Tuesday, June 12, 2007

no cooking today

Is hot and i am very tired today... actually been tired for the pass few days due to Ryan's change of nap time.
Started on weekends he slept around 8 pm till like about 4 am and he is up while we are nicely snoozing.
Is very tiring for me...coz i need to cook, housework and study at the same time. Is nice when he nap and sleep coz i get to catch up my work.
But i still need my sleep..is just that ..when is time for me to sleep..my little king is awake!
Sigh..today..i said NO to cooking..coz i cannot take it..i need to hand in my assignment.

Good news is.. i called John, the examiner, to confirm abt the change of exam policy...he said i just need to hand the first unit instead of all the units for the course..
now..how great is that! Lucky me..i only need to work on 1 book instead of 4 books.
So no rush..but still got to rush for the first book.
Lotsa reading and essay writing..
I wish it is as easy as me writing my blog..hahahaah..in my dreams!!

Anyway, i really wonder what will my wonderful MIL will react when she comes back today and find out they have to eat tuna sandwich for dinner and nothing for her to bring to work tomorrow!
Let just say..today is not easy for me!
But..too bad..i cannot take care of everyone and ruin myself.. i am trying my very best already...machine do get their rest too!

Just pray...that later will be an easy way out for me.. :)


Mama BoK said...

Well.. MIL just have to live with it..! afterall.. you have a life too you know..!

G @ mommibee.com said...

agree with MB. it's not like u hv nothing MORE IMPORTANT to do than cooking! moreover it is only temporary that u're taking a cooking break! U did the right thing Gene. happy for u that u need to do only 1 book. Dont blog too much eh, till u finish ur assignment dear, hehe or Aunty G will rotan u!

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok : I know...now i am learning to let go a little bit :)
Thanks for ya support :)

Grace: ehehehe i am very scared eh Aunty G! hehehehe...i know..i think i have to blog sometimes..coz it gives me the relaxation lor..hehehehe
Again, thanks for your support eh dear! :)