Thursday, June 21, 2007

Still got lots to learn...

Ryan still got lots to learn as in how to talk properly ....not only that..he still need to learn English..
This is an example of Ryan's daily conversation with us:-

Today,MIL is at home and Ryan wanted to bo bo...and i was studying..he came upstairs and told me that he has to bo bo...
after awhile and he is done..he open the washroom door..and the conversation goes like this:

Me: Orr hou mei ar? Mommy pong nei matt arr.. (Are you done bo bo yet? Mommy help you to wipe your bum bum

Ryan: Orr hou mei ar.. em sai ar..mah mah pong nei mattt (Are you done bo bo yet? no need ...grandma help you wipe bum bum)

The correct one supposed to be: Or hou la...em sai ar...mah mah pong ar matt (Done already, no need...grandma help me to wipe)

Ryan always said the nei (you) instead ngor (me) ...hehehe..when i explain to him..he got confused..hehehe

This morning, he asked me where is grandma...
Ryan: Mah mah leh? (where is grandma)
Me: Lau Seong , neem keng (upstairs room, praying)
Ryan: huh? teng em tou! (huh? didn't hear u )

The correct one is ngor em sek teng..( don't understand)
he don't understand the word he said he didn't hear me..actually he wanted me to explain what is praying...

BOy..he still got long way to go...for Cantonese..
And worst part is English...hehehehhe

But he always always understand when i ask this to him in english:

Me: Yau Zhen, U love mommy?
Ryan: Yes! (with a smile and big huggie and wet kiss )

Aweee..ain't that sweet?


mama bok said...

No worries lah.. Gene..! Ryan doing much better than chloe is cantonese..! i make her watch tvb series with me.. hahahahaha!!
And the most important thing is .. Ryan know how to say . ."yes" when asked if he loves you or not.. hehehe!!

Gene Lim said...

MamaboK: hahahah..watching TVB movies is good..that's where i learn my cantonese too eh..coz where i came from, Penang, most people speak hokkien :)
U r absolutely rite! long as he understands what i am trying to tell him...i am more than happy! :)

G @ said...

he'll catch up soon :D I remember all my nieces and nephews were also like that, sure confuse with some words one. I am sure Bee will also be like that :P Ryan really knos how to love his mama!!

Gene Lim said...

Grace: yea..slowly he will get it.. :)
Yea lor..very lemak..his EQ is not bad eh... knows how to tackle the situation one.. :)