Thursday, March 29, 2007

Praise the Lord! He asked and did it!

Oh Lord! THank you! Hallelujah!
Ryan did it! This morning, after woke up, i let him pee and took off the night diaper..and he didn't ask to wear his training pants...and i didn't say he didn't wear his training pant at all..
around 9 plus in the morning, he asked me to bring him to pee! Oh my gosh...i thot he peeed on his pants already..but no was dry..
he did it..all day long he didn't wear his training pant..except during his nap time only..

The juicy part is..he even tell me that he wants to poop...YA BABY! I am seeing light here !
U r doing great my boy..mommy very proud of u!
I know u r good...
oh words can explain how excited and happy i am today eh :)

Guess what MIL said ...hah!

Me: Ryan knows how to pee liao...he asked for it
MIL: ohh? Good la..don't say it out loud... and don't talk abt it..later he hears it..he won't do it anymore..


*got such a thing meh?*


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

need to check all the time

I have to ask Ryan several times a day that whether he wants to poop or not..if he does..tell mommy....
then i will bring him to the toilet bowl with his own toilet seat thingy..

So far.. he still wont tell me when he poop...always i have to check on him..
sometimes..he already poop halfway in the training pant...then i have to carry him over to the toilet bowl for him to sit..n finish it off his big business..

Is getting better now..i really hope he will be fully trained by next year!

As for pee pee...still..need to remind him all the time..he doesn't know how to tell u that he wants to pee..

i have to be patient... the key of training him...

PIL blame me for not training him since baby... n of course..MIL will give me the look again...
actually i am used to it all liao..
no comment on what they are doing to me rite now..dun wish to comment at all..
Let it long as Ryan, Kit and myself are happy, healthy and things going our way..
i am very happy! that's my main concern..the rest.. i dun care!

i am all set!

The interview went alrite...but it was not the job that i expected...doing admin job. Oh well, they said they will call me by the end of this week if i am the rite candidate.
I am like err...if they hire me..okie..not the job that i wanted..but no harm trying..least can get some income coming in b4 i starts school...if will be great for me..coz i can finish off my high school diploma without any delay and have more time with Ryan b4 i starts schoool.
As for the financial part, i am trying to apply for the government loan as well as some college bursaries and grants..if i am eligible.
will see how it goes..

I have called up some driving schools...and got one who provide hourly basis driving lessons..with a not bad start driving this Saturday...
I have registered my CPR course yesterday..which will start April 15.
So, i am all set now..
butttttt..still i am very worried..i worried things does not go my way or going rite...i worrie a lot of stuff here..

Honestly, i am a big worrier..i worried a lot..and worried everything. I cannot calm myself fact..i worried since morning already..
till head is pounding... i stress out now...of what? i dunno! that's the thing..
I scared, i am not in the rite path... i am not doing the rite thing..

Guess what happened during weekend? MIL got offer a job ...that allows her to work daily for 5 days a week and pay more than current job. Current job is not stable..if they need her..they will call her to for 3 days/week.
She is soo tempted to grab that offer..but fearing by Sept..she might have to stop as she promise me to take care of Ryan..
sooo...during Weekend... she hinted us alot of times..that she prefer working than taking care of Ryan..
there she goes...we might have to look for day care for not a problem..but is going to be very tough for us...financially and physically..
Seriously, i dunno what she wants from us....
i really dunno eh....if she is not working ..when she stays home that time..she always give me the look!
the look of unhappiness... kinda treat me as a punching bag...that i cause her to stay home.

So, i am kinda having this feeling..that she might give us problems when i start school.

NOw..tell i have millions of reason to get worry and stress out here?

I really dunno here... i am doomed! i am speechless...!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Call me crazy...or not?

Well, i just received a phone call from a company i applied for a job last Friday..hahah..yea..i know i know..i am going to school soon..n still i look for job..
well, if i get this job..(interview this monday),working hours will be 5.30 pm till 9.30 pm..
doing clerical and data entry job..not bad is minimum wage la..but least can cover some expenses for the school..

I know is going to be tough for me.. I pray hard GOD will give me all the strength i need in the world :)
will see how..if it works well, i am happy..if not.. i am happy too..either ways work for me! :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What to do....?

I am very upset and do not know what to do now... .. Ryan is already 3 years 2 months old... still not completely potty trained. He is going to school next year eh..
I know it takes time...
That's not what i am upset about..
What i am upset about is... the way PIL giving him the negative way of teaching.. :(
Instead of positive encouragement, they will said.. u r useless big already ..still do not know how to pee or poop .... we don't love u anymore if u do not know to peep or ppoop..

I biting my tongue whenever they said that to Ryan. I knew in my heart..Ryan will eventually know how to go to toilet and do it. I am really upset the way how their traditional way of giving fear to children. I totally not agree with that..

The worst part is...MIL will be taking care of Ryan soon...i do not wish Ryan to grow up in such teaching.. :(

so what to do? tell her off? ha! Imposible to do that.... she is one sensitive, superior woman....always thought her ways are always the rite way...n for me to tell her what to do?
is like volcano erupting how? headache now for me...emotional drained for me now..i am still working on my high school really tears me apart when i am studying and mil wathching him...sotimes i felt like just stop studying and go back to my full time mom job...can i?? i am torn apart! I already spend less time with Ryan while i am studying only the high school diploma subjects..what abt when i start full time college ??
Sighhhhhhhhhhhh... how? tell me how?

I am praying hard...very hard...that GOD will watch over RYan for me when i am not with him.
Oh over RYan for me..touch his heart...touch my in-laws...please control the things that they said...
Sealed my family with love patience and harmony.. no negative words!
Let them speak with only LOVE..YOUR WORDS..oh LORD..THANK YOU...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Post for mommy ?

Yau Zhen, please post for mummy okie? Since u just came out from shower, smelling nice and looking so handsome...........

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What should i do NEXT?

What should i do next...

1) need to find some driving intructors to teach hourly and get my license
2) enroll in CPR class and get the certificate b4 school starts
3) get the high school diploma b4 school starts in sept.. (which i am slacking soo much now)

Gorgeous day.... is awesome...10 degrees celcious outside eh...we opened all the windows..and i wash 2 loads of laundry and dry it outside... felt like Spring is here.. :)
Tomorrow is going t be warmer..12 degrees going to rain :(
But after that...when friday comes..the tempreature is going to drop again to below 0 degrees..what a roller coaster tempreature here eh...

But me no complaint..i am going to enjoy today the fullest...didn't go out...but least i get some fresh air! :)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I got it! I got it ! They accept me!

I just called the lady again..and she said.. i got an offer...all i need to do now is to confirm with OCAS..another agency or i dunno what they call..on monday!
THank you FATHER..Thank you JESUS..for blessing me! THANK U ..

no words can describe how happy i am now...i can dance naked now...wohoooooooooooooooooooooooooo! oawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..! yeeeeeeee haaaaaaaawwwwww!
: ))))))))))))))))))))
that's my wide as it can be :)


If i can scream it as loud as i can... I WILLL!

The frustration has increase more and more.... the waiting time is killing me!

Check the college website for the news yesterday nite...something appear differently...
under the offer status stated *FINAL OFFER* and under the due date of stated MAY 1st 2007

what does that mean? I was jumping freakingly happy yesterday nite..thought tht they have accepted me...
but the word FINAL OFFER gives me some eerie thoughts...telling me that's not the answer!
I called the lady..the admission officer...she told me..the same thing she told me last week..
they haven't make the decision yet! call next week!
OH gosh!
Next week on the 13th the college information nite...all applicants are encourage to go..

NOw.. i am still not sure i am accepted or not...FOR Crying out loud!!!!

now u can understand why i dare to pose the my pic up huh? when u r stress out..i dare to do anything..hahaahahha..
they are driving me nuts!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

self posing picture.... very popular hor that everyone will pose their very own picture...
hai sey... these are two example pictures ..
*my sis is going to kill me for this post*

first and second pic is two different person..guess which one is my sis...

****the first picture has to be taken out ...coz..pai seh la...later that lady will kill me eh...according to my sis**** hahahahhahahaahhahaah

Soooo.... i thought...i also wanna try one of my very own pose....somemore with ala angelina jolie style..except that this is piggy angelina jolie ler..

Pirate Capture!

Is this kid been captured and knock out?


Ryan requested Yeh Yeh tie him like this and push that little car around the house..he played till he got so tired..and dun even wanna get up from the car...
all of a sudden..he just dozed off ..just like that!

People sure think that we torture RYan huh..kekekekke...

Orr See...thooum....thooum...

This is what we told RYan to do everyday....Orr See ...Thooum...thooumm.... (boo boo and thooum thoooum-shit fall into the toilet bowl)

I am trying so hard to train him to pee and ppoop in the toilet far pee pee is no problem..but need constant for the yo..with bribing and singing and playing..all no work..
Yeh Yeh..bribe him with Pringles chips (his fav) ..if he pee pee he got 2 chips...and poop got 5 chips...still not working..

Just now..i was reading newspaper..and all of a sudden..RYan is no where to be seen...hmmm...and i heard this "Hmmmhpppppppph...Hmmppppph" someone is in the process of "khek sai" (getting out his shit) at the staircase..hiding.. rushing upstairs and carry him down..and strip him down and put him on the toilet seat..
Woah..bit struggle htere...but THANK GOD! it was a success! He did it! FINALLY!
oh boy..everyone is happy...RYan got his 5 chips as promised! and i dun have throw his smelly traning pants in the garbage yo..!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Yeh Yeh and me


We had steamboat yesterday nite...PIL came back from Mississauga with tons of goodies from the asian store overthere... my fridge is soo full!
I miss steamboat back home in Penang..we usually have it every reunion dinner... but overhere..the Loo's family only have it when someone's birthday or get together..soo much different from my family back in Penang.

Steamboat here is soo different...they dun have a variety of fish balls, meat balls, sotong balls, ...and the meat balls here doesn't really taste good.

Steamboat here practically followed the hong kong style, they have their very own sarcha sauce...where u mix with one raw egg, hoisin sauce and siracha chili first , i felt not very comfy with the raw egg in it..but now... "boh hue..hare pung hoo" meaning no fish, prawn also will do la... some hokkien saying complain so thankful..something like that..coz i can't demand so much resources here eh..

I better dun complain soo much..especially i get to eat some chili sauce...if not Mamabok will knock my head eh..kekekeke

Anyway, it was a quite dinner yet simple and nice.. :)

MIL back to work today... so today i have to cook...lazy to study ..FIL is babysitting RYan..

He is soo attach to his grandpa whenever daddy is not i said..mommy's role here is to discipline him..coz RYan has 3 ppl to spoil him..
so i cannot afford to spoil him anymore..someone has to take up the dirty job here..
what to do..
I am sure..he will thank me later when he grew up :)
As for now... he will think mummy is no fun at all ha!

3 more days ....

Counting the days eh.... no mood to study at all..couldn' concentrate at all... 3 more days in order to know the result...
Sigh....time flies so slow when it comes to waiting eh..

Ryan 's coversation

Ryan has grown soo much and i have been busy to post his update. The following are his daily conversation with us:

This happened in Ikea long time ago..i dun even remember the date. As u all know that Ikea do sell frozen yogurt for CND$0.75 ..after we have paid for the stuff we bought from Ikea..we had some yogurt at the cafe b4 we check out.
Ryan loves the yogurt! not only kids eh..this big mama loves it too..hahahaa
Anyway..this is what happened after i bought the yogurt..

Kit: Yau Zhen, daddy wai nei shek, hou mou? (Yau Zhen (RYan's chinese name), daddy feed you, ok or not?)

Ryan: Baby wai (Baby feed : he likes to call himself baby)

Kit: Moi la...cheen kan nei sheek dou yucky yucky....(dun want la, later u ate till ur clothes got dirty)

Both Daddy and son struggle to hold the yogurt ..till Ryan got upset.

Ryan ran over in the middle of aisle in IKEA and standing back facing us and said

RYAN : Baby lau ar! (baby angry ar!) *he even showed his face angrily eh....


yup..he learned from us as in getting angry..coz everytime when we asked Ryan to do something..he refuses and we said..mommy lau ar..daddy lau ar..mahmah lau ..yeh yeh lau ar..

This is another conversation...

Mommy: Baby mou pah kou kou ar..cheen kan nei teet tou ..awe em chi ar (baby, don't climb high high, later u fell , i dunno eh )

Ryan: Yau Zhen em hai baby eh...Yau Zhen boy arr!

MOMMY: ???!!

Mommy : Yau Zhen, wan sheet sheet mou? (Ryan, do u want to go play snow?)

Ryan: Tong tong ar! Peng peng ar...dai doctor ar (cold cold ar, sick sick ar , see doctor)

Mommy: CHeok dor di sum la...kam yat em tong ar...(bundle up and today is not that cold)

Ryan: Tong tong ar...dai fong ook kei ar (cold cold ar...windy stay inside house)

Mommy : Okie..mommy chuk hey wan shuet heong ok kei ..okie? (okie, mommy go outside play snow and baby stay inside house, okie?)

Ryan: Baby wan shuet ar...(fussing and said baby go play snow)

Ryan loves to play the good side or role..or what we call...playing opposite... whenever ...i let play snow or play water in the bath tub..he will act soo good and said..that is too copy what i told him b4!

Kek sei awe ar ..khi see wa ar (*slap my head*)

Ryan loves his daddy very much..every morning he has to get up and say bye bye ...hug hug kiss kiss..his daddy b4 daddy can leave the house...
and mummy here..chia lat...dun really wanna get up around 6 am eh... ai yo...
but my lil king sure know the like an alarm clock build inside him...

Daddy: Yau Zhen ..kuai kuai ar..daddy you fun kong ar..wan cheen wan cheen ar..(Ryan be good ar, daddy has to go to work and earn money)

Ryan : Fussing and cried a little bit

Daddy: Daddy you fun kong, wan cheen cheen..mai choo choo pei Yau Zhen (daddy has to go to work to earn money to buy baby choo choo (thomas and friends train))

Ryan : Gives daddy huggies and kisses..

After seeing daddy off..and Ryan said this:

Ryan: Dadddy fun kong ...cheen mai choo choo (daddy goes to buy chooo chooo (thomas and friends train)

Friday, March 02, 2007

What a birthday!

Turning thirty two does not bring a good start for Kit at all. Yesterday was Kit's birthday and we had everything planned out. We were supposed to have KFC family meal (my treat)...and FIL already bought a Black Forest cake from asian store downtown..and even some candles too. I even taught Ryan how to wish and sing his daddy Happy Birthday.

It did not end up good at all...when the snow storm started around noon time yesterday. We had pretty bad weather yesterday again...started with heavy snow non-stop couple with strong gusty wind..then around 2 pm Kit called home asking how was the situation in Hamilton...i told him it was snowing heavily and he told me that his boss told him that if he wanted to go home ..he can do so... I was soo excited when he told me that he could come home early .... (i guess not)

Around 3 pm..Kit called n told me his car slided and went into a ditch.. :( The worst part was he was at the middle of nowhere in Campbleville...not even one soul..except some truck pass by...So i was soo scared and worried and asked him to call CAA or go ask for help..n i dun want to talk long on the phone..coz he needed the cell phone.
I was praying hard...and MIL worried too..kept telling me to call so and soo...walau..made me even more worried...i couldn't think at all...
THank GOD..i calmed myself down..and start to surf around looking for tow services...
after abt 20 minutes i gave Kit a call again..he told me there was a truck pass by and gave a ride to a nearest CAA ...phewwwwwwwwwww... PRAISE THE LORD!

To make the story short... Kit ended up staying over at SIL's place and left his car at CAA garage...coz his radiator broke..and will cost him abt 400 bucks to fix it...woah! we dun have such money to pay decided to to leave the car there first and called a taxi to SIL's place..and today...FIL and myself went to buy a new radiator..cost abt 198 bucks... and FIL and Kit are fixing it rite now at SIL's garage (This morning kit and Sil's hubby went to tow the car back from yesterday's CAA's garage- cost kit another 30 bucks..)

SO turning 32 has cost KIT about : tow the car out from ditch $100
: drove the car from the ditch to CAA's garage $50
: check the car..found our the radiator broke..$ 50
: taxi $35
: tow car from CAA's garage to SIL's place $22
: new radiator $225 (included taxes)

so... chit ching! there goes our income tax return money...out and go..hahahaha..

I am not complaining here..I am soo glad that KIT is safe! God really answered my prayers yesterday! I am very thankful! :)