Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What a mess!

Yesterday was not a good day for me. I didn't feel well, felt like wanna vomit whenever i eat. I dunno why i felt this way. Maybe because of the weather, was cloudy and dark.
As the nite came and i was preparing to sleep, Ryan started to vomit everything he ate for dinner on the bed!
Yikesss! I was shocked for few seconds and didn't know what to do... and Ryan was continuing vomiting the food.
My brain was shut down for few seconds. I just sat there and looked at Ryan with his uncomfortable look. Poor Ryan!
After Ryan finished vomiting. I carried him away from the bed and headed uptairs bathroom. Kit was taking his shower and i had no choice to ask Kit to bath Ryan while i started to clean the mess.

It wasn't a good day and nite for us! Kit was having bad day at work. He didn't complained at all. He was soo patience and did everything he can to help me to clean the mess.
Took us an hour to clean up the mess.

Lucky Ryan was okie and he appeared normal after the bath.
Thank God that he was okie.
Less problem for us to handle.

Selamat Hari Merdeka (Happy Independance Day) Malaysia Boleh!!

To all Malaysians, Selamat Hari Merdeka!!! Malaysia is celebrating 48th independance day today, Aug 31st.

I am still proud to be Malaysian, rich with different cultures, races, and customs.

Hidup Malaysia! Malaysia Boleh!!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Tummy -ache

I had a bad tummy-ache on Friday because i ate too much grapes...hehehe..yea FIL works in the vineyard and he picked lotsa fresh grapes. Yummie and sweet. He gave us a lot too. So on thursday nite i ate a lot... (what to do.."tum chiak" maa...)

Friday morning i felt lousy and i visited the washroom more than 8 times to boo boo... hai yo...cham laaaaa.... sooo i didn't get to work on Friday nite. Call in sick. :(

No choice la..i felt lousy too... but luckily the warm water helps me a lot. I am much better now.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

How to get ur toddler zzz?

Hmm Ryan is 19 months old today. I am facing this problem as in to put him to sleep in the afternoon.
Hai yo..very tired, tried to bath him and give him his bottle after that, hoping he will sleep rite after the bottle... but he is soo wide awake after the bottle.
Running around, up and down the staircase.

I am writing this while watching him at the same time. :(

The older he gets the lesser he wants to nap during the afternoon. Very hyper nowadays.

WHat to do?
Any suggestions??

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Perfect Lunch!!

Woohooo what a perfect lunch on Sunday ! Is worth the money! We went for Japanese food buffet. We had grill eel on the rice, Salmon head (deep fried), miso soup, Grilled Saba ( a type of fish) terriyaki chicken, California rolls, tempura, Oshinoko rolls, Egg rolls, (orange egg ), etc.
BOyyyyyyy we only pay 52 bucks (taxes included) for all the food.
Is all u can eat.Mannnnnnnnnnn i never had such a good japanese food with this price.

This place is located in Scarborough and the owner is from Hong Kong. Hmmm one thing abt them is they dun know how to speak English. Our cantonese is not very good. So we are kinda mistreated by them. A little biase from them due to my Aunty doesn't speak Cantonese at all.
They give u this weird look.

And worst part is they charge Ryan as small toddler price instead of baby price (or should be free)
SO when the bill came we saw 8.99 for baby. My aunt argued that they shouldn't charged at all.. coz Ryan didn't eat 9 bucks value of food.
Then the manager was having hard time arguing with us..coz he doesn;t know how to speak English. Hmmm come on Canada... u should learn at least the basic one.

This is the certain Chinese attitute i observe here in Canada. They do not want to venture out the box. Only stay in their own comfortable space. The manager thought his business is good enough coming from their very own kind. No point of learning English. WIll never have Westerners coming in for food.
Very wrong thinking!
Not every Chinese know how to speak Cantonese. Not every chinese from Hong Kong.
His perspective very narrow.

Anyway, he managed to give us another price and he charged Ryan 5 bucks instead of 9 bucks.
Hmmmmmm....too bad the service is baddddd.... if not everything will be perfect.
The food is good. the setting of the restaurant is perfect too..
buttt service???? very bad!!
That's why i did not give them any tips at all...heheheheh
too bad laaaaaa....
He asked for it. When he argued with us.. he didn't even apologize at all. As a manager....or business owner...u sure hope every of ur customers will come back second time..
at least have the courtesy to apologize!!!
how to do business like that..

sucky friday nite

Walau what a nite on Friday! I was prepared and ready for the busy nite at work but didn't expect to be really really superb busy!
We had rain and thunder storm that nite and Toronto was flooded by the heavy rain. Everyone called pizza for dinner. Mannnn.. why can't they order somethingelse huh?
The phone calls came in non-stop. WOrst part was all the customers were hungry and frustrated from the long wait to place the order.
Sigh... i was frustrated too that nite due too didn't get to go for washroom break at all and have to deal with mean customers!

Those customers thought they can get free pizza due to the rain and storm. Too bad some of the pizza store were forced to close due to no electrical power. Walauuuu when u told them the store were closed they got even more mad and curse you on the phone. Well i understand their frustration but at least dun curse mannn... be more like normal human being ler..
If the store close..then call other pizza store la..what soo difficult?

I really dun understand some ppl can really have the attitude to do such a thing. Just pray for them ... to calm down and behave more normal.
If day they sure got heart attack or something. Always loose cannon ..i mean temper.

Friday, August 19, 2005


Hey is Friday and do i really feel happy and excited like everyone else ? NOPE! hehehehe.. my version of TGIF will be TGIM. yup Monday instead of Friday. Sigh, i gotta work late tonite and Friday nite normally heck bussier than every other day.

But Kit and Ryan, they are really happy. Kit don't have to wake up at 5 am tomorrow morning and Ryan gets to spend time with his daddy.
I am not going to let the work thing bothers me coz we are going to visit my aunt in Toronto this sunday! Yippieeeeeee.
Yup we planned to have Japanese food in North York. My aunt is going to show us the place and of course i will handle the bill. Ahem...hehe yea liao maa..must take care of the bill lor. :)
My aunt told me that place is all u can eat buffet kinda thing but is not the normal buffet. We get to sit and order as many as we can but provided we must finish it all.
If not there will be extra charge for it for the leftovers. So we don't have to get up and walk around to get the food. AWESOMEEEE!
Sounds good.
Least i dun have to worrie abt Ryan roaming around the restaurant..kekekke
Can't wait for Sunday.

Pray hard Sunday come faster!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dim Sum Again....

On Sunday we had dim sum again. This wasn't a planned one. Our original plan was having picnic at Conferderation Park. Kit even cut some honey dews on Saturday nite for the picnic. Unfortunately, on Sunday morning, it was pouring rain. We were like undecided what to do on that morning coz we couldn't picnic that day. As we were preparing our breakfast, we received a phone call. I answered the phone.. and it was my MIL called. She said err..later go "yum cha" and i was like..yum cha ar? where? and she said Scarborough.. ohh was soo far.. is an hour drive there and she said we have to be ther around 11 am.
So i said okie..wait ha..i pass the phone to Kit u talk to kit.

Oh well, MIL and FIL wanted to go yum cha so no choice lor..have to go. We drove there and they have have to squeeze themselves at the back with Ryan and his car seat. Poor thing it was pretty uncomfortable forthem eh..but they didn't say anything.
My SIL and her hubby came as well.
We had an oki time and after dim sum we headed to a place where they sell samosa (indian curry puff) and roti canai..mannnnnnnnnnn it was goood..
I thought i could never have fresh roti canai ever overhere..hehehe now i have found the place.
It was recommended by FIL's friend. and the was good and cheap.. 5 pieces for a was good! I found muruku (indian chips goodies) as well. but they were expensive though..1lb for $3.99 eh

we bought 45 samosa and 10 roti canai..whooohhhhoooooo..hehe of course we ddidn't eat all..we gave some to MIL and our neighbour Mara and Ian.
and yesterday i cooked some curry chicken to eat with the roti canai.. yuummmieeeeeeeee! long time didn;t have roti canai liao..hahahaa

Saturday, August 13, 2005

pretty rough time..

I had pretty rough time last couple days. Lotsa things running inside my brain that stressed me out. On Thursday, i had a doctor's appointment for mamography and scanning for my both breast. I found lumps on my both breast.
Kit took off day that day to take me to the hospital. On the same day Kit had a job interview at 8 am. The interview went well for him. It was a big company that make forklift and is a US based company. He really likes the company and really hope that he can get the job. Rite now he is waiting for second interview with the Engineering manager.
Kit loves the working hours... mon-thurs starts around 8am till 4.30 pm and every friday starts at 8 am till 12.30 pm. Isn't it awesome?
Is nearer and Kit gets to sleep in for an extra hour if he gets the job.
Just pray hard he gets it!

As for muaaaa... sighhh.. of coz i am worried sick abt my situation but i didn't show it coz dun wanna spoil kit's mood for his interview.
My appointment was scheduled at 1 pm.
He got back around 9 am that day. It went well i guess.. am glad for that.
We reached the hospital around 12.45pm and registered myself at the reception desk.
Then came a nurse or mamography technologist brougt me to the mamogram room. There i have to wear the gown and Kit and Ryan waited outside the room for me.
The mamogram hurts alot. The nurse took 4 pictures and sent me off to the scanning dept where i have waited for few mins before a scanning technologist came for me.
They did the scanning and didn't find anything that is serious. THank God for that part but.. they are not doctor. They will send the results to my family doc and my doc will call me next week to tell me the report.
Just praying hard that everything is okie.
Am worried coz my mom's side has a history of cancer.

The worst part of that day was after the whole thing in the hospital, i have to work that day too. Started work around 5 pm. I wasn't feeling good that evening. Felt like wanna faint while i was walking to work.
Maybe i was too stressed out last few days.

I am just too worried that if anything happens to me, there is no one to take care of Ryan.
Is funny because before Ryan, my life is just mainly myself.
When i have Ryan already, the first thing comes to my mind is Ryan. Everything has to do with Ryan.
Really missed him alot when i am at work.
Guess every mother has that kind of feeling.

Oh well, i am very grateful and thankful for everything that He has blessed me with. No complains at all!
Just wanna count the blessings everyday! AMEN!

Sleeping like an angel! :) Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 08, 2005

Great Dim Sum

Yesterday was a great day for us. We brought Nellie, Alfie and Doris to Dim Sum at Crystal Dynasty restaurant. They loved it! It was their first time having the real chinese food. They tried "har kau"(shrimp dumpling), "siew mai"(pork dumpling), shrimp egg roll, fried shrim salad, fried turnip danish, ribs with black bean sauce, chee cheong fun with chinese pastry, chee cheung fun with fried tofu, bbq pork bun, beef with black bean sauce and bean curd and fruit cocktail for dessert.
They tried everything. :)
I am so glad that they really like the food.
After dim sum, they came over to the house for visit. We had the small cheesecake coated with chochalte. it was nice and full for everyone. heheheh eating non-stop eh.
They stayed for few hours and left around 2pm.
Nellie wasn't really happy as in she is still in the process of grieving of Albert's passed.

I was working yesterday too. I took extra hours just to earn extra bucks.
It was okie and normal.
My performance was evaluated yesterday without my knowledge. My surpervisor was listening to the calls that i take. I didn't realize it till she printed the report and handed it over to me.
Lucky that i didn't swear or anything ..heheheh
oh well, i never do that unless the customer is rude to me. NOrmally i will just come back and let it out over here..kekekek

My performance was okie..they graded me excelent with customers..hahahah. I am just lucky only to have customers that were nice yesterday. :) Is a blessing from HIM.

The next evaluation will be next month. Will see how i do ;)

Friday, August 05, 2005

Big Mama in the pool

Fuii yaaaaahhhh... this big mama was in the public pool with her swimsuit for the first time in her life... yup I went to join this Aquafit program yesterday with Lillian and Anita (my ex colleague).
It cost me $3.10 to join the program. Cool huh. It starts at 7.30pm and the exercise lasted for 45 minutes and we get to go into the hot tub with jaccuzi jets inside for half an hour.

Boyyy it was really good work out and i really felt it. My whole body ache so badly today... hehehe..what to do..first timer here maa..
I dunno how to swim but i was convinced by Lillian to join the program. It was good and I really love it!
Our instructor ,Mr Musaki.. he is funny and energectic.. and HOT too..hahahaah..too bad i am
I like all the movements .. all the kicks and jumps in the water..really tired u off.
I just wish i can do this everyday..but too bad..they only have it once a week.

Kit is soo nice to baby sit Ryan and let me enjoy myself. I really need it..something different and away from the baby for few hours ;)
I can't wait till next week to do it again ;)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Without daddy around

Ryan got up this morning looking for his daddy. Poor baby..hehehe... he was up around 7 am as usual..and calling "ba ba" and searching up and down for his daddy. He looked a little disappointed and i told him ba ba already went to work and will be back later around 5.30 pm.

Lucky that he did not show any tantrums ..phewwwwww...i thot he will not behave today but amzingly he took it okie. Rite now he is snoozing away :)

I didn't feel good either today coz it is not the same anymore. For the past week, i woke up and Kit was there and i asked him what he wants for breakfast. Today i have to have breakfast alone with Ryan. :(
Time really flies eh..i just wish we can have another week to enjoy..hehehe

I did lotsa cleaning today. I have cleaned the rangehood and stove. Boyyy, lotsa grease everywhere. I took Ryan out to the backyard for awhile. He was soo excited playing with the plastic empty pots and his prem.
As he was busy playing, i quickly sweep the driveway and took out some weeds.
Today is very hot and humid. Tomorrow will be even worst humid index will go up to 44 degrees celcious.
Hmm we have to on the air conditioner again. : ( there goes the bill!

Monday, August 01, 2005


THe bullets Posted by Picasa
I am not sure whether those were torpedos bullets or just mainly guns bullets...hehehe
not really good at those stuff..
oh well, Kit was soo excited during the visit... :)

Haida-side view

Haida Battleship Posted by Picasa


The name of the Battleship - Haida Posted by Picasa

Another twin guns

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We are standing in front of a place where they hold another twin guns. Bigger ones. Of course they took away the guns already. :)

The twin guns

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Kit and Ryan is standing beside twin guns where the marines use to fire the enemy during the wars.
Pretty big and awesome :)

Battleship in Bayfront Park (Pier 4)

Haida Battleship. Posted by Picasa
We went to see the battleship on Saturday. The battleship we were on called Haida. She was used during WW 2 and as well as the Korea war.
It was awesome to see how the marines sleep and eat during the war time. ;)
The ship behind Kit and Ryan is a new ship. Just arrive last weekend to Hamilton from Halifax. We get to see it for free. That ship is only 25 years old. :) Pretty new and very high-tech inside.

bohoo holiday is over :(

Today will be the last day of our holiday together for this is soo sad. tomorrow Kit has to go back to work.

We really had a great time for the past week. Kit got the basement done a little bit and we managed to spend lotsa time together shopping and going to trails for our exercise..hehehe.. Yup our dieting activities been going on very well. Kit and I shed a few pounds.
and of course Ryan..he enjoyed the most..hehehe he really happy to sees his daddy every morning when he wakes up :)

Tonite we are going to have our first steamboat together in this's been a long time i had steamboat eh.. i think it was the nite b4 i gave birth to Ryan. ;)

I have just dyed my hair just now... to light brown colour ..heheh just to hide my grey hair. Yup i have grey hairs since i was 7 years old. Got it from my granny. Runs in the family i guess.. Her hair was all grey when she turns 40 years old. :)
Some ppl says that i think too much... well, not 100% true least maybe some percentage lor :)

Tomorrow will be another boring day for me..back to my normal daily routine. :(