Monday, April 30, 2007

Vietnamese boy

My silly boy...trying out grandpa's Vietnamese hat.. Ryan said he looked handsome after wearing it. hehehehe
He even request me to take his picture..

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bad weekend

Well, is the time of the month again... sigh..which i do not like at all..heck..every women hated it!
Furthermore i have my driving lessons today...i am soo exhausted and tired plus PMS is killing me!
To make it worst... the weather sux big time!
When can i see the warm and full sun again? WHEN?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Being nice or Smart?

Ryan is very smart and his brain is always in thinking mode... why? well, these are 2 situations that happened in separate days and makes me observed him and concluded what i just said..

Day 1

Nowadays, Ryan sleep with his daddy in Ryan's room...i guess Ryan miss his daddy soo he has to sleep with his daddy.
One nite....Kit was snoring very loud..i could hear it even in my room.. Poor Ryan still not yet asleep at that time.. so, as i was trying my best to fall asleep with all the snoring noise from next door room..i heard Ryan trying to get out from the bed..
as he reaches the floor...daddy woke up and said

Daddy: Yau Zhen, heuy peen tou? ooi ooi ar ... (Yau Zhen, where are u going? come go to sleep)
Ryan: daddy mou wai ar... (daddy got no space here)
Daddy: Yau..lei la..ooi ooi ar( Got space..come n sleep)
Ryan: Daddy mou way ar...okie...mommy fun kor tou ... (Daddy got no space here...okie...going to mommy's room to sleep)

Day 2
Me: Kam mun nei fun peen tou? (Tonite where u going to sleep?)
Ryan: Daddy fun nnee tou (Sleeping with dadddy)

**** See how smart he is or being nice?... heheheh..he scaared to hurt his dadddy's feeling by telling daddy snored too loud....n i cannot sleep... instead..he just told his daddy that his daddy got no space to sleep in..
What a cheeky fella..

Scenerio 2
Well, in order to reward him to poop in the toilet..we told him he can have ice cream after he poop
so.last saturday we went to my Aunt's place in Toronto...and he didn't do his big business..
My aunt asked him wanna have ice cream or not.. he said...mei orr see ar (haven't bobo yet)
aweee..such a good boy here huh...well, my aunt is special..u can have ur ice cream eventhough u have not bobo..

soo of course our boy here is happily jummping up and down...waiting for his ice cream
so when the ice cream came..he only ate 1 sppoon and said...mei or see ar...(not yet bo bo)
and didn't eat the rest of the ice cream..

we were like wooow...soo good? YA! right...well, he doesn't like the ice cream.. because my aunt's gave the scoop one ..and the ice cream on the bowl..
he doesn't like it..coz the one he used to eat at home are the ones with drumstick cone thingy...yea with nuts, chocolate , fudge..etc..
so he is just being nice by saying not yet bo bo instead of saying the ice cream taste no good..

Tak..tak.tak... emm koy sai

Its been awhile i update Ryan's speech ... well, he has improved a lot in his Cantonese...

Every time when i told him to do something or i do something for him he will say..

Tak..takk ..tak... emm koy sai.. (Cann..cann..can... thank you)

getting very matured these days...
Sometimes when i have to go to the bathroom, normally i will tell him...

Me: Yau Zhen, mommy hey chii sor ar (Yau Zhen, mommy go washroom okie?)

Ryan: Takk takk ... baby tang arrr..(Cann wait here)

Isn't he cute or what?
hehehehe..cheeky little fella...

Daddy is planning to take him to the zoo next month...and we were talking about the animals like tiger, elephant, bears... monkeys..

Somehow, i dunno why..whenever we said we have to go to NoFrills (one of the grocery store here)...he will said

Ryan: heuy ahh fills, mai yue yuee, ar cheung, monkey, tigers ..okie? (go fish fish, elephant, monkey, tigers..okie?)

Mommy: ???! (wondering why he wants to buy all those thigns huh...must be the talk of the animals from the zzoo)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Done the essay!

WOhoooooooooooooo.... i have finished the essay for Psychology subject...which i a week late liao..hahhahha..i know i know...darn..getting lazy lately....and tired too.. ever since i see the weather getting warmer and warmer, i was like laundry crazy! hahaah..i wash and wash... as if like tomorrow will never have sun or something.. :)

Yup.. i just finished the essay like about 5 mins ago.. i can hand in on Thursday..or maybe tomorrow..depending whether Kit will drop me at the school or not.. will see.

Ai yo..the essay thing has been bugging me for weeks liao..couldn't force myself to do it...till just now..i have to drag my butt and force my rusty brain to think..
Phewwwwwww..finished already..felt soo good! :)

THursday will be an assessment for me...from the college...some essay, listening and reading test..
its been awhile liao...since i did that man...
i have to admit that i am getting old...
wish me luck! :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Half way there

I already got my CPR certificate...interesting knowledge...but my hand still hurts from all the compression i have to give to the dummies!
But i am very glad that i got the CPR thingy i can scratch off one thing in my list..

I am in the process learning my driving... I really sucks at it...esp with my wheels.. so pai seh to said it overhere.. but what the hey, i will get it sooner or later.. I am booked to take my driving test at the end of May (actually it was supposed to be May 2nd, but i don't have the confidence at all, so switch to end of the month) ;)
Pls pray for me! I need all the prayers and blessing i can get on this!
I am serious.. i am a dangerous driver..coz i got panic whenever i made mistake.. :(

Anyway, i am still working on my high school diploma... gosh..tonite i have to burn midnite oil to finish the survey and essay on the psychology subject! WISH ME LUCK!

On top of everything, i am still doing just that my brain constantly in thinking mode all the time..
thinking of what are the things i have to do..
sigh.... seriously..i cannot help it.. on one hand i really pity my brain, on the other, i can't help it..
Maybe is because of my character, i want everything mistake is allow!
Ha! i know that is bad...i need to learn how to be flexible..
that's how Kit is behaving..everything is calm..and i am the panic , crazy woman
hehehe what a perfect match huh? hehehhehe
well, what can u say for a "horse" myself and "rabbit" for kit :)

Toddler free...

Last weekend for the very first time we were toddler free...hahahah..yup Ryan agreed to follow PIL to Mississauga to SIL's place and overnight a nite..
Improvement huh? YA BABY!
I was very surprised when he agreed that he will behave and he wouldn't fuss looking for us at all..
We couldn't go because i have to go for CPR lesson on Sunday to get my was a 9 am till 3 pm course..soo..busy weekend for me.

The secret on how and why Ryan can go without us is HOL (kit's younger bro), Ryan's fav uncle in the world!
Ha! i think he missed him alot coz we didn't visit SIL for almost a month...
Hol told me Ryan behaved great! he even pooped and peed the proper way :)
hahah poor HOL has to wipe his bum bum for the very first time..
mind u, Hol is young, bachelor and he is the youngest... I am very grateful Hol did everything for us..
He has been and always has help everything.....

So, according to Mamabok, we are definitely seeing light at the end of the tunnel..hehehe
I am getting bit relax nowadays..coz Ryan really behave most of the time.. :)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Conversation with daddy...

Ryan is getting talkative these days...getting very mature to my surprise...

These conversations happened in different times and days...

We are having salsa with tostistos chips and all of a sudden Ryan said this

RYAN: (Giving his bottle of water to his daddy) Daddy arr yum sui ar ...yeet hey...bee boo bee boo..ouch ouch ar

Asking his daddy to drink water because i used to tell Ryan to drink lotsa water especially when he eat heaty food...
I told him if he didn't drink water..he will easily get fever..and ferbile seizure again..(like b4..which we have to call 911 and ended up in the hospital)

He amazed me by learning it soo fast and his memory very goo as well ! :)

As we were watching tv, Dadddy asked Ryan to finished up his milky..

DAddy: Ryan, yum sai nen nen la (Ryan, finish ur milky..)
Daddy: You em u ching yeet hey ar? (need to heat it up or not?)
Ryan: em sai maa.. ok maa.. (no need)

Ryan uses a lot of those chinese "mmaa" at the end of his sentence..
i know..blame us..kekekek..typical malaysian habbit! :P