Friday, March 31, 2006

i am on diet plan

Hey is about time that this big mama shed some pounds! yup my doc has made an appointment for me to meet a nutritionist on March 27th. I am in a serious stage where i weigh over 200lbs. Yeah u hear me... a person like me that stands 5 feet 2 tall weighs abt over 200lbs.. this is way serious man!
I am always on the plus size ..but after gave birth to Ryan i am getting even worst. Before i got pregnant i was only 160lbs yea...i was very happy..coz i never weigh that less...but after giving birth to weight just gone up and up.
This is due to i am always stayed at home especially during winter time... boyyyyy.... i ate and ate..whenever i feel bored. sigh...
Now i have to take control over my more over eating ...and work out more!

So, my nutritionist has make a diet plan for every breakfast , lunch and dinner for me.
First rule of thumb, i must balance up every meal that i eat. That is, must have grains or pasta which is the carbo, then fruits or vege, milk or cheese and meat
Every meal i must balance up at least 3 category.
Ha! i learned this when i was in highschool but i never fully utilize it..kekekekek what a shame huh?

Second rule of thumb is must space out every meal at least 4-6 hours...
Hmmm..geeze this i have to force myself to do it..coz i am very easily drawn to snacking man!
So far i am doing good..its been 5 days i have started this diet plan... doing oki so far..but the first day was like hell for me!
Especially when i have to give Ryan snacks...kekkeke..can't help it! But on tuesday and wednesday..i was doing much better.. always reminded myself the look of Christie Ally ..boy she looks good now..after loosing over 60lbs with the help Jenny Craig..
But my goal is not really that big man.. i am aiming like going down below 200lbs first.. after that i am aiming like 5lbs at time.

OKie where was i... oh yea..the second rule of thumb... ..well if i can follow these 2 rules..i am doing pretty good already.
The next thing is.. i cannot snack..especially during 3-4 yai ai yai.. that is when i needed the food the most..esp my tea man!
Ya.. and the worst part is..she said cut down on the caffaine GOD! u see.. before i give birth to RYan..i am a coffee queen.. like my dad, sis and everyone of my family.. we are like addicted to NESCAFE! THanks to my DAD (used to work in NESTLE) and introduced NESCAFE to us when we were like 8 or 9 years old..kekkekeke
but after gaving birth to Ryan..i couldn't drink any coffee anymore..coz it gives me heartburn... that no more caffaine for me lor..soooo i have no choice..gotta switch to TEA!
Before march 27th 2006 i was a tea "queen" nutritionist ask me to change from a tea queen to a milk queen.
yup u guees it rite.. rite now while i am typing my blog..i am enjoying my cup of milk. She said women after giving birth must drink at least 2-3 cups of milk a day.. to build up the calcium back. Coz the baby took all the calcium from we kinda need to replace it back. Furtheremore women reach 30 years old...they are starting to loose calcium each day bit by like our body no longer intake as many calcium as before... so women out there..start ur calcium intake man!
if u dun like milk...try to see ur to them...and ask them to give u some calcium supplements.
As for me, i have no problem with milk..i like milk very much! kekek..u can tell how fat am i..eventhough when i am young that time..i used to drink lotsa milk.
She asked me to switch to 1% milk instead of 2% milk (overhere our milk are sold in a 4 litre bags of milk which categorised from skimmed milk, 1% milk,2% milk,3.75%milk or homogenised milk) those percentage represent the fat level.

okie dokie...this is my diet plan:-

during breakfast 8.30-9am
i can eat
2 slices of toast OR
1 small bagel OR
1 english muffin OR
1 home baked muffin
1tbsp of peanut butter + 1 tsp of jam or jelly
1 cup of fruits (any kinds)
1 cup of tea of coffee (with milk and 1 tsp of sugar)

*for my case..i drink tea with milk and no sugar

LUNCH 12.30pm-1pm
i can eat
2 slices of toast OR
1 large tortilla wrap (10 inch with soft flour) OR
3/4cup riceOR
1 cup of soup with one slice of bread or dinner roll
1/4 tuna (with liget mayo, non hydrogenated margerine or butter)
30z of meat
1 egg
2 slices of cold meat (ham)
any amount of vege (if u are eating some leftover rice from yesterday dinner)
1 cup of milk

Dinner 5.30pm-6pm
this menu is prepared for me only
3/4 cup of ricePLUS
4oz of any kinds of meatPLUS
any amounts of vege ( u can eat as much vege as u like)
1 cup of milk

Nite time 9pm
any amount of fruits or a bowl of cereal with milk
this is like nite time snacking..kekekek

voila...this is my diet plan..i really hope it works for me...least i can shed a few lbs first...but of coz..i have to work out too...
the work out part..i will continue the next time abt this new toy that Kit bought. :)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

daddy and me

Look at me and my daddy ;)
hehehe...Ryan and kit were just lying down on the bed..i thought i took their pics..

hey no regret..they look soo adorable :)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

dinner time

These pictures taken during dinner time tonite... i thought i load it up just for fun. Its been awhile i last update my blog..
same ole reason..nothing to blog..except some pictures to view :)
TOnite we had plain white porridge with asparagus fried with mushroom, eggs fried with salted turnips and smoked ham fried with onion and mushroom.
Plain simple dishes... but kept our tummy really happy and full! :)
It seems like Ryan very happy too...he is trying to feed Kit asparagus with his mouth ;)
ENjoy the pics

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


yohooooooooooo i am back...pai seh.... boy been disappeared for soo long!
I am just that..lately i am too busy with my family and couldn't find the time to blog anymore.
I know is sad..but hey..busy is a good thing isn't it? heheheh least i am not bored :)

Doing great and everyone is healthy and fine.

Looking for job now and having headache looking for childcare centre that suits ryan too..sighh...i hate to send him away..but i got to get back my own life too...

it is soo hard.... :(
okie will keep this one short..dunno what to write...