Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sponsored Post: Bid4Prizes

Fun and exciting game to play...and you could win Cash prizes of million dollars or a fancy BMW car!
What is the game i am talking about? Is

This game site allows you to win free gifts, sweepstakes and Cash Prizes.
Prizes ranges from Apple I-Phone's, HDTV's, Designer Bags, Scion XB's to Cash Prizes up to million of dollars!

Now, what's not to play? This game is so easy and you can never go wrong with it. All you have to do to win is to get the lowest unique price for your desired prize.
This is how you play :
The lowest unique bid starts out at one penny and if more than one person bids at one penny, then the one penny is no longer the lowest unique price. 2 cents is. If more than one person bid at 2 cents, then 3 cents is the new lowest bid price and this will go on and on. The winning price could be at any price, a dollar, $175 dollars or $545.22! Whatever is the lowest unique wins the Prize

This game is user friendly and you can play online or through your cell phone by text messaging.
How easy is that?
To bid on your cellphone, for example for a plasma tv,
Text PLASMA and your bid, i.e. 177 to 81000. If you wish to bid 27 cents for that plasma, then u text 27 to 81000. Then check your cell phone for Bid4Prizes messages whether you get the lowest unique bid prize or not.

Now you get the feeling already? Well, what you waiting fun and EASY...
U can start with clicking this Bid4Prizes
and there you can view for more details stuff on how you can win cool prizes!

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