Thursday, May 28, 2009

Practical Nurse

Yup..finished the long and brutal 2 years of Practical Nursing course.. Wrote the license examm last wednesday ..waiting to be registered!
Got a job interview last week too (a day b4 the exam) a call from them on Tuesday..I got offered a job in the hospital. This hospital is located within 5 mins drive from convenient is that.
Is an 8 hours shift compared to other hospital..which all nurses have to work 12 hours shift.
I am blessed with that good news.. rite now I am praying that I pass that exam and get my license.

Lotsa effort and hardwork for the past 2 years..and not to mention lotsa sacrifices i made to provide my family a better environment.
I am very blessed with all my family supports while i was doing this course.

Praise Him for the love, strength and blessings..AMEN!

my baby has grown up

This morning I send Ryan to day was drizzling but Ryan has his very own Spiderman umbrella and i have my very own cheap umbrella from dollarama.
He no longer need mummy holding hands for security..he can walk by himself without fear..and when crossing roads he knows how to look left, right and left again..before crossing..without me prompting him to do that.

When we reach the daycare centre..he walked in by himself..and say goodbye to me ..without the need of me following him into the centre.
Oh that just hit me that he had grown so much... i still remember the first day i sent ryan to day care...he cried and cried..holding my hands not wanting to let go..
My boy has grown so much..and fast..
I am so proud of him..

I another few years..he will have his own friends to play with..and don't need this old mommy to tag along.
Time really fly fast...he is 5 ++ years old..going to be 6.
Meaning this old mummy is getting old too ..hehehe