Friday, May 27, 2005

May you rest in Peace my love...God bless BOBO Posted by Hello


Posted by HelloBobo - my hamster which Kit bought for me on Jan 2003. I found him dead just now when i want to wash his cage today.
He was very good and cute hamster. May he rest in peace. Love you BOBO very much!!

DOD: May 27 2005

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Long Weekend (Victoria Day-monday)

Whoohooo...long weekend for us last weekend. It was fun and tiring for us. It all started last Friday where Kit's auntie (MIL's sister) from Malaysia came for visit. Actually, his aunt's eldest son is in Maryland, US working. So, they kinda just drop by Hamilton for visit.
Of course, everyone is wondering whether this aunty is good or not... hmmmm runs in the family eh..hehehe.. actually she is even worst than my MIL. hahaha..YUP no kidding!
She is the almighty MENTOR for my MIL. hahahah

What happenend on Friday was the relatives came and stayed over my MIL's place. So as usual i had to work till 8 pm that day but i was asked to go back early that day due to no business that nite. I was supposed to call Kit when i finished work to confirm whether i should go over to MIL's place of just go home straight. When i called around 6.50pm, i called mil's home, no one answer the phone. Aiks.. okieeeee... well, they were supposed to go to the bank to deal something, so i thought they haven't come back from bank. I was like dunno what to do, should i go back or should i walk to my mil's place and wait for them at Nellie's place. (Nellie is my ex-neighbour)
One part of me telling me to go home so that i can enjjoy my peace and freedom and the other part of myself asking to go over to MIL's place because if i didn't go...later the relatives will give faces to Kit ( like i no give "face" to them).
SO i ended up spending time with Nellie at her house.. while waiting for Kit to come back.
I was at Nellie's place for 20 mins and I saw a car (american car) parking outside MIL's house.
Then i saw kit's auntie.
U see, I met her before when i first time went to KL to meet kit's parents. But what i got was just cold treatment from them.
They dun like me as in i am different from them. (I do not speak Mandarin, and i am fat)
Anyway, baack to the story, so i was going to ask them to go over to Nellie's place to rest and wait for my mil to come back from bank...but b4 i can do fil opened the door and kit came out surprised to see me there.
Oh well, all i did was say hi to them and went in back to Nellie's place continue chatting..coz i do not want to spoil their mood coz i thought they might have lotsa things to catch up. ANd they probably won't want to see me..seeing me will be the last thing in their mind. :)

So, kit had to go order pizza for dinner and i didn't know that till i went back to mil's house. When i went in, i say hi to everyone.. and kit's aunt (let's call her MENTOR) telling me how to call them in chinese.
Darnnnnn! she was and is a TOTAL CONTROL FREAK!
telling me i am supposed to call her husband "yee cheong" (cantonese term for uncle) and how i addressed her frens.
well, there is a couple, mentor's friend following them here...because they do not know english, so the couple fren can help out.

Then mil came down for upstairs, then i asked her where is kit..she told me Kit went to buy pizza and Ryan is sleeping upstairs.
So without wasting anytime i went upstairs to check on Ryan...n Mentor followed me behind.
She just talked non-stop...woke Ryan up. Ryan was crancky..and guess whaT? she wanted to carry him..
sighhhhhh..HELOOO??!!! u r totally stranger to Ryan..n first tiime seeing him..Ryan doesn't want anybody to go near hiim..except me or kit.
WHen RYan rejected her... all she said..why u dun want me to carry, so shy huh....
then tell me that i should bring ryan out..see lotsa that hewont be shy..
i was like..helloooooo?! who are u? i just met u first few mins..n u tell me what to do?
first of all, ryan is not shy . second of all, u r stranger!!
Ryan is just cranky coz she woke him up!

this is not the things she more jjuicy one came ...i was so fucking pissed off.. (oppsie..mind my language) oh well, i was really mad that time when after i tried to calm ryan down..n wanted to make some formula for him to drink...she came up to me and asking me whether i know to make the formula or not?!!

Can u guys believe this????? WHAT on earth has crossed her mind by asking me that silly question?
if i did not know how to make formmula...who has been taking care of RYAN ALL THIS WHILE???!!
can plss anyone tell me what the heck with this lady!?
i really had enough with her...after that..asking me to do wiping ryan's mouth while ryan was enjoying his pizza...
Come on!!! the kid won't get to enjoy the fun of eating by himself..if we kept wiping his mouth and hand...

damnnnnnnnnnnnnn that ole lady!!!
Seriously i felt like strangle her! hahahahhaha

Okie..that was friday...then came saturday... we were supposed to go NIAGARA FALLS with them.
dare enough my mil asking to take off day that day for her mentor enjoyment?!@
who is the one don't like who first?
whhy should i take off days for her?
no way..OF COURSE I did not take off days..i can only compromise by following them..n get off early that day!
the least i can do...don't say that i didn't give face... coz i don't really enjoy the trip at all..coz there was constant nagging on me how to take care of RYAN. WHAT THE HELL?!

friday and saturday were hell for me.
Then came sunday..phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww finally we dun have to join them...Kit and i got to spend time together cleaning up our backyard and prune all the dead leaves and branches.
then around nooon time, mil called. asking wanna come over and look at the house.
oh well, had no choice to say okie...
but of coz i have my strategy...hehehehe..befroe she hang up..i told her..we had to go grocery shopping later and i worked around 4.30 pm..
least i let her know we were busy that day. no time to entertain eh..!
so came all the gang... the hypocrate ( sorrie dunno the spelling) checking out our house... u can see the look on her face..
condemn our garden too big..too much work to do.... where got time..bla bla bla..

i am guesing she is jealous that Kit has a wife and son and own a house..whereas his son has to rent room, no gf. BLUEWWWWWK

well, my guess could be true because all my mil sisters , they live in comparison and compete with each other one.
who knows what is in her mind!
BUT who carese.. i like my house and i am proud of it!
u dun ur problems.. sucker!!

phewwwwwwwwwwwww there u goooooo..i felt much better...has been inside me for days!!
hhhahaha..i got to let it out..thank GOD they left already! hahahahah
n monday was holiday for us.. I had great time with Kit and Ryan at home. :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Crazy week for muaaa

Aisey mannn... it's been crazy for mua last weekend. I got my butt whooped on Sunday where I have to work from 1pm till 7.30pm sitting down there takings phone calls orders (eeeweeeeeek) when i think of it..i just felt TIRED!
i dunnno why my scheduler scheduled me over time that day..usually i only work from 4-7 pm. :)

ANyway, as u guys see, we already got our Satelite! whoohoooooooooo! more movies, i got to watch Charmed, Oprah, Will&Grace, Survivor,Apprentice, Ellen deGeneres, and many more...hahaha..
Sadly, i didn't get to enjoy during the weekend. U see , the cable guy came around noon time.. n by the time he finished fixing the satelite.. it was about 2 pm. Then we have to go do our grocerries shopping..and by the time we got back..i had to get ready for work!
Life sucks when u have to work on weekends.
It was longggggggg nite for that nite..furthermore it was pouring rain when i came from work. the time i got was already 9.30 pm..all the good shows finito liao..
double sigh~!!
Sunday came... gotta work early that day..suckiest day for me... dead boring..and my brain couldn't function very well that too.
I was soo glad when i reached home around 7.45 pm. hahahaha..having the thought that the next day i don't have to go to work..was like speechless for me..kekeke.
I know some ppl dun like monday..coz they have to go back to work on that day...but for muaaaaaaa...whooooooooohooooooooooo..dancing up n down for me!

I thot i can enjoy my monday but unfortunately my allergies came back that day..was lying on the bed almost the whole afternoon.
It was soo ironic ...coz before the Satelite.. i was soo free and bored n kept wishing how nice rite now i get the satelite.
but when i got it..i dun even have the time and energy or health to enjoy it :(!

I didn't get to online for 3 days..yup (monday-wednesday) ... sad..sadddd..sadddd...
by the way, u guys miss me or not? hahaha (am i asking silly question here) ;*)

I miss reading all my favourite blogs!! i really did eh...thank God ryan sleep today..n i can enjoy my peace rite now..hehehe

Hmm..time really will be my last day of rest for the week...tomorrow back to work again. dun really feel good abt it...hehehe ;)

View from our staircase. I dunno what it calls..upstairs hallway? hehehe whatever la.. :) Posted by Hello

Some of the perenial flowers that the previous owner planted. Posted by Hello

Our garage...and the mess that kit left when he did the lawn last couple weeks. He didn't get to sweep the grass after mowing the lawn  Posted by Hello

My backyard and deck. Can see the mess around my garden. Didn't have the time to clear the dead leaves eh..sigh! Posted by Hello

The satelite is finally here on Saturday. Yippie for us..but i didn't get to enjoy the movies on weekend coz i have to work :( Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

working hard

yeaaa...eventhough i am sick..i have the urge to clean the whole house...hehehe...Last evening, as Kit came back from work.. he asked me to take care of Ryan for awhile as he wanted to wash his car..
soooo..i took Ryan out and put him in his stroller and stroll him out around the house while Kit washed his car.
Ryan enjoyed the ride and scenery.. and it was nice and warm yesterday. As for me, I didn't feel good at all..coz i felt like cleaning the bathroom (scrub the bathtub, clean the toilet bowl, wash the sink and clean the mirror) since morning. I can't do it during the day time..coz i do not want Ryan to smell the chemical stuff i used to clean the cleaning with Ryan around? Is impossible to do kinda thing!

Soo, i was waiting patiently for Kit to that i can start my engine to clean... hmmm our friend didn't finished it till abt 6.30 pm..Ryan was hungry and i was tired of waiting i went into the house and fed Ryan first..and Kit came in n asked me..sssoooooo? what u want to do now?
Then i said..why not we have dinner first..then later i wanna clean upstairs as well the bathroom.
So, he said okie..he made dinner for me... Ohh..not fancy dinner of course..something fast and easyy la..
he made Kalbassa (turkey meat) sandwhich and vegetable soup.
There we go..after dinner...everyone was full..and this poor aunty..have to start working liao..
I have to wash all dishes..clean the counter top (when men cook? is always messy around the kitchen counter top)
Pack kit's lunch andd up i went..sweeping every room upstairs..even the bathroom and staircase. Mop the bathroom floor and staircase.
After finished was 9 pm already! Dead tired!!
Still have to scrub the bathtub and toilet bowl...sink and clean mirrorr..
so no hessistation... i continue working... scrub, scrub,scrub, wash, wash, wash, clean, clean,
flush, flushhh,
tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....i was done! ..almost 10 pm..
phewwwwwwwwwwww what a work out eh...
heheheh... least now i fully satisfied..that my bathroom is squeaky clean. :)

Today, laundry day...have to wash Kit's working pants and t-shirt! tadaaaaaaa...loads of laundry to do..n sweep and mop the sun room and kitchen.
Besides all the exercising, this aunty still have to play with the little one...and cook for 2 babies to eat..
Here i, writing this blog...with all my chores done, littleo ne sleeping..and peaceful moment for me to enjoy!

I wonder sometimes does Stay At Home Mom's job tougher than those women working outside?
I dunno, u see women outside works 8-10 hours a day.. roughly, and stress as well with their work loads..
and stay at home mom works ..hmm let me see my time..err *counting hours* 7.30 am till 10 pm,
of course we do have break in between when baby is sleep..buttttttt..when baby is sleeping..we still have house chores to finish?
so does it consider as break??
and how much is our salary per year???
hehehehehehe...but satisfaction = 100%
FAMILY!!!! :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Mother's Day minute say dun want to update...then next minute...fingers got itchy...felt heavy seems that i have lotsa to write... soooooo ohhhhhh what the heck..might as well tell lorrr. ;)

ANyway, my weekend was 50% fabalous and 50% not soo good. On Saturday, we went to Limeridge Mall located in mountain Hamilton. Hamilton's biggest mall. There we shopped around and enjoyed ourselves together as a family. We managed to get Ryan's summer hat and sandal. Cost Kit over 10 bucks and is Old Navy brand eh :) not soo bad. He was soo happy trying one his sandal..heeheh
Guess what Kit gave me for Mother's Day? hehehe..veli "lomantik" gift eh...he bought me 2 bras..(sexy bras) hehehe...well..he always complained that i dun have those sexy bras...sooo i need to update my lingerie closet..hahahah..yeaaaaaaaa riteeeeee..what does an old china man knows abt sexy lingerie huh? hehehhe

we spent almost whole day shopping around and do nothing..not even house chores eh...:)
Of course i had to work that day... sooo wasnt tat fun anymore when it comes to evening.

Then came Sunday..the real actual Mother's day..Kit pampered me by preparing breakfast for me.. :)
We went to Gage park for a walk..Great day that day..sunny and warm :) We supposed to have BBq with his parents that day..but had to cancel it due to his parents had other plans..wanna go to their daughter's place in Mississauga.
Ohhhhh God Bless...hahahahah..even betterrrr..i dun have to entertain them..kekekeke..
buuuttttttttttt...i have to finished off the house chores at home :(
plusssss..i still haven't recover from the stupid cold.
It's been a weeek mannnnnnnn...hated it!

anyway...soo tireddd from cleaning the house...i still have to drag my butt to work..hahhaha...
oh boooy..i had crazy customers that day too..dunno why... supposed to be mother's day...they should like go out for dinner or something with their mothers or wives..
not ordering PIZZA???
goshhhhhhhhhh... busy and crazy.

when i came back from work..i was all worned out..and dead tired...but still have to entertain my little king at home.
what to dooo...Mother's day eh! :)

sick :(

sorrieee...didn't get to update my blog due to i am still haven't recover from my cold (spring allergies)
I didn't have any mood to write and think..hehehe..just wanna snoop around other's ppl blog only.
Will update as soon as i get well. :)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

our empty living room and dining room. the microvave cart on the left hand side we used to use it as tv stand.hahahaah ;) Posted by Hello

Remember that i mentioned earlier post that we dun have any sofa...this is the proof lor. hahahaha.. this is our living room and dining room. Dining room is where the microvave cart is.
there is a electric fireplace there. :)
The floor? yea..kit just managed to put it fake hardwood floor...but better than the old floor. :)

the only chairs we have so far in the house..hahahaah ;) Posted by Hello
yeaaaaa...the Pong chair (red one) bought in Ikea, hehehe... KIt loves Ikea, saying wanna turn the sun room into Ikea room..kekekek ;)
Well, these 2 chairs are the only chairs we have. hehehe.. pai sehhhhhh.... actually the black one ..supposed to put outside the backyard deck. But ..i just put it inside for the meantime..coz is more compy than the kitchen table chair lor. :)

our sun an extension of the house. Posted by Hello
yea..this sun room is the best room in the house..we spend most of the time here.. Summer will be great here..coz is bright and warm in this room. This will be our family room. It hast skylight upthere. :)
Previous owner spent 10k to renovate this area. COOL huh? :)
the side door ..lead to our backyard deck. :)

New Tv Stand. Yup kit just bought it yesterday from Ikea, cost us around 180 plus taxes it total to 200 bucks plus. Posted by Hello
The reason we get this tv stand because it's about time to get one! hahah..previously we were using microvave cart as tv stand. Furthermore, Kit suscribed satelite for us already! more rabbit antena movies..with the antena we only receive 2 channels.. Imagine that?? i am superb boreddddddd!
But after the satelite...i can enjoy several channels!! yeaaaaaaa can watch my oprah winfrey again!!
Thank you darling!! he knows i am boredddd....after he got his tax return..he suscribe the satelite for me..kekekekekk ;)

Monday, May 02, 2005

Getting ready for barbeque...

Yup, summer almost coming soon and the most popular thing ppl do overhere is Barbeque. hehehe..Kit just bought new barbeque stove last 3 weeks ago and it cost us around 160 bucks. Yesterday, we bought a folding table for 60 bucks at Canadian Tire. Well, we need a table and some chairs if we have barbeque outside the backyard.
We cannot really buy everything at once coz we kinda low in cash..hehehe yeaa..what to do..newbie here eh..just started a family, bought a house..loaded with lotsa bills...that's how u go through life. Honestly, rite now we don't even have sofa in our living room..kekekek pai seh...luckily, our neighbour ask us whether we want her parents' old sofa coz they are buying new one. WHooooooo hoooooo..yeahhhh..can saveee more now...of coz rite away we say YES! hehehe...Actually we plan to buy one in summer...(coz saving money now maa) hehehe..but now..good news..we dun have to buy can buy somethingelse. :)

DIdn't get to take picture of the bbq stove and table....maybe later i will. Kit kept in the garage rite after he brought back from CND tire. I am kinda lazy to go out to garage and take pics coz is raining. rite now :(

OH well, can't wait to start bbq eh..coz it will be our first bbq in our home...hehehe..buuuuuut... Kit plan to invite his parents over..sighhhh..spoil mood la.. but nevermind la.. can bbq more food lor :)

ohh ohh..thanks SIS..for doing the links for me.. rite now i can read my fav blogs easily. :)

Kit and i got the allergies from the pollond? thing..both of us sneezing and our eyes got watery and running nose non stop. SIghh..pretty bad eh...i was having hard time at work yesterday...furthermore i have to work till 7.30 pm. :(
Hopefully, Kit will be back early today n go get some claritine or reactine medicine for the allergies. :)