Thursday, June 28, 2007

What to cook

I really dunno what to cook everyday...lately is not easy because PIL stayed with us..and i cannot just said eat sandwich all the time.. they are very Chinese oriented and furthermore they work at the vine yard..they need rice and meat for the energy.
Today i really scratch my head to think what to cook...actually not today..everyday i do that.
So this is what we are going to eat for lunch and dinner today! Fried Hokkien Style Noodle.
It is good to have it with cili padi (small chili peppers)
Funny also after i cooked it and when i visited my friends' blog..and i found
Grace's entry on noodles!
Her noodles looks yummie and i am very sure it tasted very good too! Makes me want to eat again...hahahhahaha
how to diet? u tell me!


mama bok said...


G @ said...

aiyo gene u give me too much credit. my one i use photo trick lah, look ok only, taste so-so aje, enough to trick my hubby coz he hasn't really tasted what good chow mein is, so he got nothing to compare against hahhaa. Urs got so much liu, sure very geng one, so much also, wah u very geng lah. BTW ur PILs are very hard working I must say ;)

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Thanks dear! I wish i can send u some the food! :) if u live with me..u sure become "fei fei pak pak" :)

Grace: What photo trick :P u being humble ler... i am sure urs taste very good. Mine one...rough ordinary chow mien la...boleh makan only.
I used dried tofu, pork meat, carrots and romain lettuce.. i have to cook alot..coz cook for 5 ppl eat 2 times leh... when i fried that time..u should see my stove..very dirty...heheheheh
Yea..PIL work very hard..7 days a cash money!