ohh..i was a bit better from the cold..then..we went to Confederation Park in Stoney Creek for a walk.It was a good walk. I like the park coz the park facing Lake Ontario..is really big..the lake looks like umm..ocean eh.. It's been awhile since we had a walk.. so we walked till the end of trail. Pretty good for me..coz its been awhile since i work out eh..hahahahaa
Like what Kit said..we need to work on our body shape..no more growing sideways..have to figure out how to work upwards ..kekeke;)

anyway..we got back quite late from the walk..around 2 plus afternoon, then i have to get ready for dinner b4 i starts work.(starts at 5pm) yeaaaaaaaaa..no holiday for me...but i got time and a half for my pay...have to work la...heheheh next big bill will be the property tax eh.. ai ya ya...
soo...that nite pretty good niteeee.... customers all behaved themselves.

So, i was off on Saturday.Planned to go to Toronto, umm actually 2 places..first visit the asian mall..called Pacific Mall in Scarborough..where they sells lotsa umm bubble tea or like what my sis or her Meow called Teh Mutiara tek tek..hehehehe.. and lotsa dvds (pirated ones) movies one will be 5 for 20 bucks and XXX movies 3 for 20 bucks too..sooo of coz Kit will go for his XXX movies haiiiiiiii..mannnnnnnnnn what... but not for me...is sinful to watch such a thing..
anyway, anoother reason we went there is i wanna get my um those chinese herb soup thing...we call "PAT CHEN" is for ladies one...we drink it everytime we finishes our period every month. Good for women!
TOo bad i couldn't find any in Hamilton..so have to go Toronto or Mississauga to buy it. BOught 12 packets..stock up maa..hehehe hey not everytime can go out to Toronto one eh..
THen second place to go willbe visit my Stepmom...aunty,.. my dad's gf place . Its been a long time since i seen her..
Sounds like a great outting for us..buttttttttttttttttttt....this ah sum here..sick wor...bad bad bad timing la...went there walking around the mall with rudolph's red nose :(
but i still enjoying my teh mutiara tek tek..kekekek cost us 2.50 for one cup eh...tengggg so expensive one

the worst thing happened when we were there was...when we reached the mall.. i told kit i have to go to the washroom..so we went looking for washroom and after that.. we stopped by one of the store there s elling all Japanese stuff...all kind of things from kitchenware to bedroom stuff to toys. As we were walking and checking the stuff...tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..guess who we bumped into???
we couldn't believe our eyes... we bumped into Kit's Sister and her hubby..so i called her hubby and said hi..then my sis in law said ...heyyy how are u... parents are over there eh..
aiksssssssssss...i was like eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... whaat laa...the atmosphere was soo awkward eh.. Ryan was crying coz my sis in law scared him... (coz he seess her less..kinda like stranger)
stranger ? why? coz she never bother to calll us or anything... she is very selfish kinda person i guess..i dunno..whatever...
anyway...mil (mother in law) came over trying to carry ryan..but ryan doesn't want her... cried even louder... n she kept insisting wanna carry him...i dunno why she wants to do that..trying to prove to her daughter she is close to Ryan..? sighhhhhhhhhhhh that time.. i wasn't feeling good at all. THen suddenly sis in law asking me..u didn't work today ar? i said no..took off day..
then mil said..ohhh ddidn't know u off..if not will ask u out liao.. (hello?!! there is this thing call telephone ) anyway...all fake fake fake!!!
luckily they didn't said wanna walk n shop together..hahah if not spoiled my outing..
they just said okie la..bye bye...meet next time.. (in my heart..i was thinking..yea rite! better dun ler)

ok..that was in the beginning of the shopping...sooooo.. i just tried to not to think abt it soo much..n enjoy our outing. Hubby kinda felt funny..coz his dad doesn't even acknowledge him... i dunno why..maybe still dun like me?? i have no idea! Oh well...Kit was never their son anyway...their fav will be the only daughter and the youngest SON!!
Furtheremore Kit didn't even spend a single cent from them!

overall..the outing was good...Reached my aunt place around 3 plus..had dinner there and came back around 10 plus at nite..pretty tired.

am trying to show u guys the Lake Ontario..this is part of the Trail at ConfederationPark that i mentioned earlier. This pic taken year 2002 when i first arrived in Hamilton. Posted by Hello

Monday, March 21, 2005

busy cooking

Mondayyyy..ahhhhhhh....beautiful day... second day of spring and i am off work. What to do.. hmm...let see..tons of house chores waiting for me to finish. 2 basket of laundry full of dirty clothings waiting for me to put into washing machine, floor full of dust bunnies waiting for me to sweep, toilet full of dirt...waitingg for me to wash...
andddddd..i just feel good today. wanna know why? hey is monday maaaa... for other ppl.. monday always is bluee..but not for muaaaa.. monday is like heaven. :)

Oh well, ladies and gentlemen.. my house is not that dirty ler..kekekek.. i did some of the chores on Sunday. yupp i am very hardworking wife and mother eh. ahem ahem! ;)
talking abt sat and sun, oh boyyyyyy...full day and nite for muaaa...talking abt groceries days and house chores days eh... so..every weekend morning we woke up, we normally spend a lil longer time on bed..lazing around the bed playing with Ryan...u know..family time is very important. :) Normally Kit and I will debate who will get up first to wash up....soo what decide who go first? definitely the traditional game..."zoom three" u know where u hide ur hands and each other count 1, 2 and 3 then u show signs.. either rock, water or bird.. e.g. if one person shows rock and the other shows water...of course the water wins... cos water wash away the rock..and..rock will beat bird..coz knock over the bird..and bird will beat water coz bird drinks water..ehhehehe..
yup we still play that.. that's one of the fun we enjoy together every morning on weekend.

anyway, as usual, we have to go several stores to get our groceries.. asian store, western store (no frills, price chopper and food basic)..why? coz certain stores they have certain things on sale every week and every friday we receive flyers telling us what's on sale for this week. In the beginning, i felt funny coz why u wanna go to so manny stores just to save a couple cents?
wat abt the transaction cost? the gas fuel? hahaha oh well, that's Kit.. he like to save... more like a "china man" every penny counts!
soo..that's why every weekend we have at least go to 2 grocerries stores.
My duties on weekend will be... prepare, cut and clean the meat we bought ...be it chicken ,pork or fish... n put into bags..like divide them into days. in that way we can save even more...
yeaaa..waht to do..gotta save money..time now is hard lately... one piece of lean pork we bought from asian store (cost around 6 bucks cnd $) , we can eat for 4 days... yup..quite a big piece eh...so i have to clean and cut it into smaller pieces and put itto bags.. :))
After doing that..of course the house chores..sweeping, cleaning ,wiping...etc.
Wondering what Kit do? well, i'll let him handle Ryan..coz i had enuf with Ryan..hehehe...furtheremore Kit need to spend more time with him.
By the time i finish doing housechores...i have to get ready to go to work... i start work at 5.30 pm on sat and 4 pm on sun.. and finishes around 8.30 on sat and 7 pm on sun.

Sooo..pretty much fulll day for me already huh? soooo..monday will be my relaxing day..no worries abt what kinda topping the customer wants on their pizza or whatever ! just me and ryan! hahahha

and guess what i did today... since hubby is sick..(catched a cold) soo..i cooked him some soup.. chinese style soup... boil with chicken bone, red dates, water crest vege and ..umm this one i dunno what it calls in english..in hokkien we call "pek bok ni" is like curlish kinda thing...n u have to soak in the water in order to make them soft be4 cooking them...n they expand in size after they been soaked for awhile.
That soup cannot cure cold...butttt can sooth ur internal heat in ur body.. yeaa..hubby is heaty inside..coz his breath very smelly..plus he got mouth ulcer .
hmmm dunno why , lately he is not feeling weell..maybe stress from work, plus not enuf rest.
that' one dish... then i fried cabbage and carrot for another dish..and i steam fish with tofu.. to make the third dish.
Pretty much whole day i was preparing the food for dinner... well, u see i am not a good cook..i dun even cook be4 i came here.. u gotta understand where i came from... PENANG, MALAYSIA..haaaaaaaa....when u from Penang... there is no need to cook a meal at all eh..ahhahaah.. u can tell that when u read Joez-simply me, my sis's blog
she always promote places that is good for what food!
from bfast to supper..... ;)

but when u r here...u gotta cook mannn...eating out will put a big hole on ur wallet... trust me...a bowl of noodles cost u 6 bucks..but with taxes ...it comes to 8 or 9 bucks...seeeeee? worth it or not??? hehehehe

ohh contine continue...after cooking all 3 dishes... (normally i only cook 2 dishes) , i decided to bake cake... yup..first time baking too...
i browse through Kuali website..found this lemon cake recipe..quite interesting..n i got all the ingredients too..
so..i printed out the recipe and start to bake... but i modify it a lil b it...by adding banana to it..
The cake turn out good... not bad a first timer eh......
SOrry no pictures..coz camera downed...gone for repair.

hubby came back..happy ...coz all food ready on counter...and is hot too.. somemore got cake huh...a bonus for him already.
Someppl say..if u cannot win ur hubby's heart through ur body or looks... u gotta win his heart or rather his nose through ur skills cooking good food..and tie his nose tightly..not his heart..hahahaahah...
what to do..me no look and body...so left only cooking lorrrrrrr..

aikss....ryan is uupp fromm his nap :(
continue someother day. :)

Friday, March 18, 2005


Joke for today
Malay version: warning...is a bit longgggg.... ;)

Kisah berlaku hasil cerita seorang kawan yg pernahdigangu roh abgnya selepas 3 hari mati. Dia kata abgnya mati sebab kena'main' org. Aku pun tertimbul idea cakap yg aku rasanya tahu mesti roh abg dia tak aman... maka dia pun bercerita... ...

As usual kekadang org cina nih suka masok kubur dgn harta dia org. So, abg dia dgn handset, laptop, PS2 suma sekali ikot masok. Dgn harapan abg dia dpt la mati aman sikit. So, lepas sehari...kemurungan dalam keluarga tuh masih ada. Jadi dgn cara sembahyang je diaorg lupakan kisah tuh. Sampai la ke hari kedua...mereka seolah dihantui roh si mati. Kawan aku cakap dia rasa setiap kali mcm ada sesuatu je yg panggil dia.Tapi dia buat dek pasal takut. Sampai la mlm kedua tuh...dia dgr ada orgketuk tingkap dia. Dia takut sangat, terus sambung tidur sambil menekup muka dgn bantal dan anggap semua tuh mimpi karut jer.

Sampai ke hari ketiga...satu keluarga mmg rasa seolaholah diperhatikan ke mana sahaja mereka berjalan dlm rumah. Dlm hari tu la kedengaran bunyi org selongkar almari...tapak kaki naik turuntangga...suara memanggil dari tingkat atas. Tapi semua buat dek jer..doakan benda tu berlalu pergi.

Sampai le tetiba handset si kawan aku berbunyi...dia angkat terus dan tetiba "Alo..adik yer?" Dia terkejut...dia tgk nombortuh...mmg sah nombor abg dia. Maka dia pun jawab balik "Abg ke?" dan serta merta air mata mengalir sebab dia rindu sangat dgn abg dia.
Abg dia pun reply balik "Adik...abg tak boleh lamanih. Abg cuba panggil adik tiap malam..tapi adik tak dgr" Kawan aku menangis je dgr keluhan abg dia..."Adik, abg nak adik tanya dekat mak" kataabgnya. "Apa dia bang?" Kata kawanku. "Tanya mak...mana dia simpan charger hp abg? letihcarik tak jumpa plak~!

heheheheh... somebody forwarded this joke to me..thot i share with u guys... ;)
have a great weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Spring is coming soooon..

Yippie..spring is round the corner. YUp next sunday will be officially Spring... buttttt..there is always snow storm on April...yea..what to do.. this year winter old man is a lil crabby...he will give us a little bit juice before he leaves us... Is like we are happy, jumping around excited that spring is here...getting busy to shop for plants to plant...
then all of a sudden..our ole winter man..give us one good one : u suckerrrr... taste my last medicine... tenggggggg...happy ha...happy to see me go la...padan hampa punya muka....tergedik gedik pulak..want to plant flowers..cehhhhhhhhh... i also haven't leave yet.. muahhhhhhahahahhaahha

Excuse me... i over reacting with the weather issue again.. Well, today is a bonus for us.. tempreture is +3 with sunny day. It's been good this week..buttttt..our winter ole man is giving us another good dandruff season this saturday. Is always like whenever i have to work.

Today i got nothing to blog..can't think of one....elehhhhhh... u always got nothing to blog one laa (says evil gene)
Angel gene: We have to be good..just stay calm and enjoy reading people's blog..and enjoy the laughter.
Evil gene: Wat's the fun of kepo-ing ppl blog? As if u got paid to read their blog la... pi laaaaa...wasting time only.
Angel gene: If no read..then what to blog wor.. i am just new here... plus no time to write anything la... besides that, Lilian siu jeh's blog ar, michael ooi's one ar..KS tang one, Buaya69 ar...and not to mention Joez's simply me... all of them are gooddddddd eh...
ooooooooooo..come to think of it... Makes me feel good hahah..juicy juicy material to read ..
Evil gene: JUICY? eh..got juice one meh? u think fruits meh??
Angel gene: no la..is just a term to say that they are good... really good bloggers..DUH!!..
dun force me to join u ar... later i cekik cekik u ar... dun press my button..
Evil gene: EH! that's my job maa...press button? Which one..this one? this one? toot! toot! toot!

*Angel gene turning into evil gene number 2... can see 2 horns growing sideways of her head ..and a cute ponny tail..that is as sharp as razor!
mmmmuaaaaaahahahha...told u dun do that... seee... i am cuter than u now.... and i am ready to
tengggg all my customers tonite if they try to piss me off...
BEWARE TORONTONIANs..... suckkkkkkerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

hehehe..sorrie...is work day today...pressuree..streess...ryan do wan to sleep..make me chuan. Soo..need to find a way to entertain myself.. :) PRAY hard i got good customers... plssssssss... thank q GOD! :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


TOday we are going to talk about weather... well to someone may be boring..but it is very important topic for Canadians..yup... must talk about weather everyday. We also have 3 TV Channels that stress only weather...sooo..u can see how important the weather to the Canadians eh!

Canadian version of conversation about weather:-
(winter time)
Stranger 1: Hey..how's it going today?
Stranger 2: NOt bad not bad..thanks...how abt u?
Stranger 1: Today the weather is bit cold eh.
Stranger 2: Nahhhh...is okie for me.... but should be worst this coming evening..i heard is going to snow for 20 cm tonite
Stranger 1: Yaiks! hate it hate it....its been weeks snowing..when is it going to stop eh? I hate shovelling the snow man.. Felt miserable cooped inside the house man..
Stranger 2: what u expect eh... is CANADA! GET USED TO IT!

Malaysian version of conversation abt weather;-
Stranger 1: heyy...lo hu bo? chiak pa boay?
Stranger 2: heyyy...ho ho ho..lu leh? wa chiak pa liao lor
Stranger 1: Aii yoo...em chai ha mi su..kin jit kai juakkkk nya lor... juak ka wa lau kua... ai yo..ta ta jit wa de be chang aik em chai kui tao liao lor....
Stranger 2: de si lor...bo air con eh si lor....that's why we tua ji peng maa... shopping mall..air con fleee eh ar... *grin*
Stranger1: si lor si lor...ah bo... wa lang eh tean seh tar tiuk kiii eh..if wa lang tua chuuuu arrr..

See...opposite from CAnada, Malaysia is hottttt...and have to take shower dunno how many times... till Penang dam also dried out liao...oh oh..not dried out totally..but half full nya lorrrrrr...


Monday, March 14, 2005


It's been awhile since i last post my blog..oh well, no time plus lazy. Ryan is getting on my nervs lately coz he seems to sleep less lately. What to do.. he found his mobility! He is driving me nuts by cruising all over the house and pulling everything he can touch. He gets his hands on everything he touch!.. what to do...time for him to explore the world. I can't scold him or angry of him.. coz he need to explore the world!(according to experts la). So, all i have to do is..just being his umm follower?? i dunno what to call myself... have to follow him around...making sure he dun hurt himself..
not to mention..becoming the slave of the house..why? n how? because our dear Ryan has a very super sharp eye sight...he can see tiny tiny..n i really mean tiny stuff on the floor..which we cannot see by our normal eyesight.. and what he will do is he will practice his fingers muscle..by pinching the tiny stuff on the floor n put inside his mouth. Dunno why he do that... i fed hiim on time..breakfast, lunch, snack ,tea time and dinner...he seems to be not getting enough from the food i feed him. He just likes to eaat more...n eat something is not food!
SOOO..everyday..i have to sweep and mop the floor..just to make sure is super clean..no tiny tiny stuff..need a binocular to check..just in case i left out something..hahhahha..

Apart from doing the mopping and sweeping, i have to cook for hubby and son (good wife and mother maa, hubby works hard n always come back hungry) bath Ryan and wipe Ryan's poop and pee.. sighhhh..soooooooooooooo... all added up..where got time to blog???
ahahah is just an excuse ler... sometimes i do have time to online..but i have nothing to blog... furtheremore i like reading ppl's blog than writing my own.. :)

I am updating my post tonite because.. i have to wait for the dye thing on my hair to work.. need to wait for 45 mins b4 i can wash it away. Dunno what to do...so online lor...Hubby taking care of the little one..so can relax a bit..hehehe

ANyway... yeaaa..i am moody today.. dunno why... maybe because i am frustrated with our busy schedules ...and no breaks for us. Is hard to raise ur own child by urself...with nobody;s help..i mean really nobody's help.. Some mothers have some help from their mother in-law or mother...
but not me.. My mom passed away 13 years ago..n my mother in-law... Aikssss..better dun go thereee...coz i dun like to talk abt my mother in-law.
SO...left me and my husband... raising one child...with limited resources (money) buuuttttt..heyyyyy that's life horr..
least we are proud ..as in..we bought the house with our own money..no help from parents...

ha! that's why my mother in-law no happy coz she is a control freak...she control all her children by lending money to them..then all her kids who use her money are at her mercy!
hahahha..but too bad not my hubby..that's why she hated me soo much...kekekke too badddddd suckerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
Least we can stand on our own feet...... beh shiok ar..beh kat ar...ya sinduk kat la (in hokkien ..no happy ar.. go kiss ur own ass la )
sorrie..i got carried away...
i got moddie today because we supposed to visit the them yesterday..but they weren't in... dunno where they went..so hubby felt abit not happy..err..i think more scared as in... dunno where his parents went..
oh well, he is more worried that his parents thought he is no good son as in no bring Ryan to visit them..
Come onnnn la...we got our own lives here man...busy working..i gotta work thu-sun nite.. where got time..we dun even have time to sleep already..somemore got time to go sit there and pretend to be somebody else.
ha! i just hate being so fake and smile to somebody u dun wish to smile at.Furtheremore there will be no conversation happen there..because..u see..my hubby's background is different...i think i mention b4... they wont communicate one.... they just sit there..n expect each other to reach other's mind..waaa...ha lo.. is just year 2005 leh..not 2020 or 2050 ..so hi-tech meh..read ppl's mind..if i can read their mind..i won't be sitting here liao lor... awe tenggggggggggggggggggggggg

SIghhhhh.... that's life... i just wish and prayyyyy very hard...i even promise myself..that i wont be a pain in a butt inlaw to my future daughter inlaw...

okie dokie..there u gooooo..feel much betterrrrr...still got 10 more mins...then i can go shower ...then walaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... got my new dark auburn colour.. hehehe..
ahem.. not bad not bad.. :)
least better than grey hair la.... :)

Ah fat, Fatty or Tor Pui (fat in hokkien) is my common nick name... yup..u see ..my sis, bro sometimes my dad..calls me that.. wanna know why? because i am fatttt la..what else..hahaha..i am fat since i am young... always the chubby one..
My sis used to call me..eh ah pui ar... whenever she wants to ask me something...they never call my name..
my bro..even more keng..he will call me hey ah fat ar.. then..follow by **&&##$$%% ... yeaaaa...he loves to talk "foreign" language.. yea..that's my brother... what to do..work in sales field maaa...but he didn't mean bad..just like to joke with me... is just that he used different way of joking only lor
sooooo... i want to share with u all... that this creature that shares the same name or rather nick name...with me..
tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... everyone...this is ah fattttt... tor pui...fatty... yup..thiss is my father's fish..flower horn species..yup..dieded now liao..it was really "hot" year 2001 and 2002..now nobody is talking abt it. :)
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Friday, March 04, 2005

Normal..noramal..normal day

Thursdayyyyy ...ai yaiyai ...meaning gotta work today.. i always freak out on thursday...dunno whhy...maybe because i am just too chicken out when ppl give me negative response at work. I am just too emotional sensitive. I admit i score zero for the emotional inteligence.. hehehe..well, that's me..i am very hyper sensitve type of a person.
Been trying to control my emotional... but it will take time for me to tackle the whole situation.

As always, morning i will wake up and get prepared for baby to have his breakfast(his fav. banana and whole wheat toast) and for myself will bee toast bagel with peanut butter and a cup of tea. I used to drink coffee and am a coffee person before i came to Canada...but right after Ryan is born..i switch to tea..maybe it calms me dowm more effectively!
Ryan and I will enjoy our breakfast in front of the tv watching Starting Over Tv show ..this a reality show abt women going through dilemas and trying to save themselves signing themselves into this starting over program. Trying to change and solve their problems with the help of life coaches. Very interesting show and i get to learn lotsa stuff being a woman.
When the clock hits noon...i just dun feel good abt everything...coz i started to freak out already. Gotta work at 5 pm... kept praying that i will get customers that are nice.
every hour i kept praying..hehehe i know i know..i am silly...and when i am freaking out..i got this freak out phobia..where i have to go to washroom...to do either big or small business...

When is 4.30 pm..i have already gone to the washroom 3 times to do big business twice and pee pee 5 times..ahhahaha...
u see ..how bad my phobia is... hehehehe ;)
anyway..God is so loving and kind...He is watching over me tonite...i got all good customers...nice customers..
even they are from Toronto..hehehe.. Am so blessed!

okie dokieeeeeeeeee...gtg now..time for me to zzzzzz...tomorrow will be another freaking day for me..hahahaha..God Bless everyone!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

shy shy shy..pls dun take my picture.. i know i am cute.. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hubby's Birthday

March 1st Tuesday....today Hubby turned 30 years old...yup..old man already...not young anymore.. Planned to give a small dinner treat (no money) which he agreed to only have KFC for dinner..coz every Tuesday KFC have this deal call TOONIE TUESDAY..it has 2 pieces chicken and a small fries for just $2.22..hey not bad huh.

He planned to take off today.. coz he has to renew his driver's license,license plate as well as has to take Ryan for his booster shot. it will be a full day for him... morning we woke up early...coz hubby wanted to go renew his license first ..coz he is not supposed to drive at all today..but he take the risk anyway. While having his breakfast...he went through the driver license letter again...all of a sudden..he shouted.."oh dear!! WTF!! then i said why? I have overlooked the letter eh... i have to send the car for emission test b4 i can change my driver license and license plate. ohh ooo...that will take hours or God knows how long...coz rite now is winter...plus today we got snow storm...if u can see outside..all the roadsie covered with 15-20 inches of snow... :(
sooo hhe was rushing through ...n mumbling by himself ..saying waht a great 30th birthday ..bla bla bla..
I try to keep myself calm...don't wish to add more fire to the situation ...i told him.calm down...u can make it...the doc's appoinment for Ryan is 2.30 pm..rite now is just 9 am...
we have 4 places to go all together..ehehhe i doubt it whether we can make it for ryan;s appointment..but i just kept PRAYING!
as he finishes off his bagel and coffee...he got changed and zoommmm ..out he went... to renew his licnese and book for the emmission test.
10.30 am..received a call from hubby..saying the test wont be done till after 1 pm... ohh oo...so i said..okie..why not u come back n take me and ryan to the health card office..to renew his health card first..
So we did..reached health card dept at 11.30 am...managed to get it done within mins...Thank God... hubby got grumpy....n kept saying this birthday sucks!
THen i kept consoling him..hey dun worrie..later u get to eat KFC???? hehehehehe
(oh well, he likes KFC...n not every time we get to eat ...)

not to mention..my Mother in law (mil) already called on monday nite to go over there for dinner...sighhhhhhh..she just love to do that...screw our plans..everytime..she never call to asked whether we have plans or not...just go ahead what she wants to do..n expect we are always free..
n hubby..(always listen to mommy) will never say no to his mom...
so that why kfc dinner has to change to kfc lunch lor :((
no fun at all ler
it happened also to our 2nd wedding anniversary.. :(
anyway...evverything went well...Poor Ryan got 2 shots..cried very loud..but lucky thing..he got his Hero (father) to held him tightly and comfort hiim.. :))
Ryan was happy to get his hands on the chicken as well..yup is Ryan's favourite..(chicken..as long as is chicken and fried) hahahhahaha
after having the good lunch..at abt 4 plus....around 6 plus..we have to go over to MIL place to have dinner..oh boy sooo damn fulll..can't even eat anything..
but no choice....what to do....
ate a lil bit...she cooked lotsa stuff...fish,prawns,soup...pork...and tofu and vege...hubby's dad bought hubby a cake too..but they do not know how to express their feelings at all..didn't even say happy birthday to him at all..during dinner time...as usual..everyone is quiet..u can even hear a pin drop on the floor...
i guess they are just like that....expect u to know what they are thinking...but not for my side..
we belong to the extrovert side...we tell what we feel..that's how we are brought up...as for my hubby side...they kept everything..totally opposite.
by the way...his dad only took out the cake when we were leaving..n just handed over to him...nahhhh..here is ur cake..for u..
that's all..
huh??!!! is this how u treat ur son on his birthday?? geeze... if u never say it out loud..we dunno what u thinking..we can't read ur mind..hello?!!

anyway...we got home around 9 pmm...bath and slept around 11 pm plus...watched amazing race..heehhe...
it was an ok ok birthday for hubby... :)