Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Job Interview

Kit went for a job interview last Saturday for a similar position he is working rite now but at a nearer location. Currently, he is working in Georgetown, where he has to drive an hour to work and an hour back...too far and too tiring.

This company that he went for an interview is just a 14 months old company. Doing the same thing as what Kit's current company is doing.
The only difference is their manufacturing company is in China. They build hydraulic lifts.
The interview went ok-okie only...coz what they are trying to offer is less than what Kit is making rite now.
The job function is the same. Furthermore, Kit has to travel China once in a while.

Hmmm..soo to me, I like the idea for Kit to travel and talk to people. I want him to expose more and communicate more coz he does not do that often. He prefer to be in his own cubicle and do his own thing.
He does not socialize at all...this is bad eh!

They are supposed to call him yesterday...but no news yet..
I guess Kit's ask too much...hehehehe..oh well, no call..kinda good news too..
No trip to Pak KUU for me to worrie..hahahahhahaa

Is not that i dun trust him..i dun trust those pak ku there....kekekkeke ;)


mama bok said...

Yah.. travelling to china might make it hard on you .. and Ryan.. since your outlaws are staying with you. And you are right.. those china woman will kinda do anything to hook a man from here. I know so.. because a silly man from here.. married someone he just met there as soon as they met. Can die or not..??

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: yeah yo..those china women..really can do anything one eh...even though how loyal ur man is..sigh...they sure got a way are men, rite?

G @ said...

i agree, but i am sure yr dardarKit will stay strong if he gets the job.

Gene Lim said...

Grace: hehhehe...well, i know Kit is a good guy..but i still have my women instinct intact in my brain that i should be careful all the time ;)
well, he didn't get the job.. :)) good in a way lor