Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hot again

Yup, we are hit with the heat wave again. Its been humid and hot last couple days. It was 37-38 degrees for last couple days.
Not only that, the air is not clean as well. Air was smoggy and there was no breeze at all.
Ryan and i were stuck inside the house coz i dun wanna bring Ryan out due to the bad air situation. His lung is not as strong as we adult.

However, i let him out when the sun set down...brought him out the yard and enjoy his running around.
I enjoyed myself too by just watering the flowers and pulling the weed. Is not good to trap inside the house all the time.
Kit didn't feel good these days...dunno why..he felt tired all the time and always to be alone...maybe his "uncle visit" heheheh
He is like that whenever he is tired.
He will be okie when weekend comes.
THis week, we gonna have long weekend..coz this Friday is Canada Day.
SO i guess he can't wait till that day...but i have to work on that day..coz i will get one and half pay that day..yippie..

oppsie...Ryan is up now... gotta go now.. have a great weekend all!

Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord! My bro is getting much better now. Last couple days he managed to bobo (make big business) and doc said he has to get out all the remaining wastes inside his colon b4 he can start back his liquidify solid food.
I called him just now to talk to him, he sounded weak but he is okie. He told me he wanted to eat Char Koey Teow..hahahah he is soo "tum chiek" one unbelievable!

I am soo much relief that he is okie now..THanks for the prayers.. :)

Monday, June 27, 2005

He is just too excited and making this funny move..hehehe.. Posted by Hello

Another one with the leaves. He is just too curious. Posted by Hello

Ryan is having fun with the greens ;) at the botanical garden in Niagara Falls Posted by Hello

Ryan's first time at Niagara Falls.  Posted by Hello

Koko is sick

My bro is sick and has been admitted to hospital twice already. He is having problem with his colon...hmm dunno how to explain it overhere. His colon got problem thatmakes him hard to go "bo bo" (make big business)
rite now he cannot eat..doc just put him tube and antibiotic to clear all the wastes inside his colon thing.

Is a funny thing, my bro and me didn't really talk alot..i mean not because we have problem in communication. Is just that we didn't get to see each other to talk. He is always busy working. He is a workacholic and he works 24 hours a day. He even sleep in his office.
However, when we get to see each other.. we can talk non-stop. Thank God for the bonding and good relationship we had for each other. Not only my bro, my sister too. We all had the good bonding for each other.

Yesterday i found out that my bro got admitted the second time, i got soo worried. Wanted to call home to find out the details..but it was too late due to the difference timing. It was afternoon my time when i found out the news by reading my sis's blog.

I was so worried and i couldn't concentrate a single thing while i was at my in law's place. My mind was just focusing to go back home and call my dad to find out the details

As soon as i got the chance to talk to my dad, my tears rolling down from my eyes... i just broke down and cried.
I dunno why.. i just felt like i miss my bro alot and i haven't spend enough time with him.
i was soo afraid something serious might happen to him.
Dad calm me down by telling me he is okie..the doc is doing his best to get the waste out. Asking me to pray for bro, which i did..i pray day and night for his safety and recovery.

I got to emotional because the whole thing reminded me abt my whole mom incident hting.
It is just too much for me to go through again.

Oh Father in heavan, please cleanse my bro with the Blood of JEsus and heal him and kept him safe and healthy!
Thank you Father and Blessed be to u oh FATHER In heavan.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sunday off :)

Yippie yeh! I am off today from work. Yea i have asked to get off every Sunday, so that i can spend time with Kit and Ryan.
Today i slept till 8.30 am..hehehe.... thanks to Kit, hubby pampered me. Ryan was up around 6 plus this morning and he took care of Ryan. He even brought Ryan out the yard and left me alone to enjoy my beauty sleep.

Then i get to enjoyed my CHARMED movie series everyday starts at 9am. Pretty nice day for us today. We just got back from Ikea and Sears. We went Ikea shopping coz they have the 50% sale event.
We managed to get some curtains rod for half price. Got one for $3.99 and another longer one for $4.99. We enjoyed the shopping and had some frozen yogurt too..yummie!
Then we headed to Sears in Mapleview mall in Burlington.., at first we thought we just want to enjoy the air conditioner only but when we went into Sears...i saw superb sales on the shoes. I got one Neveda shoe for 16 bucks after taxes..the original price was 40 bucks.
cool huh? ;)
Kit got one pair too...for abt 26 bucks after taxes..original price was 60 bucks.
We really shoped today with the humidity weather rising to 38 degrees .
So shiok man..when u spends money..hehehehehe

Rite now Kit went to buy a case of beer for his dad coz later we have to go over for dinner. Kit's dad loves beers plus the weather is so hot nowadays...will be good one for him

I just love the thought of not going to work..hehehe..can relax and not to worrie abt the time at all. :)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

These were the dishes i cooked yesterday nite. Vegetarian spring rolls, fried vege, fried curry fish and steamed chinese sausage. Dunno what to cook..but ended up cooking 4 dishes..hehehe Kit was happy camper last nite when he saw the spring rolls.  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Look so curious there.. ;) Posted by Hello

Kit is having fun mowing the lawn Posted by Hello

That's Ryan enjoying himself being outside the yard. :) Posted by Hello

Flowers that grows on my garage.. :) pretty good huh ;) Posted by Hello

Some flowers that i dunno what it calls.. it comes out every year. :) pretty nice huh Posted by Hello

Yellow and Orange roses. Behind the rose are Lavender that hasn't bloom yet...but smells good. :) Posted by Hello

Some of the summer flower that has already bloom in my garden. I dunno what it calls. Planted by previous owner. :) Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's Day

Is the day...Father's day weekend. I didn't get anything for Kit, well, i did treat him Fortino's Chicken, which is his fav and Ryan's too.
Well, on Saturday we went shopping like crazy and we bought lotsa things. Kit went to CND tire to buy pressure washer. It was on sale for half price. Good deal we can use it to wash our deck, slidings, porch and driveway too.
He woke up early to get the pressure washer coz it was too good deal, scared later it will be gone fast. Coz it says no rain checks and while quantity last. So, our dear fren woke up around 7.30 am and headed to CND tire around 8am.
He came back around 8.30 am and woke me up from my beauty sleep. I was soo tired and sleepy but i have to drag my lazy bump out from the bed coz i wanna watch "CHARMED" at 9 am. fav series movie now...hehehe cannot miss it one eh..;)

I finished watching around 10 am.. then we started to get ready for grocerries shopping . I bought Ryan a toy. Is from Fisher Price the little people. Cost me aroudn 30 was on sale half price..original was 60 bucks good deal for me :)

Bought a cake for Kit's dad coz we had to go over to Kit's sis's place for dinner. Coz she had this early father's day celebration thing for the old man.
She orderd 1 chinese bbq piglet..cost her abt 130 bucks..hmmm but didn't taste good at all eh..too oily and she bbq some quails too..hmmm too much meat.
Just too much meat for me.. high cholesterol eh.

anyway, we didn't reach there till 9.45 pm. coz i finished work around 9 pm. hehehe..dun feel like taking off days point ler...
Well, it;s been awhile we haven't visited her place. Well, i can say her decoration of the house is a bit too off from style.
Maybe is her own liking not mine. Not fair for me to comment lor.

Can't sleep in new environment eh..that is why i am still writing this blog now at abt 1.25 am sunday morning.
Kit and Ryan already snoring away liao..n me..still facing computer ..hehehe
We have to sleep in her study room..soo..lucky thing there is a computer..if not i dunno what to do..

Hmmm... actually, when i reached kit's sis place, saw my FIL and i did acknowledge him just now..but he wasn't too happy to see me i guess... he didn't say much..just gave me those unhappy look.
Hmmmm.. i really dun understand.. what have i done wrong?

oohh who caresssss.. their business... not mine!
as long as my family are happy together.. the rest... i dun care!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Heat Wave

Its has been 9 days that we had these 30 over degrees weather couple with high humidity and smoggy air.
BOyyy, prety hard to survive through this kind of weather after u have experienced the 6 months wicked cold winter. Not to mention, my hometown from Penang, is a norm to have humid 36 degrees weather there.
Oh well, i have forgotten such weather already till last few days ..geeze i was screaming for help..hehehe...u can't do anything. Thank God for the air conditioner..kekeke.. Summer is not here yet but we are already having the typical July weather in June.

Luckily, the humid weather is gone. Is back to normal spring weather today. Back to normal 20-25 degrees tempreture with cold breeze air.
Other than weather, i am doing pretty good... Sunday my FIL treated us Dim Sum for lunch at Crystal Dynasty restaurant. We had our wedding lunch over there too. Only decent chinese restaurant over in HAmilton..hehehe pai seh..
The last time Kit and I went there for dim sum, it tasted horrible. But this time it was good. We were impressed this time..hehehe...
After dim sum, we headed to Bayfront Park for a walk. It was nice even though it was humid.
We got back around 2 pm, and i headed to Nellie's place to keep her company. I stayed till 4 pm coz i have to work at 4.30 pm.
It was longggg day for me on Sunday. I promised Nellie i will visit her on Monday again.
So on Monday I cooked her some Chinese fried rice so that she dun have to cook dinner.
Stroll Ryan overthere and spend few mins there only coz she looked tired and i thought i better let her rest and lie down.
She couldn't sleep for days already. Can't blame her.
Sigh... hope she gets better soon.

On Tuesday i didn't go visit her..coz i thought i'll let her rest and be alone for awhile.
I will visit her on weekends.

I felt soo weird after the whole thing. Dunno why, maybe they are close to me i guess. I felt i had lost someone dear to me too.

Oh well, since i didn't visit Nellie yesterday, i had the whole day at i ended cooking Penang Kapitan Curry. kekkkee...yeaaaa tasted good too eh.. somemore extra spicy one..walauuu eh..its been awhile didn't eat curry.
Kit had it till he has to drink his Motts garden veggie drink with ice.
hahaha can see him sweat and running nose too..
of coz i cook somethign else for ryan too..i steamed some fish for him...but that little rascal.. didn't wanna eat his fish..wanna try the curry chicken.hahahaha..
after he had his first bite...boyyyyy u can see his face change...he knew is spicy..but he still continue eating..walauuuuuu eh..
eventhough born in canada.... but has to bow down his malaysian parentage roots huh..esp mom from PENANG..hahahahahah
yea..what to do..if no train him now..if next time go back to penang, he will miss out the goodies of food!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Albert's Funeral.

I couldn't sleep tonite, so thought of updating my blog. I dunno why i couldn't sleep, i should be dead tired by now, butttt, i seems to be very wide awake.

I have attended Albert's funeral tonite. It was my first time for me to attend western's funeral. I was a little bit nervous abt the culture and customs there. All i know they are Catholic, but of coz they are certain rules and regulations too. Similar to our asian's style.

For me, I have gone through 3 funerals of my loved ones. I was kinda immuned to the situation already. The first one was my mom's one. Of coz we did it in a Christian way, so there was no "hoo haa" ..."tok chiang" (chinese drums and stuff making lotsa noices) like the one the Taoist ppl. No offense, i am just trying to differenciate only.
The second was my grandpa's. He died peacefully while he was having dinner. What we did was having the Siamese Monk came over for prayers. That's was it.
Then 3rd one was my grandma's . We did the same as the one for grandpa.

So, came 4th one.. Albert's one.. eventhough he was not my family member, but i treated him as my closed one.
I am very upset and down for the last couple days.
While i was at the funeral home just now, I saw Albert in his coffin, lying down peacefully, with his eyes shut and with a peaceful smile on his face.
Bless his soul for eternal life.
He was a very good man,husband ,father and grandpa.

I just felt bad for Nellie..they were couple for 55 years!
I just couldn't imagine how Nellie is feeling rite noww... if i ever loose Kit, I really dunno what to do or i will feel.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

In Living Memory of Albert.

Albert, was a very unique man, a man that i came to know in Dec 2002. Was very straight forward person and kinda feisty too. hehehe..
Albert was Nellie loveable husband. Yup, he has passed last nite after several years fighting to survive from this deadly disease called cancer.

I felt bad, loss, sad and worried. All mixed feelings for me today. I found out the news from my MIL, which she called this morning to tell me abt Albert.
I didn't talk much to Albert before, but deep inside me, I knew he was a very nice, fine and loving man. He was never show his feelings to anyone b4 but deep inside him, he cared very much.

I dunno why i blog abt him today, is just that i felt like it. Something for me to mourn over.

May his soul rest in peace and may GOD keep Nellie and her family strong and help her through her grieving process.

In Living Memore of Albert. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Humid! Humid!

oooooooh boyyyyyyy, i haven't had this humidity for almost 2 years plus already..hehehe..yeaaaa...yup summer is finally here! Well, pretty much reminded me of Penang's weather..hehehe
Is nicee but dun really like the humidity though, coz making me sweat like a pig and that headache is killing me! That explains why i didn't blog for quite some time.
Geeze all i need is a pool...just felt like jumping into a pool of coolll water! hahaha..
splash Splish..hehehe

Oh well, what happened last week was we had bbq on Saturday, and Kit invited his family members over. Initially, we planned to invite only kit's younger bro and his parents only..but when Kit told his dad abt the bbq thing...his dad asked him to invite his sis and her hubby as well.
Oooooh oooooooo..problemooooo...coz his sis and hubby are really 2 fake people.. very self centred and never bother us as family.
Siighhhhhhh.. no choice... got to invite them.
Well, the whole thing was okie... i didn't take off days coz it was too schedule was up and i couldn't take any off days.
Too bad! good in a way..coz i dun have entertain them that much.
We planned to have it at 2 pm.. but guess what..kit's parents and sisn hubby were late..they came aorund 4 pm.
we didn't care..we hadthe bbq started first, coz we were hungry... Kit's younger bro was here in the morning...he was okie..actually he is a very nice guy, understanding guy too.
I like him.. he is the only person i like from Kit's family.
He understands my situation and very nice guy!
He treated me like his sister in law... not like the others..walaueh...

nothing much happened though..they came and look around the house..n of coz complained abt our n there..
too badddd la... is our house.. i couldn't be bothered!
they have nice, new and big can u compared to ours...ours is old house..of coz theirs is nicer..
who caresssssss!

luckily i gotta work at 5.30 pm.. i just entertain forawhile..n they left around 8 pm..
Kit's younger bro stayed till i got back home eh.. n guess wat..RYan loves him... he allow kit's younger bro to carry him and play with him..
not like kit's sis..Ryan doesn't like her..hahahah guess Ryan can sense it huh kekekekek
Kit's bro help me and kit alot...least he baby sat Ryan while Kit cleaned up after they gang left..kekekekke
It turned out okie..but of coz my FIL didn't feel good abt our house. He didn't even come into the house.
oh well, is his problem ler...

okie dokie...wanna keep this very hot now..wanna have some ice cold water.

won't be updating for couple days...everyone have a great week.