Friday, June 01, 2007

Tired! Tired! Tired!

Ohh boy.. i am soo tired now! Due to i had my driving test yesterday, i had no mood to clean the house till today.
Usually i will do it like twice a week as in mopping and cleaning the washroom. We had 1 full bath meaning 3 pieces thingy, toilet, sink and bath tub, which is at upstairs. We also have another 2 pieces thingy, only toilet and sink downstairs. Normally i have to clean both of them twice a week.
This week is soo exceptional coz whenever i am stressful i don't wish to tired myself out.

So today, walau...i am soo tired. Took me 2 1/2 hours to finish everything. This time i have to forgo time with Ryan coz MIL nicely invited SIL to come tomorrow. If i don't do it...i will go crazy tonite!
Thank goodness that Ryan behaved for me. I told him i had to do house chores...and he said okie..He played by himself , watch tv and play computer games while i was doing the house chores.
I am fully satisfied that the house is clean.. but all is hard work.
After finished, i had to prepare lunch for Ryan then get ready to prepare the soup for tonite's dinner! what a bummer!

"siennnnnnnnnnn" man!

Actually, i crave to eat curry today but i am too tired to cook curry they gonna eat left overs from yesterday!


G @ said...

wow clean the bathroom & toilets & sink and mop the house twice a week! *salutes u*. If we were neighbours, I will cook the curry (use instant paste one lah but dont play play, exactly like the real thing ok) and invite u over to makan!

mama bok said...

Wow..!! i too double salute you lah..! if i clean it once every week.. already very good.. usually i only get to clean it once every 10 days.. when i "beh than already.. then gotta. Tell you a secret hor.. i used to be very particular about cleaning.. but then hor.. if so particular.. i only kill myself.. and make myself so stressed up.. so now i donch anymore.. dirty .. dirty lah.. ! as long as not so dirty .. it's ok ..!
Donch sweat the small stuff .. Gene..! trust me.. it will help keep your sanity .. if you listen to me.. ;)

Gene Lim said...

Grace: Thanks Grace! I will definitely eat your curry... me no "heem" one...that's why so fat..everything also eat..kekekek..
Call me crazy or what.. i can't stand the dirty-ness.. :(

Mamabok: Yea lor.. I totally agree with you eh Jan..that's why i am soo stress up here... i am trying my best to reduce the cleaning job...kekeke..