Saturday, October 22, 2005


Hey is the time again. Well, only 2 occassion that ppl here do the decorations around their house. 1 will be during fall end of October during Halloween and 2 will be during Christmas. When you walk pass by each house u can see all sorts of decorations like scarecrow puppet hanging on the porch, a white gown kinda ghost look alike thingy hanging, pumpkins decorations like monster, spider webs, lightings and even a blow out ballon air of a big ghost or monster statue in front of the yard.
I haven't take those pictures of the decorations yet. Once i take it i will post the pictures.. maybe tonite..keekke ;)

As for us? hmmm kinda lazy to do the decorations yet coz Ryan is still young for that. Trick or treating for Ryan? Well, Kit said Ryan is too young for that too... hmmm i dun quite agree with him abt that..i think we should at least let Ryan have the fun going to houses like other kids to get some candies! hahaha..least we dun have to give out candies...coz we wont be at home to give out candies if we go out trick or treating.. ;)
We can dress up in costumes.. maybe i'll dress up like an old witch and Kit as BATMAN? hahaha
more like chinaman got la..hehehe

Hmm oh well, maybe next year...Ryan will be older that time to go trick or treating. We already bought lotsa candies to give out :)
Weather is getting way cooler rite now.... can feel the brutal winter is coming! Gosh i hate that when i complain abt the weather!

will post the pictures tonite if i get to snap some of the decorations of our neighbours here..hehehe i hope i won't get caught by doing that..kekek ;)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

still alive

heheh.. i am still alive ....yeaa..been busy? (is that the rite word to say or i should just say lazy..hehehe)
Yea.. been lazy to log on and furthermore Ryan is not taking his afternoon nap at all for the past week. I feel so exhausted rite now..coz Ryan is at the naughty tool stage where he is soo curios abt everything.. climbing the chair,window and anything he can find that he can put his legs on.

For the last 2 weekends was pretty normal and boring for us. Didn't do much..stayed home and cleaned the house.
Been looking for other jobs lately and i got a job interview last thursday. Well, i thought it went well from my point of view, but i didn't hear anything from them. The lady who interviewed me was a little bit shocked when she saw me..maybe because i am a foreigner.. even her handshake wasn't firm enough! Is like she was soo scared to touch my hand. Hmmm oh well..what the heck... is in a good way too that i didn;t get the job coz it won't be a pleasant ride for me anyway.

So i am still with my current job (which is not a superb job but at least it helps me to pay the bills)
NO complaint....but sighhh... i am just facing the emotional up and downs situation. Felt a little bit useless at home.
I dunno why i felt that...maybe because i am too bored! (bored? how to be bored with Ryan? wonder... hmm..hmm)

Jeeeze i dunno... that is the reason why i didn't update my blog for such a long time.. don't feel rite at all...
I need a break soo much!

Kit need one too! badly! but..what am i thinking now? break? how? Who is going to babysit Ryan??
NO one!
Sighhh..sometimes i just felt like i don't belong here at all... i miss my family back home in Penang soo much!!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Ryan has fever

My poor Ryan has fever today, a slight one. He must have caught the cold last nite. :(
My whole afternoon was spent looking after him, making sure that he is okie. He had problems sleeping and just wanted to be carried. Very tiring for me today coz i woke up 5 am this morning till now.
I had to work this evening but it was just 3.5 hours shift. Not a very long one. Today, Thank God, all the calls i received were pleasant and polite.(sometimes, customer are just soo rude to u).
When i got back home, Ryan was there happily welcomed me home. He just melted my heart whenever he do that :)
He is much better now. Kit is sleeping with him tonite. (yea, still having problem training him sleeping alone) but tonite is no exception, coz he was sick. :)
Normally weekdays i sleep with Ryan and Kit got the whole queen size bed to himself. Tonite i can enjoy my new queen size bed :)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is round the corner-actually this coming Monday. So everyone, GOBLE! GOBLE!

Thanksgiving is a day where all the family members gather together to give thanks and appreciate what we have.
As for us, we don't really celebrate though..heheheh.. never know how to bake the turkey...furthermomre turkey is huge!! 3 of us couldn't finish it.
We probably plan to do something else...time to spend with Kit and Ryan. Another long weekend b4 Christmas comes. :)
We are not sure what we are going to do yet..probably staying at home and relax :)

HAppy thanksgiving everyone!

3 Years!

Ha! time relly flies eh.. 3 years of today, it was my first time landed in Canada to meet Kit. I have been to Canada for 3 years already. seems like yesterday..hehehe.. the long flight really gave me nightmare! 20 odd hours of flight...oh booyyyyy... i dun think i can do it with Ryan..hehehe

Boyy, what i have accomplished so far within these short 3 years:-

1. Got married
2 Learned how to cook
3 Learned how to be independent (i am the youngest in the family-have sister and aunties to help me)
4. Learned how to be a wife
5. Learned how to tolerate my in-laws
6. Learned western culture lifestyles and adapt it (still having problem adapting it)
7. Learned how to be a mom
8. Learned how to be a patient mother and wife
9. Learned to balance millons and millions things in 24 hours
10. Learned how to control my temper! (ha! this one really a good one...i was a very bad tempered person back in Penang, Malaysia)

I am not sure that i have accomplished much coz there are still much more to learn here. Life is tough when u r alone (as in no relatives supports u).
I am soo blessed and I really appreaciate what i had. If i am given another chance, i would do it again. :)