Sunday, November 08, 2009

Happy Happy Happy...

I am super Happy because...I am truly Blessed by my Father! He blessed me with great family and a great job.
I love my new job... something i truly like to do..and pays well at the same time.
No rocket science job but something decent to pay bills and get things rolling. :)

I no longer have to work weekends and shifts for my nursing role..but i am still doing a nursing job during week days schedules. Love it!

This weekend i am having a long weekend...just only for me..due to Remembrance day for Canada..and for all clinics..we are closed on Monday. So another bonus for me :)

Enjoying the weekend with my boys....went grocery shopping yesterday at Mississauga..and bought some of the Xmas pressies..
still got lots to buy on the list..
maybe next weekend..looking forward for Xmas!