Saturday, February 26, 2005

Pay day! whooo hooooooooo!!

Hey day todayyyyyyyyy...least there is one reason that can motivate me to go to work..hahaaha ;)
didn't get much this pay cheque..coz last 2 weeks they kept sending me home earlier...well i am just part time that can do that if the business is slow.
Oh by the way..i am paid bi-weekly.

well, tonite business is not really busy and is not really down too..coz is Friday. Everyone is eating out on friday nite. Therefore, our call centre..the scheduler schedule almost every call agent to work on friday nite..hahah..when i reached around 5 pm was packed with ppl ..agents looking for empty seems they over schedule ..and there are not enough seat for hoo!
Luckily i found myself a seat next to the customer service department... if not..i will be sent home. No way...i walked almost 15 mins from my home..out in the brutal weather like today..i am not going home not earning my 24 bucks tonite.
Unfortunately that seat i found ..only have softphone...sighhhhhhh..meaning all the Torontonians calls ya ya...dun really like it..but no work eh...
therefore say my prayers b4 i startt my first call..

Thank God... my Father answered my prayers...hahaha all the Torontonians calls i received tonite...were all behaved!! geeze few customers even chatted with me for awhile...i am surprised..hahaah..

there is one customer asking me whether she should tip the delivery guy... then i told me ... i dun think she should...coz there is a delivery charge of 2.50 already no matter how much u order and there is also a minimum order of 14.36..
so whhy we should tip them again??
soooo , she laughed at me... n i told her not to tell that guy i told her not to tip him..muaaaahahahaahha..
well i dun mean to go against my company..but it make sense maa... :)) back tired..had instant noodle for dinner..then didn't really chat with hubby..coz hubby seems very tired for work..
so i better leave him alone...
n that is why i am here updating my blog..n enjoying my lionel richie songs...:))

okie dokiek may u all have good weekend ahead..... i hope i will... but hubby say wanna visit his parents this sunday (eweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... dun like it.. u know my story with my mother in law la...sighhhhh) my weekend already been ruined even my saturday is not here yet. :(

okie la..gotta go..need to go kepo kepo at somebody's blog..hehehehe
May God bless ALL

Friday, February 25, 2005

What a Stupid thing to say!

At usual..i have to work on thursday..start at 5 pm till 8pm. Well, really kinda hoping that i get to use hardphone than softphone.. ..because hardphone i only have to process calls from Hamilton and Halton Region calls.
Softphone have to process the whole Ontario calls..Toronto, Ottawa,Mississauga and etc. I hated getting calls from Toronto..customers are mean and snobbish! Come on! is just a pizza..but they thought they are buying gold or something very expensive..they treated u like ***##$$! prayers a place that has hardphone..and supervisor asked me to use hardphone..YIPPIE! Well, happily change the headset to to the hardphone and got myself ready to process the first call from the hardphone.

Myself: Thank you 4 calling pizzapizza, this is Gene speaking, Can I start with your area code and phone number pls.
Customer:Yes Gene, area code is 519-*******
Myself: This is for delivery or pick up?
Customer: Delivery today.
Myself: Can i have ur address please sir?
Customer: Sure, Gene.. my address is *********
Myself: Ok sir,what can i get u today?
Customer: ummm...oh well, honey, what u want dear? (talking to his gf) (Background sound- what u ordering?) I am calling pizzapizza...
** the heck..can't they made up their mind b4 they phone???!!!
anyway..conversation continues..
Customer:Umm can we get the Family Platter with 2 medium pizza..and 10 chicken wings..
Myself: Sure..would u like to go with ceasar salad or garden salad or brownies or garlic sticks?
Customer: Honey...what u want, the salad or brownies or garlic sticks... (still can't make up his mind)
Myself: (what the F***) !!!! (thinking in head loudly)
Customer: okie we will go with the brownies...
Myself..waht would u like for ur first pizza?
Customer: ...mumbling all the toppings..

as the conversation continue till the end..and i mentioned the price and time guarantees..
customer ended the conversation with :

Customer: oh well, this is great..u did a good job Gene.... it is not confusing at all..
Gene: because i am in the good mood

What the hell! hahaha..what a stupid thing to say to my customer huh? "IS B ECUASE I AM IN THE GOOD MOOD??!!"
DUH!! i am totally doomed that time..that customer was stoned a lil bit..and he quickly say thank q and bye bye..hahahaah i scared him

oh the heck with them... i am trying to do my job...

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Normal Wednesday....Thursday?-workday.. :(

Wednesday went okie for me... nothing much...woke up around 9 Ryan woke up around 8 plus..but i asked him to play by himself for couple taht i can continue my beauty sleep for couple huh..negotiate with my son time he is good...can be negotiateable :)
He acted okie on wednesday compared to Tuesday...played by himself most of the time.... and i got to online to check my mail. Huby called around 4.30 pm..said that he has to work over time ..won't be back till 8 plus... oh well.. meaning we have to eat dinner without him. Didn't really comfy having dinner without him..coz normally when he comes back..he will take over the baby sitting role..hehehe..i will just eat,wash dishes.. pack his lunch for the next day...n no more baby for few hours.. :)
Thank God that Ryan went for a small nap around 7 plus that i can take my shower, dried my laundry as well as took out my garbage :)
I am a good wife eh... coz normally hubby will take outthe garbage...but since he will be back i better do it.. :))

anyway...wednesday went okok...
talking abt Thursday...eweeeeeeeeeeeee....working will be pepperoni,bacon strips, or mushrom day...don't really feel good abt it.. plus my period came..sighhhhhhh..what a combination huh?!
so far my thursday still consider okie..managed to call my sis again...coz her boyfriend went out of alone... talked awhile...n put little ryan to sleep n here i am..updating my story.
Am listening to Lionele Richie's new album just for u..and eating my salad for lunch. Have to eat healthy nowadays....put on lotsa weight eh...sighhhhhhhh..summer is coming..need to go workout..n walk around if can..hahahaha
annyway....dun really feel good abt life lately...due to busy schedule, financial obstacles.... all bigbills coming at the same time...what a good timing eh..
we are living pay cheque to pay cheque really frustrating...but hey..nothing we can do...that's life!
everyone has to go through..once they got married, had children and house..all those commitments...
geeze i just wish i can go back to my childhood days..n stay there for a few weeks..kekeke..just for a break..
all we did was play, sleep, eat, then play niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

ahhhhhh..i am just dreaming only. okie dokie..will update u guys what happen at my work....just pray that i will get good customers..n hopefully not from Toronto...they are mean!!!

everyone have a good weekend ahead and God Bless always..stay healthy and happy always.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

What a wonderful day...

Tuesday morning...hmm didn't really start with a good start. Ryan didn't feel good this morning..woke up around 4.30 am this morning complaining (crying) some discomfort...hubby and i woke up from our sleep trying to comfort the little king...but fail...I thot he is hungry..made him a bottle of milk...butt he only drank a little bit... dunno why...he just keep crying...not the big and in pain cry..more of the whining cry... hmmm so i am kinda frustrated ..coz i am kinda's been awhile that i have to wake up in the wee hours like that.. (have to wake up forevery 2 hours for feeding ryan-thought of it gives me goose bumps) hehehe... Ryan now able to sleep throught the nite..just today..dunno why..maybe he is just having the bad day..waking up at the wrong side of the bed.

Whole morning, he was moody and doesn't seems so active like before.. Wanted me to carry him all the time. (sigh.... he is soo heavyand i have back problem...oh gosh!) oh well, managed to comfort and entertain him by trying to play with him ... (he likes his D.J. spining records toy that hubby bought him from Wall Mart)

Managed to call my Sis ....she is just having some problems with some important decision she has to thought of calling her and talk to her..its been awhile we since talked..although everyday i got some update from blog..hehehe
Glad to have talked to her.... cheer me up a lot...missed her alot and my family back in Penang, Malaysia.
Didn't get to online today due to Ryan didn't take his afternoon drives me nuts when he doesn't want to sleep...really exhausting and tiring...hehehe but on the other fun when he smiles at u! :)
oh yea..he started to walk already..oh boyyyyyyyyy....he is such a cutie when he started to take his first few steps :)
is like the little duckie walking..hehehehe..oh well, i admit someties he really melts your heart away...i definitely miss him like crazy while am work..hehehehe
yup my little prince as well as my little rascal too..kekeke ;)

I feel good today ..dunno why..eventhough didn't get to rest ...maybe because get to talk to my sis and my dad. :)
Plus hubby coming back early today..n he said he will cook macoroni and cheese..whoo hooo...i dun have to cook today! hehehehe
but i dun like macoroni n cheese..dunno lunch time i fried some ginger rice for myself.. :)
We had dinner early and gone to bed early too..coz everyone is tired.. :))

Simple tuesday but happy for me.. :))

Monday, February 21, 2005

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Hubby and Ryan at bayfront park Posted by Hello

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Hubby and I at Niagara Falls year 2002 Posted by Hello

typical monday

Here i am on typical Monday afternoon.. baby is sleeping..the only time i have for myself where i have to decide what to do... do laundry, or cook, or check my mails or take some nap? always i choose to online and check my mails. I kinda like Monday because i don't have to think about Pepperoni, bacon strips,mushroom...oh boyyyyyy...getting sick abt that already. thursday till sunday i have to listen to that terms..hehehe kinda make me sick!
But i am lil bit sad coz hubby has to go back to work on is no fun at all.

I managed to wipe out the dust in the house this morning... did my laundry... and finished cooking porridge for Ryan. Phewwwww... felt good after done all those things..hehehe...Hubby is good ...he helped me cook on Sunday (fried ginger rice) tasted very good! I love it! and he also helped me cleaned BOBO's cage too.. (bobo is my hamster) ... is been weeks already i put it off..pai sehhhhhh...

Hubby plan to go Homedepot tonite after he get back from work ...well, he wanted to get the filter for my kitchen's hood air thing...i dunno what it calls... anyway, i told him not to go coz it will be tiring for hiim. Coz we are always busy during weekdays..rite after he got home..we have to rush to finish off the dinner, take our shower..then fruits ... then zzz... we have to do this because hubby has to sleep early in order to get up early the next day. ( he has to get up at 5 am every morning)

Felt lousy on Sunday morning coz of the thoughts of going to work plus didn't get to spend time with hubby...makes me so frustrated. Hubby managed to cheer me up by suggesting to go to Silvercity to rent some dvds to watch.. So we did. Managed to get 3 dvds to entertainment for us..hehehe cost us only 5.75 bucks.
we rented Big Fish...good movie...very interesting and taught me a lesson in not to be so realistic in life sometimes...try to have some fun sometimes. :)) Ryan is up :(((
gotta stop nowwwww...will continue when i have the chance..till then...have a great week everybody. God bless always.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

First chapter-first episode....

My first blog...and i dunno where to start...hehehe..let see.. Lets start with introducing myself. Female married for just only 2 years plus.. from Penang Malaysia but residing in Canada now. Had a son who is almost 13 months now.

Life is tough to be somebody's wife and somebody's mother. Never thought having a baby will change your whole life so drastically. I knew life will change but never knew that it will be this huge change..hahahah.. oh well, u see.. i grew up in an average family-father is always working, mom is a housewife..but she passed away young..that time i was only 14 years old. Therefore, I never had a good conversation with my mom as grown up lady.

Anyway, my husband is a good man...least he is patient and tolerance with my bad and quick temper. Yup, i have very bad and quick it from my dad's side..hehehe pai seh laaaaa... by th way, met him through internet in the year of 1997.. had long distance relationship with hiim for 5 years before i flew to Canada to marry him. Yup big sacrifice i made-leaving my family (my beloved dear Sister,dad, bro and Aunt May-who look after us after my mom passed)
Oh well, I love him..what to do...thought i can have a brand new life in Canada. (yea..really "brand new" eh..hahahha...)

Came to Canada in year of 2002..and we got married November 2002. Couldn't work in Canada because i do not have my Social Insurance Number yet..and was still waiting for my Landed imigrant status.
Anyhow,got myself a volunteer job ..met lotsa nice people who treat me family. My exboss, Lillian (wonderful lady who help me alot in my life) she taught me alot as in how to survive in Hamilton, Canada. Yea, surprisingly, my husband been in Hamilton for 16 years..yet he still do not know abt Hamilton. Right now, I am more well verse than him to get things done...(got all my immigration application papers done by myself) - Thanks to LILIAN!!

Coming to Canada was a great experience for me... life changes so rapidly that sometimes i couldn't catch up the time. I really learned how to be independent and get things done by myself.( i am the youngest back home-therefore always have sis or aunt to help me)
I realize that i had grown so much..not age wise or physically..hehehe but wisdom wise too..
Life is is when u enter the age of big 20.

We just bought a house...because i couldn't get along with my mother in-law. OH boyyyyy...i hate to mention that word.. (mother in-law) I just dun get it why all mother in-law behave like a witch... i dun mean all MIL in the world..i know some MIL are good..but mine..sighhhhhhh..
guess i am just bad luck..
she is from the old school background ..typical chinese type of person. When i was pregnant that time...oh boy..she treated my so damn well.... cooking good stuff for me plus made me the upp bird nest soup..well to chinese ..birdnest thing is a biggie eh..coz is expensive.
Anyhow, after Ryan is born (Jan 25th 2004..winter baby) everything changes. She treated me so cold and trying to snatch my mother role from me. I felt soo depressed tat time.
After gaving birth my hormone changes so rapid ...and my MIL added more trouble for i became soo depressed that i have to take some depression pills to calm my nerves down.
Lotsa horrible things happened which i dunno how to put into words here and i don't intend to tell it here too because i am trying to forget abt it.
She really haunted me ...really gives me goosebumps when think of her.

oh well, enoug bout her... Back to a house, is a second hand house.. not a brand new house...big enough for us three ... of coz husband pay all..hehehee... that's why we are struggling financially. Luckily, God bless me a part time job working for PizzaPizza as a order processing agent. PizzaPizza is a famous pizza business in PizzaHut in US.
They have this one number method which the whole Ontario (one of the province in Canada) sharing it. So, all i have to do is taking orders from phone calls and distribute it to the rite store. It can be from Ottawa,Kingston,Hamilton,Toronto,Mississauga,Thorold,Petawawa...etc. etc.
The job is not really a good job..but a job which can provide me and my family some cash..least can help out my husband a little bit.
I work on Thu-Sun from 5 pm till 8 pm. Hours are short..but that's suitable for me..because i have to babysit Ryan.

It is tough to stay home looking after Ryan and at the same time going to work. I really salute all the mothers who is working full time and at the same time taking care of their families. Is not easy, is very tiring, brain draining and exhausting. Mothers have no time to think of themselves ...always put their families first. Really have no time for urself.
Sometimes i feel like breakdown..coz i really tired of thinking for others and not for myself. I want to have my own my "empire" hehehehe...something that i really want.
But rite now is impossible for me.... with Ryan so young...and insufficient cash... my dream came dowwn to the drain.

With the busy schedule we have at home.... i had spend less time with my husband. Our relatishioship grew so strangely ...everyday we are always on the go... never had 1 second wasted. Woke up-work-came back eat-wash dishes..bathe and sleep (his life)
Mine will be woke up-baby all day..cook, clean, eat, sleep
what a boring life huh? oh well, is winter life... can't go anywhere...can't wait for spring..coz i wanna work on my garden.. :)

okie dokie... can't write much now... baby is up already..furtheremore can't write my whole 2 years life story in one episode..hahahahah
till then...everyone who is reading..have a great weekend or progressing week ahead.
God Bless always!