Monday, October 26, 2009

too much fun?

I am sick today...sore throat, cough, stuffy nose, sneezing..hmm all symptom similar to flu..except for one..i got no fever.
I had a great time touring Elora, Fergus and St.Jacobs yesterday..and today i am sick!
Hmm...Ryan was sick last week for a week..maybe i caught some of his bug.

IS the flu season now.. govt is asking everyone to get flu shot and H1N1 flu shot as well.
yup..i am waiting for the H1N1 flu shot to arrive in my doc's office. This week they only let the higher risk person- elderly aged 65 and above, children 5 years of age and under, and 20 weeks pregnant women.

SO i am waiting for next week..for us normal citizen.
Didn't feel good at all...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

weekend off..

Wahooooooooooooooo... i am extremely happy today and maybe tomorrow too.. this is my first weekend off and for the rest of weekend off :)
I dun have to work weekend anymore. Today we went out shopping..bought myself a winter coat London Fog original price was $129.99..but it was on sale..i save 40 bucks..i only pay 90 bucks..good one too!
I need a winter coat for work.. yippie..i am a happy what i wanted.
I bought a pair of shoe, and 2 pairs of pants for Ryan. So he is happy. Kit didn't want we went out for lunch.
Went dim sum...had a good lunch :)
Tomorrow i will go out with my galfriends to Fergus and Elora..a city that i never been. I am totally excited.

Rite now i am just spending some time to do some of Kit's law assignment. Man, it has been awhile i touch books eh... brain kinda rusty..especially when it comes to contract law..boy..the last time i took business law was 9 years ago!
Jee ..Kit really test my knowledge..that's why i am here blogging ..back to blogging!!
Thanks to Lenny... bugging me... :)

I am looking forward a great tomorrow as always!
Blessed be to the Lord for His Grace and Mercy!

Friday, October 23, 2009

could not settle with one...

It has been 3 months I work at this hospital..where i did my pre-grad training. I was very lucky to land a job right after my training. I remembered the HR personnel who interviewed me one day b4 my license exam.. she asked me why I picked this day, why didn't i re-scheduled another day. I told her I don't believe in cramping..i did my studying and I am before..i just wanna relax..phewwwwwwwwww..when i think back..relax what? hahahah..was so stressful for me.
Anyhoo, I was so confident during the interview... and i told them..if u hired me..i gave you 200 percent of performance..i love my job..i love my patient...

And guess..after i got the job..i hate it! what a liar huh..hmmm actually..If they offer me a full time line in Behavioural..YESSS i gave them 200%..maybe more than that..that's my passion.. working with behavioural ppl.. but they gave me a relief position..going everywhere in the hospital.
See, i am not the "nursy" type of i want to try everything..get every skills in the world that i can..NO..i am not like that..I just wanna concentrate on what I like and what i do best..which is psychiatry.
So, for the past months..i am crying inside... whenever they send me to palliative, or complex or rehab..I just could not see myself doing it. However, i still try my very best to deliver my care for my patients..
Not that i am boasting, all my patients loves me.. every time they rang the call bell..they wish it was me to answer their call for help..they even said it themselves!
That's something nice i got back from doing the work for my patients..a sense of appreciation.
Ever since i started the hospital job as a relief nurse..not a single day go by that i did not look for a job... i browse the net daily looking for a better position.
My back hurts every time i came back from work...i didn't get to spend time with my family during i told much as i love this nursing has to be something..
I pray night and day..for God's mercy and blessing...waiting for my breakthrough...waiting for His PERFECT plan for me... No fail i pray and search for job..applied tons of jobs for the last 3 months.

On the 16th of October..I got an offer from a biggest cancer centre in ontario, a position of RPN, doing an office job, no weekends, no shifts jobs, 9 to 5 hours, and doing what i used to love to do..which is administrative, management plus nursing knowledge. I was awe by GOD's love for me and my family!!
HE is so merciful and loving! I cried that day...coz i could feel the pouring love from HIM!!!
I was so blessed!! In Nursing, u can only imagine for that kind of job...but it really happened for me for real!
Praise Lord for his miraculous job..nothing is impossible for HIM! He is always there for His children..
I am starting a new job this Nov 2nd a RPN referring new patient who just got diagnosed with cancer to the right cancer specialist.
unbelievable awesome job that i could ask for!