Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day is round the corner...4 more days, all the fathers in the world will celebrate this meaningful day.
What did i get my dad this father's day...hmmm nothing...but just a long distance call from Canada.
Pai seh...totally forgot to send my dad a card..coz was busy pass weeks and if i send will be late coz it takes 2 weeks to get there.

Luckily my sis got him a card and she included my name as well :) She even bought him a T-shirt :)
I will give him a call this Sunday.

As for Kit, he already got himself a MP3 player ...on Mother's day..he asked for his Father's Day's cool is he huh?
Cost me over 60 bucks..
Oh well, he deserve one!

Today, i asked Ryan to make a card for his Daddy and he drew lotsa flowers and "grass" on it..and i wrote Happy Daddy's Day and Happy Father's Day for both daddy and grandpa.
He drew 2 actually for his daddy!

Anyway, I take this opportunity to wish all the Father's out there ..especially
Papabok ,Kiwi G husband of
Grace ,and

Have a very Great and Happy Father's DAY


mama bok said...

Thanks for your father's day greeting. PB said.. he so touch.. ;) but he more touch if you link him at
You and Kit have a good one on Father's day ya..! and yer such a good mummy . .teaching Ryan to make cards.. ;) i lazy.. didn't teach chloe at all... since PB didn't teach Chloe to make me cards either.. hahahha!!

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: U R very welcome..sorrie for the wrong link...i got confuse with so many of PB's links..hehehe i have changed the link already :)
Thanks for the wishes as well. U r too kind, Jan. I am just too free during the i thought i get Ryan to do something. Kit never thought of doing this for me ler...they where got soo thoughtful one, rite? hehehe..
U r busy maa...where got time to think of things like that.. i am sure Chloe knows what to do on Sunday..she is one smart gal! :)

G @ said...

Gene, Kiwi G says thank uuuuuuu,he feels so special and touched with ur personal wish! It's so sweet of u to always keep us in mind Gene! Here's wishin ur dardarKit a happy papa's day too! Actually it is celebrated in Sept in Aust :) Ryan is very artistic, nx time his GF or wife very untung! Gene, u've brought him up really well!!! must keep all his precious drawings!

Gene Lim said...

Grace: U r welcomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Kiwi G! :) hehehehe...oh well, there is nothing.. Didn't know Father's Day is on August in Ausie...well kinda pre-Father's Day ler..kekekek.. :)
Thank you for your wishes too..
Ryan is not artistic ler... I did most of the drawing..ahahahha...sort of like tipu tipu la..kekeke..but he did draw all the lines for the work lor... think my Ryan good enough for ur Phoebe ar? I promise..i won't be like those typical MIL! i will sek dou long how? can or not? kekekkeke

G @ said...

well who am i to say can or cannot, rite, maybe ryan would think phoebe is not good enough woh, kakaka. love = freedom, up to the kiddos loh :D but whoever becomes ur DIL, sure untung lah got MIL like u!!

Gene Lim said...

Grace: Ya ya.. now is up to the kids ler... who they want to married is up to them....
as long as they dun give me trouble..good enough lor.. :)

mrs b said...

Thanks for that,that's so sweet of you, Gene. I say thank you on behalf of B la - he is, as usual is up to his neck with work, will tell him when I see him tonight, probably about 10pm.

Gene Lim said...

Mrs B: U r very welcome! I know he is busy... :)
accounting field is very stressful one..esp during quarter end period...