Monday, December 24, 2007

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Merry Christmas

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Mamabok, Papabok, Chloe, Grace, KiwiG, Phoebe, and all my readers a very Merry Christmas and Happy 2008 year! May you all have a happy, healthy and blessed year!

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Sunday, December 23, 2007


Yuppers, Kit and I promoted to become uncle and auntie now because Kit's elder bro's baby boy safely arrived to this wonderful world yesterday nite :)

There is an addition to the Loo's family! :)


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Daddy's boy

This morning we had the following conversation due to we receive a great news yesterday night about Kit's elder bro in Msia already became a daddy! :)

Me: Yau Zhen, nei chor kor kor la... no more baby la, pak pak got baby liao ( Ryan, you are a big bro now coz uncle got baby already yesterday nite)

Ryan: No... i am baby...

Me: Yau Zhen, you baby mou? Mommy sang yat kor baby pei Yau Zhen? (Ryan, do you want a baby bro? Mommy gonna make one for you?)

Ryan: No baby..

Kit& Me: Baby hoor yee tong nei wan robot wor...(the baby can play with play robot)

Ryan: hai ar? okay...i want baby... (really?...okay...i want baby)

Me: have to share daddy with baby? is that okay?

Ryan: Noo...Ryan share daddy...mommy share baby..

Kit& ME: LOL

once a daddy's boy always will be daddy;s boy...

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Before & After

Here is my before and after dinning table. The after one is not as pleasant as I wanted because I still have to work on my assignments for semester 2. Originally, I wanted to put on new Christmas table cloth but..we are not having dinner at home on Christmas coz BIL in Mississauga is making the turkey. So, I decided not to put it and leave it the same and start on my assignments.
Didn't get much done though because i was busy playing with Ryan..hahahaahah..catch up on all those gold ole days!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tis the season...

Our Christmas tree was up within 45 minutes yesterday night...Thanks to our little santa's helper ;)

Look at him...he knew how to post the "ta daaaaaa" post...silly guy...heheheh

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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Full time mother

I am back to my full time motherhood now. MIL taking this golden opportunity (2 weeks break) to stay over at SIL's place and enjoy her break.

On the other hand, i am enjoying my holidays too with Ryan and Kit. Back to my full time job as a mom and wife. On Saturday and Sunday, boy oh boy, i have to clean the house..phew..took me 2 days to do everything. Yuppers, the house is very messy..coz MIL can't do much..and besides that i don't want her to do it ..coz she will mess up my stuff.
All i am asking for from her is just look after Ryan for me while i am school. The rest i still in charge of it.

I still need to work on my Christmas tree... yea..still not yet up eh. Shame on me!

Oh well, gotta to what i got to do... enjoy my break with my family :)
Is nice to have that feeling home and my family! :)

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These pictures taken at Boston Pizza during FIL's birthday on OCt 19th. It was my treat that night. Well, they need to eat some western food coz they always end up with chinese food whenever we go out for dinner.

Ryan's first kid's meal and he chose pizza. Ryan behaved well that night and we were surprised he did!
He was a happy camper when he saw the fries and pizza!

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So hardworking...

I have never been so hard working ever in my life in terms of studying.. ya... i just didn't expect that Nursing courses is this hard and tough. I almost wanna quit during early week of December. At that time, I still have 3 more weeks to go to complete my semester 1.
I cried like a baby at the nursing home, in front of my lecturer and my colleagues. Yup, due to i was so stressed up and I couldn't stand it anymore. That day, I was supposed to do vital signs on my resident, like taking blood pressure, temperature, abdominal assessment ...and oh my gosh..i couldn't wrap the blood pressure cuff on my resident's hand. She has Huntington disease and her hand kept moving. I was having a hard time that time. It was like I have no knowledge of doing vital sign skills at all.
I was very upset and my lecturer asked me to practice it again and come back next week for evaluation again.
That day, I also received back my Nursing care plan number 1 and guess what i did badly as in lack of analysis.
So everything added up and that pushes my button.

I cried and cried just won't stop. My lecturer had a good session with me after that, reviewing everything with me. I told her that i don't feel like i fit in the program and I felt like quiting.
Well, lucky i did not because.. out of 12 skills..i only couldn't do 2 skills well.
My lecturer said I have the character, attitude, ..and is just the skills i am lacking ...all i need to do is learn and practice more..that's it.

My resident loves me very much..and I do fall in love with her. I fall in love with all the residents there in nursing home. I have compassion towards what they are experiencing now. It is sad to see them there.
I will not wish that on anybody at all.
It is very sad eh.

So, everything goes okay..but very tough! Next semester will be tougher...will be doing medication, will be learning all kinds of drugs and how to give it to residents or patients..
then second 7 weeks or rotation, i will be doing surgical processes..get to see lots of cool stuff.
Again, will be 2 nursing care plan for each rotation... not really like Nursing care plan ..coz lots of work...and i hate the assessment.
oh well, i need to learn it because that skills will determine me earning 30 dollars an hour in the future.

Oh God, may you have the mercy and blessings on me!

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No more Day Care

Yup, Ryan has stopped from going to day care since December month due to his health. Ever since Ryan started day care, he has been sick every 2 weeks. Always got either fever, running nose, or both. He has lost a lot of weight and has not been eating well.

As a result we stopped him from going to day care even though we know that he loves it very much. He has learned a lot of English and get to play along well with the kids and he even makes a list of his own best friends.

We were so undecided and it was hard for us to do that but his health is our first priority. MIL stayed home to look after Ryan for us, which i am very grateful for that!

Ryan missed going to day care very much..he even asked us why he didn't get to go...our answer was school is closed now due to winter cold. ..hehehe aiks..I know.. i know we might have problems when he really starts school that time..kekkeke..
but for now..we'll stick to this first..coz we really dunno what else to say to him.

I can tell he is bored at home with grandma..coz grandma can't teach him anything... that's sad..but his health is getting much better now. His appetite back to normal and no more sickness.
That's is more important now :)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Car Angel

Car Angel is a non-profit organization that runs car donation program in conjunction to raise money for making videos for kids and teens.

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Came back from dead (literally)

Oh wow! I am back...just wanna do some quick update here. I made it from my semester was my last day. I got all my marks for all the subjects and i made it!

One word to describe everything, was BRUTAL!

I am extremely exhausted, tired, sick, sleepy, brain overloaded, and to sum it all...i am like a car running without gasoline.

Yup, that's my condition now..heheheh... i am basically dragging myself to go one for the past month.

BUT... i am okay...just need time to recoup my energy and get ready for semester 2 (starts jan 2nd 2008)