Friday, June 01, 2007

Very Insensitive!

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I am soo pissed off!

Who actually made me that mad??
My wonderful hubby!

He is always soo insensitive! Everyone thought i sure had a good time celebrating that i pass my driving test...
u guys are wrong!
Not only dun want to celebrate with me...and made me cook dinner yesterday as well!
What a good husband!

I wanted to order pizza yesterday..he said..why waste money!?

Sighhhhhhhhh..lately i am so sien with him now..

never thought of how i feel at all...

To me, passing the driving test was a huge thing for me. I am not asking him to bring me to fancy restaurant or what..
Just a coffee at Tims..i am more than happY!

Celaka him.... sometimes i felt like want to bitch slap him what Mamabok said...
i am soo boiling mad here..

Today he called during lunch time..telling me when is his off days...coz i asked him yesterday how many off days he left..
coz i need to do some blood test and tb test for my nursing program thingy..
also i already planned to go to Joel Osteen Ministry this coming July...and is on Friday 6 pm in Toronto..
So again he has to take off day on that day..

Walau..our wonderful friend here said..
Wahhhhh.... i dun want to change so many times of my off days ....all my off days wasted on u doing ur stuff.

DOING MY STUFF???!! can u believe what he said? WTF! Ryan is not his son ar..wahhhhhhhhhhh lau..said until is my duty to take care Ryan..
somemore i am taking Nursing help u out leh..MR.CHINA MAN!
if u feel that it is soo burden..okie fineeeeeeeeeeeeee..i stay home n become siu nai nai
but the true fact..u can't afford to let me be siu nai nai okie!

I was soo F****** pissed off here !

I gave up everything for him...and this is how he treat me!



G @ said...

Ooops my poor Gene *hugs* hope by now the rage has subsided dear. I know exactly how u feel in situation like this. But I guess sometimes men really ARE insensitive but I cannot deny that Kit shouldn't hv said "off days WASTED on doing YOUR stuff" .. I would be mighty mighty offended if Kiwi G were to ever say that *LOL* Gene, I am sure Kit will realize his mistake, maybe he already has made it up to u. Kit, if u ever read this blog, pls remember how much Gene has sacrificed just to be with u and raise yr wonderful son.

mama bok said...

Sometimes.. i feel like "serpak" PB too.. ! so the feeling is mutual..! But the coin has 2 sides.. so must always look at 2 sides of the coin ya.. :) Of course if PB said that to me.. i also ANGRY la..! but the coin has 2 sides.. always look at the other side.
I know you made alot of sacrifices to be with him.. and gave him a lovely son. But i'm also sure.. he made some sacrifices to be with you too.. right..?? 2 sides of the coin. Nevermind..! he donch "chai" you .. pizza and tim.. I "chai" you ..! tell me which pizza house you use.. and your address.. and i'll even get them to deliver tim's coffee to you .. ;) hows that..??
No worries.. we asian woman.. are very strong..! we donch need to depend on the man to make us happy..!! we are self-sufficient..!
Remember .. 2 sides to a coin..! "sabah"

Gene Lim said...

Grace: Thank G! Yea..they cannot change...he already beg for forgiveness...and i hate when he begs! I guess both of us were and are in tremendous stress ...that's life i guess.

Mamambok :Thanks Jan! Thanks for wanting to chia me :)
Well, is just that i got upset that he dun chia the the attitude of him that he doesn't care...
well, u r totally right...has 2 sides...
we equally sacrifices alot... ..but i am always the one who did more..and i am not just that i want him to appreciate me and be more sensitive!