Monday, June 04, 2007

No more take home exam

Yup, no more take home exam for me.... the district school board has change their exam policy for independent study students...we can no longer bring home the exam. Bummer!
It is so inconvenient for me coz I have Ryan to take care.

John the examiner is nice to tell me the change of the policy which will be effective on July 1st.
I have 1 more course to do then i can get my high school diploma. So he asked me to hurry the last course b4 July 1st so that i can still bring home the exam.

GOod news and bad news for me... good news..i already know the change of policy...bad news is..i have to rush the course.
20 units altogether in one month...2 books to read....and i can only study at nite on weekdays!
Weekends Kit needs to do his thesis report for the Certified Engineering Technologies title.

Sighhh..i am always stressful...i though i can rest abit...dim chi... the engine is always running turbo speed.
At times.. i really feel tired and wanna take a break...but i can't!
Just have to keep going....
What to do... no pain no gain.... :)


G @ said...

ouch poor u Gene *huggies*, such a hectic lifestyle u have!! All difficult things will hv to pass. Work hard Gene, u've come a long way, dont give up. U can do it!!

Mama BoK said...

I hear you .. Gene..!! something always comes up to dampened our spirit eh..?? but never mind..!! we shall not let it.. and do what we do best..!! we are tough Gene..!! if you tell yourself.. we can do it.. we can..!
You hang in there.. g/f..!

Gene Lim said...

G: Thanks Grace...need the huggies badly! I am still cracking my brain how to finish the course..well if not..i might have to bring Ryan to exam hall! hahahah wonder whether that works or not? kekkeek
Thanks again dear..thanks for the support :) :)

Mamambok: Yea lor ... THanks Jan! thanks for the support! I am trying my best!