Friday, June 22, 2007

Ryan with Puter

Today, while i was busy cleaning the house, as usual i will allow him to play his games and watch his favourite you tube video airplane that Kit save for him.
I thought wanna take some pictures of him busy with soon as he saw me taking the camera..he wanted to post for me... :)
Look at his silly look with his tongue out...all blue coz he just drank some blueberry juice.
House chores done today..but my assignment work not yet! hahahhaha..can't really do anything during the day time...coz my time is always occupied either with Ryan or the house!
My only me time will be at nite..thank God is Friday today..meaning i can really change to super super TURBO speed now.

P/s: Excuse the mess in our study room..also supposedly Ryan's room..but every nite Kit sleeps in there...and Ryan sleeps with me!


G @ said...

i was gonna say ur study table is so neat! aiyo ryan so cheeky, always teasing mommy huh? Poor u gene, u are so ultra busy yet need to do housework!! every MIL should count their blessings for having a DIL like u! Wait till they see a DIL like me, then they kno how to appreciate u!

mama bok said...

Aiyoh.. ! your study so neat lah.. ! where got messy..! you should see mine.. hahahah!! you are too hardworking lah..! i donch do housework everyday.. i do it .. when i have to.. hahhahaa!! Oiii..! donch make it a habit to have Kit sleep in another room.. not good ah..!

G @ said...

Gene, I know you are VERY busy and I'm not sure if u'd like to do tags - pls let me know?
I've tagged you at:
U dont hv to do it if u are not free; pls ignore this, no problem one :) Thanks.

Gene Lim said...

Grace: GOt neat meh? ai yo...i cannot tahan to see papers everywhere...but i dun have time to clean it..
Ai yo..u r always very kind to me one...u r a good DIL also... :)
just MIL don't see it only... i am sure one day they will realize that we are good :)
Ohh abt the tag..i will do it.. i don't mind..just that i will do it later when i finish my assignments..should be done by tomorrow..the latest thursday..hahaahah coz that is the last day ma..hehehhehe
u soo pei meen one..tag me somemore..of coz i also pei meen to do it..i don;t mind at all :)

Mamabok: AI yo don't say like that... i am just crazy lor... it is messy and dusty eh...u don't get to see it near only ma..hehehehe
About the sleeping thingy..i know i know..i dunno why whenever i have a chance to sleep with Kit..i felt not at ease..first of all..he snored..then he took lotsa space..
and i miss Ryan..hahahah call me crazy or what..
i know i am sick here!