Friday, September 28, 2007

Weird people

After i have attended college for the 3rd week I have came across with a lot of weird and strange attitude people.
Maybe it is because I have been cooped up in the house for years and I find it very difficult to handle people like this.

I am talking about the students in my program. One gal from X country came to Canada for a year and she is trying to learn English because English is a second language for her. She told me she signed up for this program because she wanted to learn English. I was shocked when I heard that because she can totally learn English from Communication classes or specific English classes. She is paying like almost $20k to learn English?
Wait till your hear this, the juicy part is she is not prepare to bath people or clean poop or pee or bath male patient because she does not know she has to do that!
HELOOOO! What is NURSING? DUH! I rest my case...

There is another one gal..typical westerner and Hamiltonian. Filthy rich gal who is brown nose and acted like she is superior.
She is wearing lots of jewelry and branded clothings and bags. One of our subject required us to buy a binder book for about $75 bucks.. but we students have the option to download from the website and photocopy for all students for a cheaper price.
Our dear gal, laughed at us students who are photocopying those binder because she said the bought one looks much better and prettier!
She made a comment on my used books.. she asked me whether the book i was reading a used one after she saw me holding it. I said yes..and she told me this :
I am not bothered to buy used books even though i have friends who can sell it to me.
Used one are just no good for me!

??!!!&&& walau eh...if u r RICH..of coz u can...Nia leh...don't have to show off!
NARROW minded!

She thought we immigrant useless ar? KNN!

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Pics from Montana Cookhouse's Lunch

These pics taken like months ago when both Kit and I went for lunch together and I was having problem downloading the pics from my cell phone.
Thanks to Hol, my bil, now i can show u guys the pics and food.. :)
As i mentioned b4, I ordered the ribs and steak..and kit ordered salmon fish dish.
We took some of the indoor environment..coz it was cozy and well as very cowboy feeling!

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October fest ...

Above pictures taken at my SIL's place with all her garden vege. The person next to Ryan is my SIL's husband.
They have planted a lot of squashes... cool!

Those pics were taken by my Cell phone..and my BIL managed to find me a way to download the pics for free..;)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

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Friday, September 21, 2007

tik ker treat

Yup, is coming very soon that it will be Ryan's first Trick or Treating event. Kit and I decided that he is old enough to go have fun. He even learned how to say it correctly because we told him if he didn't say it right, people won't give him candy..

Ryan is still trying to say it rite...everyday he practice saying trick or treats...his version is tick ker treat...
hehehe still cannot get it right... ;)

Time just flew by and today is the first day of fall or autumn... boyyyyyy... is it me or what, i felt like the day just flew by like fast..and i still didn't get my stuff done.
In 5 more weeks, i will be going for clinical placements working in nursing homes..helping residence doing bed making, bathing, and!
Still lots to learn :)

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Ryan is really good at bargaining we women bargain for cheaper price when we shop. However, Ryan's bargaining is not on the things he wants to buy.. but on the things he want us to do for him.

The following incident happened yesterday afternoon right after i picked him up from day care. Usually, after washing his hands, i will give him a bottle of milk and he will enjoy his TreeHouse programmes.

Ryan: Ar cheen leh? (where is my blanky?)

Me: Laou seong... (upstairs)

Ryan: Mommy lor la.. (Mommy take for me)

Me: Yau Zhen chee kei lor la..mommy hou kui ar.. (Yau Zhen go take your blanky yourself, Mommy is tired)

Ryan: MOmmy lor la...pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (Mommy go take ..pleaseeeeeeeeeeee)

Me: Yau Zhen lor la pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (Yau Zhen go take pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

Ryan: Giggling there

Ryan: Mommy lor la.. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

** I was sitting on the sofa and try to settle down... and Ryan came towards me and started to beg...
He was holding his bottle and in the middle of begging..he spilled his milk..

Me : Ohh ooo....nei dai..dou ser la.. (ohh oo...u see....u spilled the milk)

Ryan: Silent....

Me: Mommy hey lor chee nei matt...Yau Zhen hei lau seong lor cheen, okie? (Mommy go take tissue to wipe the milk stain, Yau Zhen go upstairs and take your blanky, okie?)

Ryan: Ok..... *walking towards the staircase, halfway he stopped and pause for thinking... and he turned back and walk towards me and said...
NOooooooooooooooooo... mommy lor cheen , yau zhen lor chee (noooooooo, mommy go take blanky and Yau Zhen go take tissue)

Me : LOL.... i laugh because he was almost conned by me..ahahahaah ain't he smart?

heheheh cheeky little fella!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

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I am back...

I am back..i have abandoned my blog for days. I am so swamped with school work. A lot of readings and assignments to do. Practically every week I have assignments due.
First semester, I am loaded with 6 subjects : Psychology, Biology, Professional Development, Practicum (Nursing Experiences), Practical Nursing Theory, and Communications.
Monday till Friday, whenever I come back from home, I have to rush to prepare for tomorrow's work.

I know I know..i am complaining..but I am just so grateful that I don't have to work part-time like other students because that will be very hard on me if I do that.
I still have my weekends to summarize everything for the week.
I am getting there, as in getting used to the routine and everything.

Poor Ryan has to get up early but he had his fun with mixing around with other kids. He has learned a lot of activities especially songs and speaking more English.

Overall, I am okie... :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I am super busy...

Fuuuuyohhhhhhhh.. i am extremely overwhelmed with the studies and information that i have to input into my brain. I have no time to even go online and check anything.
I have daily classes and they are super crazy ..lotsa work to do everyday..and i am still trying to adjust to this student/mother life thingy.

It is hard and tiring for me.... i am trying my best ...hopefully by next 2 weeks i am able to get used to it.

I got lotsa to tell and pictures to show.....will do it by this week..hopefully ;)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

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Test Already?

I am having a test already for my first huh? Guess what is the subject? MATH!
I am suck at math..and i don't like math at all!
Boy, i am having anxiety these days because of the test this coming Wednesday.
GOD help me...

WHat kind of math? well, i know you all will laugh at me... i am talking about those primary fractions, decimal points, percentages...
yup! I totally forgot everything...and I have given everything back to my Math teacher!

I already borrowed a math book on last Thursday and Kit has been tutoring me last 2 days...
pai seh... Chinese educated students are very good in math...
but as for English Ed...hehehe like me... lousy at math..i am not talking about all Eng ed..
some only..ehhehehe..for my sis, and bro..we are no good in math!

I have to divide my time for math, health and healing subjects, and biology...
Time is valuable here eh...been staying home this weekend and putting my nose on those books!

Kit has been great coz he took care of Ryan for me as well as the cooking too...kekekekke
I am lucky !

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Is not going to be easy...

Life is not going to be easy for me this coming 2 years because i have to juggle between school and family.
I have classes from Monday till Friday and of course I will be loaded with assignments, tests, and exams.
On the other hand, I have to make sure I spend enough time with Ryan and Kit as well as making sure the house chores are done and cooking hearty meals for them.

How am I going to do that? Honestly, I don't know how...and I have not experience the real situation yet because my class only starts this week.
All of my classes mostly ends around 3.30 pm and I thought I want to get all my test and studying done before I pick Ryan up from Day Care ..say 4.30 pm?
I really feel bad as in letting Ryan stay at the centre for the whole day.. coz we send him there at about 7 am.
This is very tiring for him...
Not forgetting that i have to prepare dinner as well....How on earth that I am going to balance all these?

Anyone who is experiencing the same situation...say those working u gals do it daily?
I really dunno how...ohh more thing...we have to be in bed early every night...coz we have to get up around 6 worst...5 plus..coz i have to get everything ready..

Any tips or advise?

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Friday, September 07, 2007

My bible

I have 3 bibles... yup... one will be my personal bible from my FATHER and the other two are my nursing bible for life!
Look how thick they are... one of them is dictionary.. and i am supposed to know them all by heart!

The picture shown with lots of books on my shoe rack... yup..these are the books that i need for semester 1. Now u know what i mean with lots of books huh?
I am lucky that i have Lily (Anita-ex colleague's sister) who just graduated last year from the same course.
I am paying half price compared to all my other student mates are paying...
Still i have to buy some manuals ...i have already spent like $ 160 bucks ... and i am not done yet..
U tell me how am i going to survive without working?

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Ryan's first graduation....

This is Ryan's first graduation...of what? heheheh.. We graduated from the RHYME Time that we attended for more than a month already. It was fun and we had learned a lot of songs together and met lots of friends!
I am so glad that I have joined the drop in centre :)

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Super week!

What a week i had i tell ya! We had a long weekend last week, Labour Day on Monday and we had SIL and BIL over for BBQ on Saturday.
The BBQ was splendid, this time i did not use my dad's recipe for chicken wings because Kit said he wanted to try different recipe.
We marinated the chicken wings with Diana's Honey Garlic sauce, the ribs with President Choice's Texas Barbecue sauce, and the pork chop, we used Diana's Steak spice and while grilling it we spread some President's Choice Cajun spice on it.
All tasted great! MIL made some spring rolls but she put too much it was kinda not very good. I still prefer spring rolls with lots of vegies!

Sunday we went over to SIL's place in Mississauga and PIL did not follow this time because they had plans with their friends in Hamilton for buffet. Omigosh..i had a wonderful time there. NO tension in the air! ehehehhe... We went there because we wanted to buy a wireless router from BestBuy...they were on sale for $49.99.
We had dinner there and we talked so freely without having the fear that PIL not like it and stuff like that!

Came monday, we visited Lilian (my exboss) who she had a minor stroke a month ago. She is recovering very fast and she already went back to work this week part time.
I am glad that we went to see her because.. it has been a while the last time we met.
She was the one who invited me for Rod Stewart's concert few months ago.
We all slept very early on monday nite ..i think it was around 9 pm...hehehe yea because Kit has to send Ryan to day care around 7 am the next day.
I did not sleep well that night ..dunno why ..maybe got excited going to college..hahaha..i managed to get 2 hours sleep only...woke up around 5.45 am Tuesday morning.

Long story short.... Ryan doing alrite with the waking up early morning..Thank God and I was very impressed and proud of him because he did not fuss at all.
I did not have any problem waking him up early.
Kit has start 1/2 hour later due to sending Ryan to Day care.

As for me, boyyyyyyyyyyy! My orientation is not totally fun at all. Basically it was way too much information they blaaaaaa it at us.
My college, Mohawk college is the biggest college in Ontario..that has 4 campuses.
My course located in McMaster University campus called Institute Applied Health Sciences. The whole campus was hugeeeeeeeeeeeeee and i really mean HUGE!
Day 1 i was lost and i was walking for about 20 minutes to find the right building.
MAC students was having tons of fun for their orientation week.. but as for us Mohawk students..we had NONE!
We we locked inside one classroom after another for hours.. loaded with information..
such as book list, who to go to for help, how to use their library, how to use the learning resource room (all the mannequins for practices purposes) etc etc.

Guess how many books we have to use for one subject? we have about 5 -8 books for one nursing subject!
Geeze, where is the money come from man?!
I am still overwhelmed with the whole thing... Today I am off because we have to study for next tuesday test!
Can u believe it? We already have a test what class starts!

Worst part is...I had to do math! which i really suck at it...
Kit has to do some tuition with me...if not i will be totally doomed!

So, this coming weekend, it will be all studying only! So much for a weekend huh?

I really dunno how i can divide my time for family, studies..and later working! GOD HELP ME