Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Happy 2 Years old RYAN!!

Yup... is Ryan's birthday today! Happy Birthday my dear! Boyy..2 years old already..time really flies... 2 years this time...i think i was having my shower after i experienced my water bag panic and was counting the contraction pain..whether it was 5 mins apart or what...when i really look at the clock... it was like 3 mins apart..n my tummy was kinda cramp a little bit..i was soo excited and can't wait for him to come out!!

I remember that day was a Sunday afternoon...and i was soo tired after having my late breakfast...and i decided to go lie i was going to dozed water bag was like a baloon with water inside exploded..kekekkee... that time i was kinda excited and scared at the same time. Kit of course was in the basement playing his computer game (that time we were still living at my in law's place) and my in laws were at the kitchen talking to each other.
After i got out from shower and got ready to go down basement to tell Kit that the baby is coming...that time i didn't the pain yet...after telling KIt..kit was kinda anxious and excited..and was rushing me upstairs to call the doctor...
that was the time when i really feel the pain... the contraction were really close and my tummy felt like going to explode annytime.
We didn't get to go to the hospital till 2 pm... when we reach the hospital...i was like screaming a little bit in pain...and the nurse was kinda telling me..the doc is coming...just have to wait for awhile....I remember that around 2 pm plus..the doc came and asked me to go into this room...and lie down on the that he can check on me....he checked on my dilation ..n told me that it was already 8 cm dilation. BOyyyyy..when i heard that..i was like that was fast...coz lotsa ppl told me that...when u first experienced ur first will be like 30 mins apart or an hour apart..but mine was 3 mins apart.and when u reach 10 cm dilation..that is when u can push the baby out...hehehhe
It seems that Ryan couldn't wait to come out to see the world huh..;)
I remeber the doctor asked me..whether i wanted epidural (pain killer) ...i remember i said..yeaaaa..of course... i couldn't stand the pain...
then...the doc asked me to get down from the bed..and walk to the next door room..which was the labour room...and he will arrange me the epidural process thing..
when i went into the labour room....and lie down on the labour contraction was getting stronger and stronger...i was like screaming soo loud till the doc came back to see me without taking any of the epidural stuff back...he checked on me..and told me that my dilation was at 9.5 cm... is kinda late for me to take epidural...0.5 cm..i can push already..hahaha..darnnnnnn...Ryan was fast mannnn...
SO i was like telling the doc..i can push now..u dun have to wait till 10 cm...seriously..i can feel that he is coming out...ahahahhh
boyyyyy the screaming..and the pain...LORD!
the contraction on 9.5 cm till 10 cm...really kills me..feels like i am on fire..haahhaha...
when i push RYan's head was a big relief for me.... the shoulder and the rest of his body was like nothing to me..hahah..felt soo mmuch lighter....phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

What an experience eh...and Rite now..he is 2 years old....
I am very blessed and grateful for what the Lord has given me... a healthy,cute,cheeky,smart and loveable boy!
Thank you Lord!!

Happy Birthday my dear Ryan...Mommy loves u very very very much..

Friday, January 13, 2006

i am backkkkkkkk...

hehehehe... boyyyyyyyy its been a long time since i last updated my blog. I didn't go anywhere (travelling) just that i am busy and lazy nowadays..haahah..
Got nothing to blog... all i have is some recent pictures of Ryan... :)