Saturday, November 24, 2007

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My mommy

Thursday was a great day for me and Ryan because we get to spend a lot of time together like before. I really missed those moments!

On Thursday nite, as we were all watching t.v. and Kit came and sat with me on the sofa.. and Ryan run towards Kit and push Kit away and said "this is my mommy! daddy sit overthere"

I was like aweeeeeeeeeee.... he melted my heart..such a cutie pie to say that. :)Worth that i missed my class that day..hahahahaahah

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5 years of anniversary

Yesterday was our 5th wedding anniversary. Omigosh, time really flew by eh...coz I don't really feel it was 5 years. Ryan is turning 4 in January. We didn't get to do anything due to the weather was super cold plus Ryan still have his fever.
Just another normal peaceful day for us. I didn't go for class on Thursday and Friday because I have to look after Ryan.
He is much better today..but I have tons of assignment to finish.

Just finished one and lots more to go.. :)
Thank God is that i have time to catch up a bit :)
Kit has been a Gem to me ever since i started school... he helped a lot with house chores and taking care of Ryan.

Today he cooked and wash all the dishes...and of coz bathed Ryan for me. I am thankful and grateful for that!
Very Blessed!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Extremely exhausted!

I am extremely tired this week due to lack of sleep for the past week. Past days i only had 4 hours sleep. Pretty bad because i need to get up early for my clinical. Today, my brain did not function very well. I got confused with the dates and days..and my resident who has some short term memory problem can remember today's day!
What a bummer!

Anyway, i survive through one of the test that i took on monday! PHEWWWWW... didn't do well though..managed to get B- ...
I am happy with it...coz i didn't get to study at all due to Ryan and Kit were sick during the weekends.

Just now Ryan had a slight fever...which freak me out! Gave him tylenol... and this means i won't get any sleep at all tonite. I have to monitor him closely due to his episodes of febrile seizure.
Welcome to motherhood!

I am thankful and grateful coz He is very kind generous to me... Without His blessings and love,
I don't think i can still hang in there..hehhehe.. Praise you LORD!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

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3 more weeks

Unbelievable, 3 more weeks then i am done with semester 1!
Honestly, i am very exhausted and tired. Lack of sleep, and tons of work to do. I lost 5 lbs!
I dunno how..i guess i didn't get to eat proper meals, or have enough sleep.

Tests and assignments left:

-2 test on monday 19
-Nursing Care plan assignment on Wednesday 21
-Communication report Thursday 22
-Nursing Care plan part 2 on monday 26th
-Communication presentation thursday 29th
-Health and Healing Culture assignment 30th
-PND assignment and Health and healing family article assignment dec 7th
-Psychology test no.4 dec 10th
-Biology test no.3 dec 13th
-Health and Healing family article presentation dec 14th

Final day is on dec 14th...friday...wohooooooooooo!
then i have 2 weeks break before i start sem 2 (the toughest semester of all)

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Yup! Kit and I developed bronchitis ...thanks to me! I have been coughing for non-stop for almost a month already. Didn't get to see doc due to my lovely schedules...
anyway..Kit started to have fever, chronic cough on Thursday ..n today his fever didn't go away..that's what makes us go to walk in clinic today.

The whole situation is not really good! I just finished one test and one assignment on Friday and i have 2 tests on Monday which i am not prepare yet. On top of all that Kit is sick, Ryan is not feeling well too. usual..hanging there..even though i am sick..i have to act i am not..
This is no good at all.
Sometimes i wonder whether i should continue my program or not..hmmm.. i am not sure..
Coz this program work load is taking ppl's life away...
many students already quit due to cannot cope with the stress.

Me? I dunno... i wanted to go on..but seeing Ryan and my family down..i am not very happy with it.
I hate it when things like this happened...I wish..i am the only one who get sick..i will take all the sickness...n not Ryan or Kit.

Today i have to do everything, taking care of my 2 babies, the house chores plus worrying how am i going to study for my 2 tests on monday!
I know HE is with me all the way...if is not for HIM ..i don't think i can still stay strong...

Saturday, November 03, 2007

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These pictures taken just now by Kit. He has just finished washing his "second wife".
Yup, his new second wife...very precious...wash every week.. hehehhe
Ryan wanted his picture taken..and Kit took mine as well while I was studying. Look how messy my table is...hehehe

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Survive through

I made it through my first week of clinical. I was nervous and scared on the night before and was having trouble to sleep at all. The first day was great and it was not as bad as i expected.
We did a tour around the nursing home and did a scavenger hunt around the place as in where were all the patient's files and charts...and stuff about where are the dirty linen and clean linen go.. ;)
We basically running around the nursing home.
The second day was even better because we were buddied with staff and help the staff to do most of the work such as sponge bath, transferring, feeding, and cleaning.
The old folks were lovely and cute.

I was assign with my very own resident and I haven't meet her one to one yet. Will get to do that this coming Tuesday. I will be in charge in taking care of her for 7 weeks.

Our workload is heavy because not only we have to do the physical work, we have to do the theory work as well. We have to come out a Nursing care plan as how to improve our resident current condition.
Is very challenging but at the same time interesting.

I will be having second skill test, Vital signs this coming wednesday and Bio test on thursday.
Lotsa stuff going around and my cough is getting a little bit better.