Thursday, June 04, 2009

getting too much rest

It has been only 2 weeks after my exam..and i already getting bored of staying home doing nothing.
No doubt i enjoyed the first week of doing nothing..mainly just watch tv, and mending the house chores..but i am getting restless here.
So not used to it.
I miss my books... and i did visit my school library and borrowed some nursing books to refresh my skills..kekeke

At first the librarian..won't let me borrow it coz i am done school..and i don't have my alumni sticker on my id card..but i knew the librarian very well... she kinda teasing me..what u need those books for..
i told her..that i need to kill time while waiting for the job orientation and results. Furthermore i am worried that my skills got rusty...and soon got to start working..better sharpen my skills and get myself ready :)
Well, long story short.. i am just plain OCD obsessive compulsive disoder..hehehe