Friday, January 23, 2009

surgical floor again

I am back to surgical floor again for my final semester 4 rotation. Yup..the floor where i had the patient fractured her arm while i was giving her sponge bath.
I survived the first 2 days so far.. It went awesome..better that i expected.. THANK GOD! HE blessed me with a good nurse and good patients. I had one with post op day 1 he was walking around already.. he had total right knee replacement. He didn't even use the PCA pump for the morphine at all..what tough guy here..and today it was post op day 2 for him..and he already got discharged!!!
Awesome. I did his dressings and he is pretty much independent! so..pretty nice for me..coz i dun have to do the personal care.

Left 6 more days for my clinincal...then.. i will be doing my Pre-grad rotation at St. Peter... I got what i wanted..doing Psychiatry plus medicine! DOUBLE BONUS.
I am a happy camper here... no complains..GOD is GREAT!
Counting my days.. :)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

5 years old

Ryan is turning 5 years old this coming 25th January! BOy, time really flies... i cannot believe it. I remember i was holding him in my arms in the hospital the day he came to this world.
Now he can reason with me..and do listen to me..He is a very good boy overall. At times, being a boy..he do have some cheeky and naughty behaviour..but..he is a fine boy. I am very lucky and Blessed!

Everyone been asking me..when i am going to have second one...well, here is my answer..NO.
I know i cannot afford another one..and at the same time..i don't know how to raise 2 children..and i don't think i can pour out as much love to my second child like i did to Ryan.
Can i? Furthermore, financially..we couldn't afford it. I am half way through my studies..and starting my career soon..can i stop and do everything again?
I know i am selfish..once my friend is not the problem..but to me it is..
i don't want my child suffer because of his or her parents cannot provide a better, and comfortable environment to live in.

And by the time i have biological clock already passed the healthy level to have children..
so how ?
Is hard to answer the question of me having the second one..i truly dunno how to answer that question.

Bye Bye 2008.....welcoming 2009's been awhile i have not updated my blog eh...and it is brand new year already. I am alrite...thank you for everyone concerns..i am just that i was having a very tough time during october-dec 2008. That's why i don't have time to do anything...all i did was sleep.

Ever since, i finished my psychiatry rotation... I was struggling dealing with active medication rotation for 7 weeks.
In addition, Ryan was sick...had a lung infection and caused him another febrile seizure. As he was having the seizure..i was rushing downstairs to attend to him..i missed 2 steps and sprained my left ankle. My left ankle went inwards and cracked. Thank God i didn't fractured it..but i suffered a lot. Till now,my ankle still hurts..if i stand too long.
Anyway, we rushed Ryan to emergency that nite...he was okay...THANK GOD!
as for me..I was not okay...i missed 2 days of clinical due to my ankle..and my teacher gave me hell time...
it was a mind torture for me that time... and to top with everything...i failed one of clinical theory test.
Gosh... i was really stress out through out the whole 7 weeks.
I worked my butt off for this rotation...was at the college at 7 am till 9.30pm. I missed seeing Ryan during weekdays.
God is great....I appealled for a re-write... it was mind boggling..cause my teacher was not very encouraging and supportive type of person...she played tough..
She told me.. "U have to prove to me that u deserve another chance for the re-write.." the re-write appeal..has to be signed by her..if not i won't get a chance at all.
I have nothing to be afraid off..coz all this while..i have great marks in my academic records.
I worked hard all the time..I have lotsa friends supports me..
Thank God for that!
But still..i am human i cannot allow any minor mistake..i make sure i scored other subjects and showed her i DO REALLY DESERVE another chance...
I made it... i passed the re-write.. AMEN! PRAISE HIM!
dec 15th was my last day of semester was hell break loose for me...but i am still recovering eh...mentally!
I had my good breaks..

I played with Ryan everyday..during the vacation....i had soo much fun with him... i really do missed him a lot! and WE had soo much fun! hehehehe
I am still on my break.. but tomorrow will be my my final 4th semester orientation.
I will have first 7 weeks of active meds rotation..then the next 7 weeks will be my pre-graduation rotation..where i have to work alone like a nurse...with a preceptor another RPN( registered practical nurse)
tomorrow i will know where i will be getting my pre-grad will be a lottery!
I am nervous..i can be landed anywhere...nursing homes, hospitals..or community!

I am really hoping to get pscyhiatry ..but on the other hand..i don't wanna loose my medical skills
I found one site...where i can practice both...they call behaviour assessment unit..where patients are diagnosed with chronic psychiatry well as with physically illness..
i'll get to do some IV care, wound care, behavioural assessment!
wohooo..this is great bonus for me!
I really wish i get this one..but there will be 80 of us.. and it will be a lottery is hard to tell!
Wish me luck!