Sunday, March 30, 2008

I did it..

Woah, can't believe I just make 10 bucks just like that. Hmmm, I should have joint Gene long time ago, Hahaha. This is probably one of the easiest way to make some side income. I know it's not much, but they all add up... ;)

Actually, I wasn't really ready to write my first post. I was vacuuming the house and washed the bathrooms. After that, I changed the motor oil for my car. Felt so tired and wanted to sit down, relax and watch some TV, but thought that I should start my first post since I was already introduced last week.

Well, I'm glad I did it and thanks to me, Gene's account just got another 10 big bucks!! ;)

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Winter 2008

This has been one of the worst winter we ever had. We have snow storms one after another and shoveling snow seems like one of the never ending task. In fact, we even have flurries last week even though winter supposed to be ended on March 20.

Driving during snow storm has become of the greatest challenge I have to face in the morning. Yeah, I have to drive for about an hour 10 minutes (one way) to get to work. It is really nerve wrecking and there is one morning on my way to work, I almost lost control of my car and I have to steer my car left and right in order to keep my car on the road. Luckily there isn't any in-coming traffics. Gene said I better get a set of winter tires for next winter and I couldn't agree more.

Well, I hope there won't be any more snow coming (cross my finger) and there isn't any on the forecast this week :) Hopefully, we can really say " Good Bye " to Winter 2008 this time and get on with the spring season.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Post operative care

This rotation I am at the orthopaedic department in one of the Hamilton hospital. Boy i tell ya...this rotation is really challenging and nervewrecking!
My second day was really crazy..I was given a bone cancer diagnosed patient with just 7 days post-operative of her total right elbow replacement.
I have zero experience in taking care of post-op care patients...only books knowledge!

I was giving her a.m. care that morning..and was going to move to her left side to wash her back...a loud crack was heard! Omigosh..she had a fractured and i was freak out and just don't know what else to do. I called for help and i tell ya.. that day it was a hell of experience!

On top of everything, i have to give my patient medication, and taking blood pressure on her fractured arm... how challenging was that?

The whole day i felt so lousy and Thank God for my lecturer... she helped me alot!

I seriously don't like surgical floors as they are so fragile!

I prefer mental health patients better...maybe because i am one of them too..hahaahahah
Shall see which area i will be going into... :)


That's the word to describe me now as i am so tired from the school work. Yea.. yea yea.. i am complaining now..hehehe...but hey.. i do deserve one!

I am so sick of this subject Health and driving me nuts as we have exam every weeks. It is so annoying!
Exam plus assignments every week! They really thought that we students are robot.

Isn't it weird that we are learning on how to take good care of people by affecting our health in terms of sleep, no rest, no proper meals and time.
It sucks!

I have 2 exams this week..tomorrow and wednesday..and i am not prepared for it!
I am so immuned with it already..coz i am just sick of it! u know the feeling of nauseated from something?

Where is the light? I need to see the light now..

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Gene has just created an account for me. Just want to test whether it works.

Requesting Title Change.

Hi everyone,

My name is Kit as you all probably knew, in case you don't know. (I'm Gene's hubby, AKA:DarDarKit). I'm new to this "Blogger World" and I hope my blogs will be as good as Gene's.
Starting tonight Mar 23/2008, I'll be joining my lovely wife to update this blog as often as possible. Hopefully, you all will drop by and check out my blogs once in awhile.
Since I'll be joining this blog, I thought the title of this blog "Life As a Married Woman" should change to "Life As a Married Couple".

Bull Bars

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Joint Cari Makan

Look who has joined me now for the cari makan post? Ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... my lovely hubby! Kit

Bad economy...badly needed some side income here. Due to my busy schedule at school, I have neglected my cari makan income..kekekekek
As a result, Kit has to join me and help me with my cari makan post..hahaha..

Everyone, please welcome give him a warm welcome to the blogging world...
he will end with his post by noting that post is written by him ;)