Friday, August 31, 2007

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Next week will be orientation week for me meaning freebies week. Yup, the college has already arranged a lot of freebies event for new students. We were told that all new students will be given one USB drive.. i dunno i said it correctly or not..well u know what i meant..

Cool huh? Oh well, i am still not as really excited ..excited like i should be..because there has been lots going on around at home.
Some big tension going on at home .... yea..In-law become outlaw situation.

It is sad ..but i am praying for strength.

I know i know..i keep complaining abt in law issues... I wish i can be like Mamabok..instead of complaining ..i rather praising them.
But this is not my case...

Oh well, everyone is different.. and I am glad and happy that Mamabok is blessed with great in-laws! :)

I hope mine will change...i know they will..because my FATHER will make them!

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Never ending..

I am still having the bad cough..seen doctor and changed a lot of cough syrups yet still the same.
I normally cough very bad during the night and and i have not been sleeping very well due to the cough.
My panda eyes getting very dark each day.
Don't know what to do...

Has anyone experience this bad cough before? Any remedy?

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Is about time for me to "pay" all the tags that i owed
Grace. So sorry that it took me awhile to do this. Thanks for tagging me eh :)
I love doing tags but is just that i might be slow..hehehehe

Okay..for this tag.. I think, if I am given a choice and blessed with good income in the family, I will opt for SAHM position for at least my child reach a good age to be independent. I love to be there for my kid or kids (if i am blessed with another one) when they are young because the bondage is important. The love, effort, care you put in them, it will definitely grow.
However, the picture is not always good as I wanted, due to financially not stable, I need to get a job or go to school to get a better job.
SO, I am like in the middle, ehehehe.. But I am consider lucky because I get to spend good 3 years with Ryan and teach him all I can and know so far.
Is time for me expose him to society and blend in with other kids. :)

Conclusion : SAHM when kids are 0-3 years FTWM when kids are 3 and over :)


Immomsdaughter prefers to be a

Miche prefers to be a

SYH prefers to be a

Shoppingmum prefers to be a

WMD prefers to be a

Milkmaid prefers to be a


Shannon can't decide and
wants the best of both

Mommibee prefers to be a
SAHM in Sydney

Gene wants to be

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They believe what they see...

The ambition talk happens in all families ...and ours started already when Ryan started to have passion and interest in helicopters and airplanes.
We always ask him what he wants to be when he grows up? Doctor, Pilot? Engineer like daddy? hehehehe
But he never say a thing ....

Today, this morning, as we were getting ready to go to school (day care), MIL asked Ryan the same question

MIL: Nei dai kor , yue chou meh yer ar? Char fei kei ar? (What you want to be when you grow up? A pilot?)

Ryan: Em yue ar ...char jeet seng kei ..sei sei ar..teet teet lok sui..sei sei (Don't want, become pilot ..die die ar...fall fall into water..die die )

Ryan has watched this Chinese series Always Ready about China's Government Flying Service..where they have one episode, one of the helicopter got problem and the back propeller caught fire and went crash down into the ocean...
he loves that part a lot..he can repeat it fact he requested to watch that part everyday...
so..the above conversation proves that he believe what he sees!

Isn't he smart? Oh my....we were like..gosh...unbelievable with what he said :)

So, gotta be careful about the program that our kids watch...u will never know!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

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1 more week

Exactly one more week, I am starting my course. I am very excited and at the same time nervous.
I do not know what to expect. College will be full of young students and me..hehehe old hen here.
I hope i get to blend in easily with them and most importantly i get good lecturer!
My classes mostly starts at 8 am and finishes around 3.30 pm..the latest.
Not bad for first semester.
Will be working 2 days a week after 7 weeks course started..with clinical environment..hehehe this might be interesting!
I hope i can handle...

On the other hand, I hope Ryan can get used to day care easily because by next week it will be full week for him.
I hope it won't worn him out..

And another thing i am worried...MIL will give me more troubles...
actually it has started already...due to i have not been cooking for few days due to i was sick and tired..
she already shown her faces and attitude..
I am getting very sick and tired of this game!
She can never let me go at all...

Ohh okay..don't wish to go any further about her... i will start to act up again when i think of her..
I am praying hard..GOD watch over me, Ryan and Kit.... i do not want trouble from her..i just dun want to play anymore games with her..
Such childish and selfish typer of person.
I pity her...coz she is one sick person! REALLY SICK!

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"Yeen Sat" = Reality

Back to work this week and on Sunday, Kit and Ryan had the following conversation:

Kit: Teen yat, daddy fun kong la..., okay? (Tomorrow, Daddy has to go back to work, okay?)

Ryan: Moi ar.. chou meh fun kong? (Don't want...why go to work?)

Kit: Mou sai kar kei lor...yue fun kong ar...(No more holidays ..daddy has to go back to work)

Ryan: Mou fun kong la...daddy ook kei pooi chee (Don't go to work..daddy stay home accompany me)

Kit: Daddy you fun kong kong wan cheen cheen mai neen neen ar..chu chu ar (Daddy has to go to work, go work can earn money to buy milk and thomas and friends toys for u)

Ryan: Ohhhh? Chan yoooooo..... *pause for thinking*... come daddy fun kong la..okay? (ohhh? really? ai yoo... *pause for thinking*.... then daddy gotta go to work..okay?)

Kit and ME : LOL!!

See how smart he is getting now...geeze...getting very cheeky these days..talking like an adult...

Friday, August 24, 2007

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Great time!

We had a wonderful time at Montana Cookhouse. YUp, i had umm the summer meal umm steak and rib meal... kit had grilled salmon.
I took some pictures with my camera cell phone..but only managed to download one pic..
I didn't download all the pics i took because we do not have the software to download pictures from cell phone. Do not wish to buy it because it cost us like 60 bucks eh...
and to send from pic cost 2 bucks..walau eh!

So, kit send this pic only..heheheh..YOURS TRULY!

Will try to post other pictures when i find a way to do a cheaper way! kekekekke ;)
ANYone knows how to download those pics from cellphone? Care to share?

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All painted

This is what Kit did for the firs day of his vacation week. Yup, he painted the porch railings. Is all nice and new. No more rusty old look.
Sorrie didn't get to snap the before picture. It was white before but it was rusty already. So, Kit has to sand it and re-paint 2 coats. first the rust coat thingy then apply the brown colour that we chose. :)

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My lil chef

Look who is cooking?

Yup, is my little Ryan cooking. Well, actually it was MIL, who is cooking some noodle thingy..Ryan was there to help her stir the soup base.
See how cheeky he was when I took his picture.

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Our Shaolin Master

This is Ryan first army hair cut that I gave him weeks ago! hehehehe.. MIL did not like it and keep condemning it.
But i felt it helps Ryan cool off during hot summer days. I think is cute! hehehehe

What you guys think? I want honest okie if you think is ugly or not suitable... i just want honest answer :)
All feedback is good feedback...we learn from it rite? :)

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Montana Cookhouse..

Montana Cookhouse here we, Kit and I for the first time since Ryan was born, we are going to have lunch together...toddler free!
Yup, Ryan was off to Day Care this morning and he was really good today... coz he didn't start his episode at all...and said goodbye to me!
What an improvement! THANK GOD!

Yup, we are going to go dating....hahahah...old hen and old rooster here...heheheh..finally, what a day..i really hope we can have a great day today.

Pssttt..guess what? I do really feel guilty a bit for not bringing Ryan I normal?
heheheheh Silly me hor..dunno how to enjoy my freedom at all...always think of Ryan and everyone..
What to do..I can't help it!

Anyway, Montana Cookhouse is a family restaurant ...they have steaks , ribs, chicken as well...
SO i am going to have my steak! Wohoooooooooo....i don't get to eat beef often eh...due to Kit and his parents don't eat beef.
I dunno about Kit, he probably will have the meatloaf i guess...hehehehe..

Oh well, I hope Ryan will be alright today... I know he will coz he will be in GOD's good hands!

Monday, August 20, 2007

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Fall in August?

We experience fall today...the temperature is about 18 degree Celsius all day! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Is freezing cold for me..especially with my sick condition. Usually i enjoy such temperature ...but not today!

Oh boy, is only August...and we feel like in early Oct. I still have not get all my chilies yet..
Poor Ryan is locked inside.. coz i do not want him to get worse. So, stay home all day...we skip Rhyme time today at the drop in centre..due to we were not feeling well and the weather is too cold.
I can't wait for tomorrow..where Kit is home and kit can play with him. heheheheh

I always know how to push all my responsibilities to Kit..kekekeke.. am just too tired nowadays..dunno why..
Sigh..hopefully i can get that things will be much better!

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4 days off

Kit will be off starting tomorrow till weekend...yippie! I am not sure what are the plans will be but definitely we have to paint our porch railings.
There are lots of work to do around the house but also we want to spend some quality time together as family b4 i starts school.
It is just too bad both Ryan and me are sick..well, Ryan is not so bad...but me..sigh..i have problems writing this post..what to do...i have some money assignments to finish..heheheehheh

Money face here choice...poor people here..need to work hard!

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i am down with virus..

Is that time again... i am down with flu, cold, and a terrible cough. It has been days already. It all started with a sore throat and then developed with all those sickness.
I am so tired and I did not get enough sleep for few nights already due to the cough.

This is no good and Ryan is getting some of my virus too.. :( I don't mind myself getting sick..but not Ryan. It is hard to take care of him while u r sick at the same time.
Luckily he recover faster than i do. Is just that, he is not eating and drinking well at day care.
So, his tummy got a little bit "wind" inside.
On weekend, he threw up whatever he eats and ..he didn't eat much at all.
I am very worried now.... gives me chills in the bone when Ryan is not feeling well.
I rather have all the sickness than him having any!

Thank God that PIL is not working that MIL can watch over Ryan for me and i can have some rest.
I appreciate MIL's help when time like this. Despite how she treated me, I am very grateful that she treated Ryan good.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007


Last Friday, Ryan was sent to his day care for second time and this time he did good. He cried for about 5 minutes and he did not puke!
ahahha...He had fun that day coz one of the kids there celebrated her birthday there. They have birthday cakes. How cool was that?!

When I reached the day care to pick him up that day at 5:20 pm, he was busy helping the day care providers cleaning up. He was so focus on cleaning up till he did not see me or hear me.
I have called him 3 times he did not hear me at all.. ;)
So, I have to wait till he finished and then I started to call him and say hi to him..
He was surprise and then his happy face turned upside down.. I dunno why he cried when he sees me..maybe because he thought of when i left him in the morning.
I have to carry him and asked him why..he didn't say anything...just so glad to see me and ready to go home with his tears rolling down on his cheek.
The following is the conversation between me and Ryan while walking back home :

Me: Why are you crying? Chou meh nei hum ar?
Ryan: *sob sob* em keen daddy lor (didn't see daddy lor)


Me: Is okie...daddy cannot come because stuck in the traffic... Daddy nei em tou yan way suck chee ar

Me: Did you have fun today? What did you do? Yau mou happy happy ar? Come yat wan meh yer ar? (Are you happy today? What did you play today?)

Ryan: *shook his head as is saying no**

Me: Come yat sek meh yer ar? (what did you eat today?)

Ryan: Sek cake lor...birthday ...blow ar..(eat cake...)

Me: Wah...peen kor birthday ar? (Whose birthday today?)

Ryan: Ingeela

Me: Angela ar?

Ryan: *shook his head as in yes*

Me: Angela leng em leng ar? (Angela pretty or not?)

Ryan: Hou leng ar (very pretty)


Me: Fun ook kei chou meh yeh ar (now we are heading home, what u want to do?)

Ryan: Yum nen nen ...cheen ar (Drink milk....blanky)

***I guess he missed his milk bottle and blanket *****

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

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Good neighbour!

We are so blessed with good neighbors! YUP, I am talking about Mara and Ian Lucas :)
Look what Mara gave me?

Home grown vegetables from Mara's mom's garden! Fresh and good! The red and yellow peppers tasted so sweet!

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Hot summer treat

Mara and Ian really are good neighbour to us especially to Ryan. Always buy Ryan gifts and everything.
These picture taken weeks ago. It all started with Ryan saying hello to Mara and Ian at the living room window. Ryan always check them out and say hello and bye whenever he sees them going out or coming back. Yup, my son very nosy and "kepo" his mother lor..hehehe runs in the family!
Anyway, when Ryan say hello that time, there was one ice cream truck pass by..and of course he gets excited and said ice cream ice cream...
Guess what? YUP...Ian bought one medium ice cream for Ryan!
Ryan sure one happy camper! It was a totally a treat for him that day..coz that day was like 32 degree Celsius was humid!

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Everything all right!

Ryan was alright on last Friday. The care provider told me he cried for like about 20 minutes and threw up as well.. :(
But after that he was alright. He blend in alright with other kids. He played water and he got to go out to play the water splash as well. He was totally a happy camper!
The best part was every kids love him...hehehe maybe because he is the only Chinese boy there.

When I picked him up at 5 pm that day, as we were walking out..there was this little gal..i think she was about a year or 2 older than Ryan..running towards us and hugged Ryan. How sweet! The little gal and her mom were leaving at the same time too. She met Ryan at the parking lot and ran towards Ryan and give Ryan a big squeeze hug!
Ryan was happy too!

When RYan saw me that time, he told me that i got disappear cannot find me and he cried.
He was a little bit upset about it. I told him i did not disappear..i went to school..
I prepared him like weeks b4..but still..the whole thing cannot go inside his head..hehehe

SO I ask him again:

Me : Ryan, you wanna go to school again?

RYAN: Nope...

ME: Why? U don't like school?

RYAN: Mommy em keen lor...Yau Zhen hum hum lor (Mommy disappear lor..Ryan cry cry lor)

Me: Mommy em hai em keen..mommy fun hok maa..( Mommy did not disappear..mommy went to school)

Me: Nei you em you hei school ar? (DO you still want to go to school?)

Ryan: Mommy em hey school...Yau Zhen hey school (Mommoy don't go to school, Ryan will go to school)

*slap my head*...alamak...this boy ar.. sure knows how to get his way huh...
cheeky one!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Learning to let go!

I just finished crying like a baby... why? Because my baby has gone to day care today!
I sent him to day care around 9 am this morning...oh boy, he cried like about 20 minutes!

I tell ya..not only Ryan has separation issue..i had it too!! For all those working mothers.... how u gals do that?
My heart really sink down way tears me apart to hear him cry!
When I reached home around 9.45 .. i called the centre check on him....the gal said he just stopped crying and started to play with water ...with other kids..

I know this is for his own good..he gets to mix around and learn stuff..Eventually he has to go through it when i starts school this Sept.

When i came into the was empty..and so quiet..I am not used to it..I really dunno what to do now..
I have tons of work to finish..but i can't seem to get brain and hands together!
I am like a lost soul here..coz my baby is not around!!

Oh Lord, Please watch over Ryan for me!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thank you all....

Regarding to my earlier post
Why...?, I personally wanna say a big THANK YOU to my dearest blogging friends..actually I don't consider them blogging friends at all..I treated them like my close best friends. Is just that we cannot meet each other face to face and I met them through blogging.
They have been encouraging me and supporting me all this while. Giving me advice and support whenever I am down.
This is TRUE friends! People say, one can only find one TRUE friend...but I am so blessed here..I am blessed with many! Among them, I have met them through my blogging world. How great that is huh! We have not see each other face before but we can communicate to each other like we have know each other for life!
They understand my situation, my worries, my pain and my hardship! Their support really meant the world to me!
People like this is hard to find! I am so lucky to have them as my FRIENDS! my GREAT FRIENDS!

Baby Bok Choi a.k.a.
Mamabok one super woman who runs her own business at the same time taking care of her wonderful and adorable daughter Chloe, which I love her to death! She is one good friend who cares for you a lot and very humble and sincere!
She also like me come all the way to Canada to start a family without any relatives nearby. That's why we understand our pain and we support each other. She is very generous and kind hearted!
Janet, Thank you very much for all support and encouragement...LOVE YOU MUCH GALFRIEND!

Mommmibee also known as Grace... she is one sweet gal who also married abroad to Australia. She has one 14 month year old adorable Phoebe, which I love her to death! Not having her family with her and of course having the same MIL situation like me... WE UNDERSTAND EACH other very well.
She is very humble and humorous and always supported me whenever I need her! Not to mention she is very helpful and cares a lot for her friends!

Gracie, Thank you so very much for all support, kind words and encouragement.. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH, GALFRIEND!

Also, to my my beloved sister, Thank you again are always there for me to advice and support me. How I wish you are here with me like before.
Is always feels good to have your big sister to watch over you...I miss those feeling a lot!
Love you and miss you alot SIS!

KGC: Thanks for stopping by and share your story with me. I appreciate it alot. I hope we can be stronger as DIL and have a better relationship with our MIL :)

Monday, August 06, 2007


Is it because she is jealous?

Is it because she hate me?

Is it because she dislike me?

Why every single time when I am doing something right and good for myself and my family, she will utter out words of discouragement and negative stuff to put me down?

Words such as.......

"I don't think you can handle the Nursing job"

"It is too hard for you"

"Your cooking is too oily"

"You should not let Ryan eat this"

"You are too fat"

"Your life will be tough when you starts school"

"You better loose weight if not your husband will leave you for other"

"The house is too dirty"

"Eating western food is no good"

"When I took care of my 4 kids, they never got sick" "You are not doing it right with Ryan"

I am so sick and tired with her negative statements! What I have been doing since the day I met her are all from my sincere heart and good to her.
I have never treated her bad ...not even ONCE!
I just cannot understand why must she do this to me?
Am I that bad? Or is it because that I am not the one that she would like Kit to marry?

I am not very good at my emotional intelligence. I am the type of person that suck at negative comments.
I like to be like by everyone. ...and I know I cannot expect everyone to like me.
But..someone who hates me and live with me ...this is hard!
I have been keeping my silence whenever she utter those ugly words...
But how much longer can I keep my silence?
How much damage she had done to my emotional being?

I have been telling myself, she is different...ignore her... let her be...but seriously, I cannot avoid those knife sharp of words that stab into my heart!

The thing is.....she will treat me nice when she need something from me.

I really do not understand what she wants from me?

She always said that lots of her friends daughters in-law are evil and abuse them... I abusing her?

This is heartbreaking .... I have lost my mother when I was 14 years old...and I treated her like my own.

Everyone ask why I let them stay with me? Well, I have to..they are Kit's parents...we cannot just shoo them away.
No one can help me in this matter..

Only 2 options:

1) Pray to God that she change!

2) Pray to God that I have more patience and wisdom to handle her everyday..

God is working on His own timing and never my time or my way.
I am praying for more patience, wisdom, more E.Q., a bigger heart to oversee everything, and forgive and accept her.

My Prayer:
Oh Father in heaven, I humbly come before you to ask for YOUR forgiveness and mercy. I thank You for a wonderful family you blessed me with. Please bless me with wisdom, more E.Q., a bigger heart to face my MIL. I commit her to You and I know You will handle her for me. I know this is not her doing, is just the enemy doing to put me down. Please comfort me and protect me whenever the evil is doing their work.
I know I have YOU as my shield and comfort.
I commit my family to YOU and ask for YOUR blessings and sealed my family with LOVE, HARMONY, and PEACE.
For YOU my LORD, You are my ROCK and SAVIOUR!
I shall not FEAR the evil but YOU!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Messy house....

This is what actually happened during the day everyday... the house is a mess. Who is the culprit? The pictures tells it all :)

Mee Hoon Kueh with Chinese Chives

I made this kueh today for lunch. Mee Hoon Kueh with Chinese chives is a type of Chinese pancake that you fried.
All you have to do is mix all purpose flour with water and little bit of salt to taste, and I have added and egg (this is optional) and also Chinese chives.
Tasted great with chili sauce :)
This entry I dedicated to Grace, who is so kind to me! I just wish we are neighbours , so that i can share this pancake with you and your family. I know you love Chinese chives!

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So busy..

I was so busy past few days as in get myself register for my Nursing course and Ryan in day care.
Officially, Ryan will be attending day care next Friday 10th August 2007..yup..i have to get him used to it. It will be once a week kinda thing till September where he will be attending 5 days a week.
I also managed to applied Child care Subsidy for day care cost is 32 bucks a day..and government only fund us $6.80. We still have to pay $25.20 a day for it.
Oh well, better than nothing.

I am really excited for him next week. Can't wait to see how Ryan react on that day :)

Other than all that, Ryan got fever and cold on Thursday. I had to cool him down with ice pack..on that night. This is tough matter how sleepy i was..i still have to look after him. I was so worried that his febrile seizure attack him again.. THank God he is okie now..

That's why i didn't get to update my blog for so long...
I am still sleepy now too..hehehehe

I still haven't finish my assignment yet..I dunno how am I going to do everything...I really need miracle here.
Some more, PIL invited sis-in law to come over for dinner..there goes my saturday nite..i cannot study.

Luckily, Monday is a holiday, Civic Holiday. Hopefully, i can finish it all and exchange for another book.

I am so excited here because I am going back to school very soon! September 4th is the date!
I can imagine i will be surrounded by all young teenage students..and me old hen here..kekekkeke
Getting very near. I managed to registered and got my timetable liao. Pretty easy for the first semester :)
I get to work in hospital after 7 weeks of the course start date. How cool is that? I get to wear uniform and play with dummies! n of ppl's ppoop and pee (according to my MIL, my job is doing that only)
How ignorant she is huh?