Thursday, May 22, 2008


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middle man

Ryan is getting cuter and smarter these days. On Tuesday, we had steamboat for dinner and while we were eating, PIL were talking about their work stuff. All of a sudden, their gentle talks spiral to arguments. PIL are like that, they cannot talk gently to each other. They sure end up with arguments.

While they were arguing, here come our little "middle man" (RYAN) trying to cool off his grandparents.

RYAN: Mou chou la, .... chou chou meh yer? mou chou la...chou dou awe sek yer ar (don't argue la, why you guys want to argue? don't argue la, u r disturbing me eating)

Kit and myself were fact, PIL were kinda ashame as they knew they always argue with each other and they had to be stopped by a 4 year old kid.
It was funny but sweet!

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I got the job!

Whooohooooooo! I got the job! Praise the Lord! They are hiring me... Actually i got this good news on Victoria day! Yup, i was too sick to blog about it.
Well, that lady was kind to call me and let me know ...i appreciate that she call me from her home coz it was a holiday on Monday.

She told me everything went well, i have good references and they are interested to hire me. They will schedule an orientation next week and will let me know when i can start working.
But i have to get well very soon! With my condition like this...i don't think my clients will be happy to see me coughing ..hehehehe
Thank you all who pray for me!
Praise the Lord! AMEN!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What's up, Weather?

What's up with the weather? Is almost June, I am freezing cold here. Is 12 degrees Celsius now. I still need to wear my winter jacket when i go out. Is it me or the weather?

I don't know.. i am so afraid of cold nowadays. I used to be superwoman wearing t-shirt only..but now..i need layers and layers of clothing and socks too!
Or maybe i am sick? nah...i am getting old..kekekeke..

No more superchick here anymore.. hehehe just an old hen here... ;)

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I am down with a bad cold

As i have mentioned earlier that I was sick since 3 weeks ago..yea..down with a bad cold. Coughing non-stop with greenish phlegm and sore throat. This virus is bad and strong. I am fighting it with only cough drops and lots of fluids. No anti-biotic for me as is viral infection.

Sigh, I am tired and i sounded like a broken record. Went to a walk-in clinic yesterday because I felt terrible yesterday.
Waited about 1/2 hour then came this young doctor, who didn't even spend 5 minutes checking on me.
What's the matter with today's health care system?
That doctor has bad communication skills with her clients. She treated me as if i am a thing not a person.
U need time to diagnosed the can u tell what's wrong with your patient if u didn't check them properly?

In Canada, if u want to see your family doctor, u have to like book an appointment. Yup, like me coughing till almost dying, still have to wait for weeks to see my doctor.
Therefor u left with no choice, to go to walk in clinics where u can get those any TOM and Harry kinda of doctor who just got out from practice..didn't know what they are doing.

Unlike in Malaysia, if u r sick, u just go to the 24 hours clinic and get fixed!
U dun have to wait or make appointment.
Sigh... how do we improve our health care system here?

Ontario are suggesting tele-health? using computerized diagnosed system? U think this will work?
Hmmm...will see how...
Nurses and doctors are encouraged to go through computer training courses for future health care system.

Friday, May 16, 2008

what to do?

I feel so lost...don't know what to do here. Remember the interview I had 2 weeks ago? Well, last Tuesday, the lady called me telling me everything seems going great..except they need another reference from somebody else and not my classmate. So i gave Lilian's phone number (my ex-boss where I volunteer b4). Before she hang up, she said..she will call me after that.

I was so happy ...she sounded so positive that i will get the job. So i waited and waited, no call from her till today. I called Lilian and Lilian told me that lady sounded very eager to hire me.

But she didn't call me back! I am left hanging here eh. I gave her a call today to follow-up..and she was not there. I left a message and and she didn't return my call either. Is already 5 pm and this monday is long weekend holiday. :(

I am so frustrated here. I felt like so lousy i cannot get a job...i just dunno what to do at home nowadays. So lazy! My brain is not working.
I miss the library at school! I miss studying. I miss doing homework!

Is hard to get satisfy...clock is ticking... so many things i need to finish. I still have to finish my high school diploma, one more book to do and an exam to write.
I have to get my G2 license before July if not my license will expire :(
With me listing it gives me the shivers eh..
I still need to go to school to practice my skills... mannn... how u people do it?

Past 2 weeks, I have been sick and lost my voice. It sounded like a broken record. I couldn't sleep at nite...been coughing like crazy!
My garden is like a dump! The weeds are growing like crazy.
Instead of getting the things done, I am here to complain..hahahaah..

Friday, May 09, 2008

Doctor Loo

Last Saturday, Kit has to send FIL's car for fixing (muffler problem). It was crappy day due to heavy rain all day. PIL did not work that day. BIL came that day because he has to send his car for fixing too.

About 6 plus in the evening, the mechanic called Kit to pick up the car from the garage. Ryan was fussing to follow his daddy. Kit gave in and let him follow. So there goes the 3 generation of LOOs in the car..

When Kit got back, he was smiling and laughing and he said I have story to tell.
Below are the conversations:

Kit: Hey Hun, u know what happened at the garage ar?

Me: What?

Kit: Ai yo..your son...very funny!

Me: How funny?

Kit: Well, as we arrived at the garage, Ryan came out from the car and went looking around the garage. Dad paid the mechanic and we were all ready to go home. I let Ryan in the car and he started to tell me this:

Ryan: Awe em chung yee kor kor uncle eh.. awe em tong hey say hi (I don't like that uncle... I will not say hi to him)

Kit: Chou meh em chung yee? (Why you don't like that uncle?)

Ryan: Hey pei hak hak, meen hak hak... yucky yucky ar (his nose black black, face black black, yucky yucky ar)

Kit: LOL... hai la..see nei me tok shue la..em tok shue chau hou chee uncle chou mechanic lor ( see, if you don't study hard, u have to be like uncle to become mechanic)

*** No offense to all mechanics, well, mechanics nowadays still have to go to school to get diploma eh..what kit meant was to show Ryan an example..just wanted him to study well or hard and be somebody...(typical chinese thinking)

Ryan: Hai meh? come duk shue dor dor, chou meh yer hou ar? (Really? Then, study a lot, become what that is good?)

Kit: Chou doctor or nurse lor...hou chee mommy..wan dor dor cheen (Become doctor or nurse like mommy...earn lots of money)

Ryan: Hai meh? Awe you chou doctor ar ( Really? I want to become doctor)

*** I laughed till my tummy ached eh..i can't believe my little brat have such thinking...
They really amaze us everyday! :)


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Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to Mamabok, Mommibee and all mom bloggers! May you have a great one this weekend!

Thursday, May 08, 2008


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Friday, May 02, 2008

4 months break

I have 4 months break b4 i start my crazy schedule again. I am looking for a job now...just to pass time and earn some money and experience.

Just had an interview last Wednesday...for a personal support worker position. I think the interview went comment..they said they will call me end of next week. Hopefully i will get the job!

We are sending Ryan to day care now..coz MIL are working... Day care has no more full time spaces for only go for 1-3.30 pm mon-friday..but is free..coz of Universal program.
If i get a job..i will extend the hours to 6 pm..and i have to pay 12 bucks/day. I think i can afford that..

Hopefully the job pays good..maybe 13bucks/hr..i dunno..heard abt it..but not sure..coz i am student only..i dun have personal support worker certificate..but i do have the i have finished 1 year of nursing course.

anyway...HE WILL PROVIDE.. :) i just have to look and seek for opportunity :)

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I am alive!

I am back and alive! hahhaha.. well rested, well charged, well restored..but still tired..kekkekeek

2 weeks ago, i finished my semester 2 ..wohooo..officially...I made it! no more bio for next semester!
I can't believe i made it..i managed to go through my bio! What a blessing!

The first week of my break..i just sit around and do nothing..sleep, watch tv..and play with Ryan!
I took Ryan out..for a bus ride...he loves it! We had so much fun...last week, i think almost every day we went out for bus ride...hhhahha..crazy mommy here..
In Hamilton, we had this big long city bus...i thought i let him try it..
We have 2 kinds of city buses, one is regular one and the other is the long and big one.

When we travel to downtown, we took the regular one. HE is already excited with the regular one...

Our conversations:
Ryan: Wah...hou song...hou chor ar ( feels good...feel nice to ride)

Me: Nice leh.... happy happy mou? (Are you happy?)

Ryan: Nodding his head

Going back from downtown

ME: Yau Zhen, mommy dai nei chor big bus ha... (mommy bring u to ride big bus, okay?)

Ryan: Huh? bigggg? nee kor em big ar? *pointing at the regular bus* (huh? this one is not big? *pointing at the regular bus*)

Me: kor em big la...chin kan nei dai la...nei wooi hou chung yee ka (no..this is not big, later u will see what i mean... u will like it)

Ryan: Okay....

Ryan: Wahhhhhhh... hou big ar...hou big arr ( wah...that is big..that is big)

Me: Big leh...

Me: Har chee you chor big or small ar? (Next time, do u want to ride big or small bus?)

Ryan: Big!!

Ryan: hou fast ar (Is fast too)

* heheheh..he loves the big bus..coz is fast..we call it the Bee line no. 10!