Tuesday, September 23, 2008

what's new

Nothing is new... i am here still awake at 11.10 pm..while waiting for my hair to get dry and trying to settle down from almost 12 hours of studying.

I have test tomorrow...and i am still not yet ready...my brain is not functioning today.
I miss spending time with Ryan.. i miss reading with him...trying to write with him..i miss those time a lot.
But i have no choice... Kit is there to help me to do that..but still is different..
I personally want to spend time with Ryan.

Ryan is doing alright in school...love it very much! We got him a new hobby lately...which is swimming..SIL is taking Ryan to swim during the weekends...and they are going again this coming weekend.
I wish i can join..but ai yo..me overloaded with my school work..
plus exam exam..almost everyday and everyweek.
I am swammped!
Counting my days till first week of December..then i will be done with semester 3!
Looking forward!
Next april..i will be done! wohoooooooooooo!

Friday, September 19, 2008

first conversation

This week i officially working as a psych nurse (in training)..boy..i tell ya..is not as easy as i thought.
Well for sure we don't have to rush a lot as compared to medical unit except for morning 8 am meds.
But we do a lot of observation, brain-storming to guess our client's pyschosis behaviour.
Yesterday was a buddy-up with a staff nurse day..and i was having a great time. Learned a lot from her. Managed to spend time with one of this client...diagnosed with manic bipolar disorder. Poor man...he seems all right and very pleasant..due to he has been taking his psychotic medication to control the pyschosis symptoms.

He is telling me that he has a date and job interviews. These people are normal human beings..who wanted to be normal like anybody else..just that..they have no choice to get this sickness..and they are all in need of help.
Too bad..our society shunned them.... and isolate them.

Today i get to work alone by having one patient of my own. Doing meds and interviews for the first time..boy..i was nervous...
this client of mine...her diagnosis was schizoaffective disorder...her symptoms are not enought to diagnosed as schizophrenia..but she only a few of schizophrenia symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations..and disorganized thoughts.

She denied she has sickness..and believe everyone is. Having thoughts someone has broken into her house ..tampered with her stuff and food in the fridge.
FBI and terrorist ppl calling her and wanted her to open up a meat business..
very interesting lady...
Last week, when i was reading the text about delusions...i cannot have a sense of it..but today..i really do!
My patient's thoughts are very disorganised!

I find it psychiatry field is challenging..not only u need the med nursing skills...u need to have the "brainy" skills to deal with ur patients.
It is very rewarding to see patients getting better and discharged and go out to community and getting a job.
The feeling is hard to explain..just feeling great!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

long week...

This week is pretty tough for everyone of us due to Kit is adjusting himself at his new job in Mississauga...he seems overwhelm due to different technology and systems he has to learn.
Ryan is officially starting school...he seems alright and happy about it. However, my concern is his health..due to he has to wake up early ...only having a bottle of milk..and then ..kit has to send him to day care at 7 am. Usually the day care will provide breakfast..but my mind will not at peace without actually seeing with my own eyes that my baby is eating...there is a certain percentage that Ryan is not eating..depending on what they are serving.
If i feed him from home..it will be too early...i already having troubles..asking him to drink his milk.
His school starts at 9 am till 3.30 pm.....we send him to day care at 7 am..so basically he is having a full day like us!
I really feel sorrie for Ryan..but we have no choice.
Monday went well for him...i picked him up straight from day care right after my class finished at 3 pm...
Gosh..it was hectic for me..due to..monday i have 8 am class...till 3 pm..then rush to his day care...pick him up..come back...give him milk first...then start cooking ..
it was boom.. boomm...boom...and i still need to work on my studies after i settle everything.
BOy..i am exhausted..even now.. still am...today Ryan is off from school..coz his schedule is alternate schooling days.
Therefore..i stayed at the library till about 6 this evening..to finish off my studying and homework.
My brain is shutting down now... i want to sleep..but too much stuff to do..

My assignments and exams are coming soon..every one of them are piling up...just waiting for me...
back to old schedules..man..i am so lazy after the break..it is hard for me to switch back.
Is like running old systems now eh...so slow...brain not functioning..hehehe

I hope next week will be better...really hoping!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Clinical tomorrow...

I am very excited now..coz i am going to visit Hamilton Center of Mental Health.. With the stories told by my intructor about schizophrenia clients overthere..i really want to experience myself tomorrow.
It will be very interesting to see with my own eyes.

I hope i really have a great time touring the place tomorrow and officially starts next thursday.


On Wednesday, we learned assertiveness behaviour in our professional development class. Coming from Asian background...we are trainned to be passive and submissive to everyone who is in authority.

Now, how to say NO to your boss or senior colleague or even your Mother IN Law? hehehe... i find that class very meaningful especially for me because i can see me being submissive and passive when i start my nursing career.

I had a great experience ..such as conflict with MIL ...my mother in law's background is she perceive that she is always right about everything. She won't accept my ideas or ways of doing things... or confrontation or criticism.
Is hard for me..because... I really do not wish to creat wars in the family...especially Ryan is in the house.

How I wish...my MIL understands english...so that i can express and explain to her clearly.
Seriously..if she understands english or i speak mandarin..i think things will be better.

Oh well... we really have to be assertive..as in..getting our needs met but without jeopardizing the relationship with whoever u r dealing with it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

no more smurf suit

I won't be wearing my baby blue colour (smurf's suit according to my pschy instructor) scrub or uniform to clinical this rotation. How sweet! We have to wear business casual apparel.

It was funny how my instructor tell us about the dresscode when one of the student asked him..

Intructor: About the dresscode, to me..it has to be the 3 B's rules...

Students: 3 B's?

Instructor: yes..no showing of boobies, buts and belly!

hehehe..trust me..the way he said it...cracks us up good eh...

He always came up a lot of good jokes...we felt very comfortable with him...he gave us no stress..and as long as we do our work and hand in on time..
we will sail through the course! :)

tiring week...

This week has been very tiring so far for me due to my long hours spent in college. I was up at 6 am every day...and reach college at 8 am... and stayed till 5 pm. Not that my class finished that late ..is just i am trying to adjust back to my crazy schedules process.

I used to stay in the library from 8 am till 10 pm..yea..basically library is my second home :)
This week...i could not do it..i am not used to it yet..but i am pretty sure by next week or 2..i will be able to switch it back.

So far, my first rotation of my 3rd semester is pretty easy for me.. I am dealing with mental health ppl..especially schizophrenia ppl.
I'll be visiting my clinical placement this Friday..and i am very excited and anxious at the same time.

Alot of ppl does not like mental health field..but i find it interesting. My instructor is a male instructor..and he has been a psych nurse for 23 years..and we love him! He is damn funny..and very unlike the normal nurses instructor.

I really respect him for what he has achieved and for what he is doing now.
He makes me want to further my studies in psychiatry field...maybe forensic!! hehehehehe

Sunday, September 07, 2008

friendly gesture?

Guess what happened on Friday when Ryan started his first day of orientation at school?
He made lots of friends ...especially with this Jacob kid that is in his class.

Ryan already asked Jacob to come over to the house to play with him. Friendly gesture huh? Gosh..i dunno where he gets this idea...and so friendly.

When he got back from school..we were asking how was school and everything:

Me: So, Ryan..how's school? Did u make a lot of friends?

Ryan: 2 Jacobs...another Jacob..i like Jacob..we play playdoh..

Me: Wow, 2 Jacobs ..that's nice..

Ryan: Yea..Jacob coming to house and play with me...he said yes..

Me: Ohh? U asked Jacob to come over to your house and play?

Ryan: Yea..in 2 minutes...he is coming... (Ryan still does not know how the time works)

Me and Kit: LOL..(speaking to each other) wow..look at our son..very socialize...

Ryan: Ya...Unbelievable...

Me and Kit: LOL..hahhaha..we didn't know where and when he learn this word!

Back to school

Tomorrow will be officially first day of class for me and it starts at wee 8 in the morning. This means i have to get up at 5.45 am in order to get ready for everything and avoiding fighting washroom with Kit.

I am so lazy to study....hopefully my lazy worms will start to die off by the end of this week.

Ryan will be off till the 15th..so i am a little "peaceful" here..hehehe MIL is taking off days this week to watch Ryan for me.
Lucky me!

Anyhow, class will finish at 3 pm tomorrow..but i planned to stay at the library to study for my test and prepare for my up coming classes.

Yea...back to my "second home" routine..hehehe...i cannot study at home due to noises and distractions from tv and ryan playing.

Friday, September 05, 2008

over excited..

I got over excited yesterday about going back to school today plus Ryan's first day of full day at school. I did not sleep for the whole night yesterday. This morning i have to get up at 6 am...boy it was dreadful.
My eyes were hardly open...

I don't know why i am over excited...maybe because i was worried about Ryan's first day at school.
I need to pack 2 snacks and one lunch for him...and have to make sure he can differentiate between the snacks and lunch. Smart thing to do is..(being told by the teacher)..to pack snacks in the paper bag and lunch in the lunch box.

I gave Ryan some baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and goldfish crackers for his snacks..and peanut butter sandwhich for his lunch...as well as 2 boxes of juices..for his twice snack times.

He made it! He survived the first day..and he made a lot of friends. He ate his snacks and lunch :)
I am a happy camper here :)
Praise the Lord!

As for me...boy i am very overwhelm with my studies stuff.. So stressful as in I have so much to prepare for next week's classes. I need to get all my homework done by sunday. I will be having a math test this wednesday...man i hate new semester..coz they make us review back our medication's dosage calculations..

I hate math!

I will be busy till beginning of December.
It will be an interesting semester this time..due to we get to do Phsychiatric Nursing...which everyone refer it to the darkness of Nursing program.

Shall find out the truth!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

the Day has come

Yup the big day has come for my little one... is time for him to go for full day school. Yup he is starting tomorrow ...same day as i have to go for my orientation day.
Ryan and myself visited the school and the class room teacher yesterday. Mrs. F seems very nice and soft spoken type of teacher.
Ryan got excited when he sees the classroom filled with small chairs, tables, computers, kitchen look alike set in the midldle, board filled with alphabets...snack area...and computers.
I was very glad that Ryan is comfortable with his friends and teacher. I am no surprised that Ryan is the tallest among all the kids in his group..coz he is one year late to enroll in Junior Kindy due to he is January baby.

Thank God that he used to the environment due to he was there for the day care. The reason I enrolled him in Catholic school..is because the day care is in the school building. School time will be 9 am till 3.30 pm...but due to we have to go to work and school...we are sending him to before and after day care program.
Kit will be sending Ryan to day care at 7 am..and i will do my best to pick him up at 4 pm.
Poor Ryan has to get up early...it will be tough for everyone at start..but i pray that everyone can get through it easy and everything will go smoothly.

As for me...i am not ready to go back...i don't think my brain is as "sharp" as before...i need to refresh back my nursing skills...jeeze..the injections hahaha..hate that..
i will have to do one special injection called Z track injection... that injection is specially for mental health patients.
Boy..i just have to whoop my but real hard again this time.... back to slaving days again....1 more year to go..man..can't wait till next year...man ..i will be done!