Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fruit Basket

This fruit basket was given to us on May 31st by Mara & Ian, our wonderful neighbor. I didn't get to post this due to i was busy lately.
Anyway, the reason they gave us this basket because once in awhile i fried my specialty hokkien noodles for them, look after their house while they were away for vacation, and let them store their patio chairs and tables during the winter time in our garage.
They are too nice..we are just be what a good neighbor should be...they appreciate what we did for them...on the card..they said.. thank you for everything you done for us!
Mara and Ian always bought lotsa goodies for Ryan during Christmas, Birthday, Halloween and Easter..
Ian mow our front lawn all the time..coz we share the front lawn.
That's why sometimes i have to cook for them..the least we can do :)

Instead, they felt like we did alot for them...

We are blessed coz we have good neighbours!


stay-at-home mum said...

Yes, it is important to have good neighbours, and we must be good neighbours ourselves. It is something that works both ways. You are very blessed!

wHOisBaBy said...

very nice neighbors they are.

mama bok said...

Lucky you lah.. Gene..!! now this i envy you ..!! i got chicken-shit neighbour.. who mows the lawn like a few times a week.. and start his work in his garage after 8.30pm..! can die or not..??

Mel said...

isn't it a blessing to have great neighbours....especially in foreign land....Hopefully someday when we have our own place, we will have great neighbours too....

btw, i have enjoy reading your blogs very much, added you into my blogroll..hope its alrite with you.

Gene Lim said...

Stay-at-home-mum: Thank you dear! Yea works both ways :)When we move to this house that time...we prayed that we have good neighbours..He answered our prayers,definitely!

Whoisbaby: Yup, they sure are! Thanks for dropping by dear :)

Mamabok: Ai yo..this is wat we are scary of...sucky neighbors lor..hmm..felt sorrie for u eh..i know how it feels...and is very annoying..the worst part is..u got to live with them everyday!

Mel:Thanks for visiting and adding me! I notice u r at Vancouver now...and from u just came to Canada?
I am sure u will be blessed with good neighbours! :)

G @ said...

wah envy u for having such great neighbours. but then again, who wouldnt like u and Kit? u're both such great people!!

Gene Lim said...

Grace: AI yo...thank you thank you for your kind words Grace :)
I like to be good to people :) I am truly blessed...they are really nice people :)