Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sponsored Post: Holiday in Spain

I remember my trip to Spain years ago! To think of it.. Spain is a gorgeous country to visit be it for a holiday vacation or a business trip, it fits for all! With population of 36 million, Spain's major city destinations are Barcelona, Seville, Madrid and Granada.

I visited Barcelona and i had a wonderful time over there. Their sophisticated dining and entertainment blew me away. I never thought I could enjoy myself this much!

The best part was the hotel! I remember my friend told me about this site
Hotel in Barcelona
and they have lots of cool deals for the hotel packages. They even have last minute deal and you can never imagine the deal you are going to get!

If you are looking for a more budgetary hotel, you can check out Jacinto Benevente Guest House Malaga. They have rates as low as Euro 18.

For those who wants to pamper themselves and looking for a more exquisite hotel to stay can check this
Las Palmas out
where the rate starts from Euro 69.

This is once a life time vacation and you would not want to miss it! I am lucky that I have been there and am planning to go again! No Doubt!

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