Thursday, May 31, 2007

I pass!

Wooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! I pass my driving test!! Thank GOD! Thank you for everyone who prayed for me!
Thank you thank you!
I can drive now! I have my G2 license now...need to practice more and later get my G license..
I have to go through another test..which is they call it high-way or freeway test!

What a relief! I did almost perfect..but the examiner said i didn't look often on my rear view mirror!

I remember that moment when i drove to the test area and park. The examiner, Linda her name..said

Linda: Gene, U passed! Buttttttttttt... i noticed that u didn't look at ur rear view mirror...u got lotsa marks deducted from there..esp ur observation. You have to always check your rear view mirror every 5 seconds when u r driving. Be careful on that..u need it for your next test!
If you continue like that you will definitely fail for the next test!

Me: Okie..i will! Thank you soo much!

I tell ya..that moment i almost wanna cry man... what a relief..i knew i made mistake..but i was hoping that i will pass... Seriously, what a blessing from GOD..i got a nice examiner..even though she is strict..

I pass! I pass...heehhe.

I will drive to Mt. Albion later to hand in my Psychology exam..(which i am sooo overdue now)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


After reading Mamabok's entry on stayed at home moms, it reminded me of what i always have to go through with Ryan daily.

Some people (not all, some only, esp. those ego type of man) thought we stayed at home mom or women, got nothing to do..and our jobs are easy..just have to look after the kids and house chores.

Well, I always felt torn apart as in whether I should teach Ryan more stuff, play with him or should I finish my house chores?
I always have this problem and i ended up spending time with Ryan.
The worst part is, I am a neat freak..and i want things get done. If for example, my dishes still on the sink, it will haunt me...and constantly remind me all the time ..that i haven't do my dishes yet.
Ryan is very demanding as in he wants attention all the time..and he is very active.
He wants to go out ride his what Mamabok said about Chloe in her entry.

At times, I felt very overwhelming!

Butttttt hor..i also do salute those working mom! Is not easy for them as well. They have to balance both the working world and home at the same time.

Therefore i just wanna not easy to be WOMEN!
We are made TOUGH!
SO...salute we WOMEN!

Talking on the phone

We bought Ryan a fake cell phone which it can be flipped...with digital camera thingy.
Ryan loves to imitate us talking on the every day he will pretend talking on his cell phone.

This morning, he made a 'phone call" to i dunno who...and the conversation goes like this :

Ryan: pressing the button to make a phone call...

Me: Nei call peen kor ar? (Who are u calling?)

Ryan: Shhhh! (shoosh me asking me to be quiet..and making his hand gesture to ask me to wait for him to finish his conversation)

Me: LOL! wah...nei kor peen kor ar..mommy em hor yue teng ar? (who are u calling? Why mommy cannot listen ar?)

Ryan: Talking on his phone saying...err...em hai ar...meh yer? mou ar? yum nen nen lor ( ar ..what is it? nothing? drink milk lor )

Me: LOL!!

Geeze..he really talk like an adult! I really sometimes beh tahan him man!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday

To my dearest Phoebe,

Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday dear Phoebe!!!!!...

HAPPPPPY Birthday to youuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

Aunty Gene and Ryan wishing you good health, always happy and cheerful, and be good to mommy :)

Aunty Gene wanted to be there with you on Sunday May 27th 2007 soo much to celebrate with you...but unfortunately, i can't :(
Next time maybe :)
But, on that day, I will think of you!

Mommy and Daddy are very very proud to have you in their lives and you are their sugar munchkin :)

P/s: Grace, I hope u don't mind that i curi Bee's pics ..kekekekek

Thursday dishes

These are the dishes i cooked on Thursday. Everyone must be surprised that i cooked soo much..
Well, we have 4 adults and one toddler..but 3 other adults will wanna take lunch for the next day as have to cook for like 7 people.
MIL said must have soup!

So, this ah sum.. or ah sei here...of coz have to work her butt off lor

in case u guys are wondering what were those dishes..

1)Black bean soup boil with picnic pork shoulder and some chicken bone
2)Stir fry cabbage and carrots
3)Stir fry minced pork with preserved vegetables (char choi)
4)Picnic pork shoulder (from soup) stir fry with ginger, onion, garlic, and dried chili


Man, today is not my day at all! I didn't get any sleep from yesterday due it was too hot and humid plus Ryan was awake till quite late due to same reason.
PIL woke 4 am to get ready to go to work...and everyday when they got up, i sure got awaken from the noise and the smell of toast bread...
sigh...i was soo frustrated today and my mood was very bad.

Worst part was i have driving lesson. Ai yo..i tell ya... last week i was okie one..i have the confident to control the car and everything..but today...really "hak chai" man...
Even the traffic is not helping at all..

I made soo many mistakes till the instructor was surprised!
I learned my lesson, never drive when u r tired or moody!

The thing is i am going to sit for my driving test this coming thursday..
DIE la me!
what to do mannnnnn!
seriously i am freaking out...
everyone tell yo..what to freak out...if fail..go for second time..
well u situation is different..
i can't afford for second time... money and time wise..
I already paid soo much for the lesson...each session 25 bucks for 40 mins...sometimes i go for double session..

So please..can everyone pray for me!!! Pretty please..
test is on Thursday at 11.25 am.


Hair Cut

Ryan just has his hair cut today from me :)
When daddy got back..daddy said

Daddy : Wah... Ryan leng jai lor... (Wah...Ryan handsome lor)

Ryan: Hai lor ( yes lor )

Daddy: Yue ying seong lor (Have to take picture)

Ryan: Hai ar.. siew siew ar.. handsome boy (Yes ar.. take picture (his version of taking picture) )

So far, this hair cut that i gave Ryan, i can consider okie eh...the rest ..alamak..very ugly man..
What to do..we al cheapo ma... hehehe...from birth till now..i handle his hair cut..just to save 5 bucks

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Care Package

Wohoooooooooooo! I received a huge care package from sis send it to me from home like 3 months sea..cost her abt RM80


They are lots of curry powders, dvds, books for Ryan, books for me (nursing dictionary), clothing for Ryan, chinese herbs soups, instant cappuccino

very important item in that care package is the curry powder..Allagapas brand! must have!
of course i have to share with my smom..everything split into half! hehehehe

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

my sleeping beauty

Ryan was having his afternoon nap yesterday. So i thought i took his sleeping beauty pic.
That t-shirt he was wearing was his favorite. That top was supposed to be his 12 months old baby top.. he is still wearing it...
Call us al cheapo...or what..but not all our fault..he loves that t-shirt too.. ;)

Ryan's section of the house

Look at all his toys...inside those 2 toy bins has more eh.... this is consider all tidy up already...
Normally all the toys will be all over the floor....

"I Love You"

We went to Zoo on Saturday as we were leaving the Zoo, we stop by the washroom b4 we start an hour journey back home. I went to the washroom first, then followed by Kit bringing Ryan and then came out and let me carry Ryan and Kit went for his turn.
As we were waiting for Kit to come out..this happened:

Me: You had fun Ryan?

Ryan : Ya.. (nodding head as well)

Me: You happy happy?

Ryan : Ya.. (nodding head and smiling as well)

Ryan : I lovvv you.. (hugging me with a smiling face)

Me of course melted and forgot how tired i was at that moment! :)

Food anyone?

These are the dishes we had yesterday. Can anyone guess which one is bought, which one is bbq (we had bbq on Sunday, had my S-mom over that day)and which one is cook by me?

1)Curry ribs
2)Bbq chicken wings and ribs
3)Batter shrimps or prawns
4)Japanese style grill fish
5)Stir Fry brocolli

Answer will be review soon :)

House under Reno

Well, last winter i blog about we taking out the wall paper on our living room and dining room.

PIL helped us to paint the undercoat on last Friday. These is how it looks like.
So much better and i can see the brightness in the house :) We still need to paint the color that we want :)

Victoria Day

Yesterday was Victoria Day in Canada and every stores are closed. No where to go and guess what i did?
I learned from Canadian people that when Victoria day comes.. that means u can start planting your plants or flowers without worrying any frost or cold temperature.
I bought grape tomatoes and red chili. I planted beside our 3 tall "gei chi" or wolfberry fruit tree.

As for that 3 blue bin thingy, the one the left are chives, the centre one are green onion and the one on the right are mints

I took some pictures of my flowers in my garden and u can see yesterday was also a laundry day...u can see my clothes on the line.
Typical holiday...where u stayed home and do house chores...

WHere is kit? Watching tv and playing with Ryan...heheeh that's what he did in order to help me :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Zoo Outing Part 2

These are the few animals pictures we took at the zoo. As for the dinosaur pics..those dinosaur were made alive for people to view. Ryan had a great time viewing it. It was huge especially for T-Rex! :)

Victoria Day weekend outing

We went to Toronto Zoo on Saturday and it was Ryan and my first time there. We reach the zoo at 9.30 am and it was like an hour drive from Hamilton. That day was perfect, the weather was not hot and cold..just the rite temperature for us :)

The Zoo is huge and we did not finished viewing every animals there. I missed the Americas, Eurasia, Australian sections. Will go next time.
Kit managed to collect enough air miles points to exchange for 4 tickets..and Ryan is free for the admission. How great is that!
Our first small vacation or outing for 2007 :)
Cheap outing for poor people like us ..hehehehe
Overall, the trip was splendid..except that i was dead tired man!
Imagine this big momma...walking up the steep hills...omigosh... it was unbelievable ..i was surprised that i made it..hahahaha...

The outfit i was wearing on that day..was the Mother's Day gift from lovely hubby!
I seriously need to loose weight...i know i will..when i starts school..coz i will be walking around the campus and taking buses :)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

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Thanks to the beauty of Internet :)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rod Stewart or the Rod Father....

What a blessing from GOD. You guys would not believe what happened to me yesterday...hahahaha..
Yesterday morning i brought Ryan to downtown Hamilton to visit my ex-boss and of course for a bus ride as well.
Ryan loves the bus ride and of course lunch at McDonald. He loves the new Chicken Snack Wrap.

It was nice to see all my ex-colleagues ..they were so surprise to see me :) The juicy part was.. Lillian (my ex-boss) told me that they are going to Rod Stewart concert tonight (yesterday nite) ...and was asking me whether i could join them or not..they have one extra ticket.

So i was like cool! a concert! i never been to a concert b4...and is free.
What a blessing i tell ya..
I came back drop off Ryan home and rest abit..called Kit and told him that i am going to Rod Stewart's concert! hahhaha
Can see my MIL's was like cloudy like wanna have rain storm or soemthing..but i dun care! I deserve my break man!
I got changed and took the bus down again to meet up Lilian and Anita. We had dinner at My Thai restaurant..i ordered dried Curry beef with string beans...i never get the chance to eat beef at all..due to in laws are Buddhist..
so..whenever i had a chance..i will order beef :)
Then we had coffee at Tim Hortons...waited till 8 pm for the concert.
IT was awesome..i had a great time..
That few hours...i was totally myself..forgetting everything at home..
I remembered i thank GOD in the middle of the concert..for giving me this chance!
I needed it soo badly was totally refreshing for me!

so..PIL's presence is not totally all cons after all..kekekke ;)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

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I know i would love to receive one from Kit :)

Monday, May 14, 2007

"chan hai ar"

Ryan's new chinese vocabulary = Chan Hai ar

Yesterday, he spill his milk and i didn't notice it until Ryan said the following:

Ryan: Nei dai... chan hai ar..yai yai ar..yucky-yucky lor (u notty..all dirty already)

Me: Hai lor... chee yau hou lor ( yes..u knew and why u still do it)

** He is learning from PIL alot of those loves to talk to him like therefore, he is talking like an adult here.
Normally he will sort of say what i am going to say to him...
isn't he funny or what..

Time to catch up...

PIL are home today... not working for few it will be pro and cons for me.
As for the pro part..i can catch up with my high school diploma assignments..yea..i am really way behind it..still on Psychology...doing the exam thing.
The cons side will be..they are around!

Well, that's life i guess..i can't have everything. I can finish my school work..but by the time i finish my school work, i think i will have more housework to do.
House will definitely more messy and dirty!

Is already mid May, i am counting the days...4 more months till i start school!
Can't wait.. i can look for part time job at school..doing something related to my field. I can't wait to finish school to be exact! hahahah..look how greedy i am..
I love to be around people.. if i have the chance to work in ER..i will be the most happiest nurse in the world!!
BUt of course i have to score good score in order to get to that position...
Pray hard and i will try my best! :)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's day celebration...

My mother's day celebration was pretty good. Must be wondering how would my wonderful MIL share this day with me huh? heheheh
Kit is very smart handling this..well, i suggest that bringing her for dinner..which we did on Friday because normally PIL will go to Mississauga (her daughter's place)on weekends.
..I will have Sunday all to myself..wohooo.. :)
Well, this morning, we went shopping and Kit bought me 2 blouses and one jean was on sale at Zellers.
Oh gosh, i haven't been shopping for clothing for years!!! So is was very nice of Kit to do knowing we have to save some money for my schooling and just in case Ryan's day care fee.
So, overall it was great! simple and nice :)

Oh yea..Kit also bought a watch for his mom... so not bad at all huh :)
Actually i don't mind him doing that for his mom, he Should!
I even ask him to give her a hug ..n guess what he said? we are not brought up like will be weird...u english educated ppl can do that..but not us.
oh well, i would give her hug..but i know she will be surprised and dunno what she will be thinking again...
anyway, dun wanna spoil my day :)

I hope every mothers out there having a great time :)
God Bless u all great Mothers !

I got approved

Finally, i got approved for Blogsvertise.
I can't wait to earn some money..hehehe..hopefully can will be a great help..least for some minor expenses :)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Blogsvertise = Ch'tt Chiinggg

Thanks to Mamabok about her entry on Blogsvertise.

Well, i thought i give it a try and to my surprise it is so easy than other get paid by blogging thingy. Is easy as 1 2 3.

First, u have to have a blog and a pay pal account.
Then, u go and register with Blogsvertise
Then wait till they approve your account and they will send you the sites of the advertisers and u can start blogging about the advertisers.
Make some comment or give your opinion about the site and let Blogsvertise to review your entry and they will let you know whether they approve or not. If they do..Ch'ttt CHing you'll get pay for it!

I am so looking forward for this ...hopefully everything works out :)

Thanks Mamabok

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Celebrating Mother's day

My special wishes to Mamabok and Grace on this coming beautiful and meaningful mother's day!
Lucky Chloe and Bee to have you 2 as their mommy!
Happy Mother's day Girlfriends and God Bless this wonderful day!

To all mothers and future mothers out there ....



Happy Mother's Day.. MOMMY

This was my mom when she was 15 years old and she won Miss Pesta Pulau Pinang at that time.
Wasn't she pretty?

Happy Mother's Day Mummy!

Mother's day

Mother's day is approaching... I am thinking of 3 very special ppl on this day.

1) My wonderful mother
2) Nellie- my ex-neighbor
3) My stepmother

MY mother
My mother has passed away for 15 years due to cancer. I didn't get to spend a lot of time with my mother or share those girly stuff with her coz when she passed away that time, i was only 14 years old.
She was a wonderful person...very sweet, patient, humble and kind hearted person.
She loved to laugh out loud..that makes her unique from other women. Easily humored.
I miss her a lot..I just wish that Ryan gets to know her.. I know deep down she will go crazy over Ryan.
Mommy, I love you..i still do.. Thank you for bringing me up...i know God Loves u more than i do..that's why U r up there with HIM forever.
I cherished all the good times that we had together and YOU are always my World Bestest Mother!

Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!

A wonderful, sweet, helpful, humble, kind hearted lady. She is my ex-neighbor and she has helped me a lot when my MIL give me troubles.
She is like a mother to me in Canada.
She is still..
I love her...
I thank GOD for letting me have her in my life...

I love you and Happy Mother's Day, Nellie

She is my dad's gf who lives here in Canada. My relationship with her wasn't that good at first.
With God's blessing, our relationship grew better and better.
I know she couldn't replace my mom's place but she has a special place in my heart.
I appreciate for all the things she has done for me when i first came here and when my mil give me troubles.
She really treats me like her daughter. I appreciate her love for me.
I love her too.
HAPPY Mother's day, aunty..and God bless you!


Thank you Mamabok and all others who are giving me the supports and encouragements.
I appreciate and very touched!

I am okie... i just need to see things more positive i guess even though things and environment at home aren't so positive at all.
I can't change the people who is trying to bring me down...but i can try to save myself by avoiding her.
I praying hard for things to change...for GOD to make her realize that i am not a threat to her.
That's what she is thinking...and trying to annoyed me by doing childish things.
I am afraid she will ended like those old crazy woman..insecure..very insecure.

Mamabok, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for understanding my situation,supporting and encouragement.

Grace, I thank you for your support, prayers, and encouragement.

To all moms out there who pray for me.. I thank you all...Bless you all kind hearted ppl!

Friday, May 04, 2007

what's new...

So much is going overhere..i am just keeping quiet about it and i am feeling tired, overwhelming, exhausted, worn out, annoyed, upset,... stresssed!

Yup... i just recently work on a questionnaire abt stress and guess where i stand... my stress level is on the dangerous zone..anytime i can burst out and become cook koo...
sighhhh.... i know i need to stay calm and stress free... easier to say than done eh..
tooo much for me already eh....

I bet u guys can guess where and what my problems are huh? hehehehe...same old ones...
nothing just more and more to come and i am getting sick of it!
I just wish i can just run away and hide myself somewhere where no body can find me...
but on the other hand i have Ryan to take care.
I am hanging there...i am trying my very best here...u should see my panda eyes... getting darker each day eh..
i am soo stress out till i get insomnia...

I need a break from everything... coz rite now... i am a slave to everyone here..
I am no joking..i am serious.
No appreciation and nothing...just more shit for u to do!!