Monday, April 14, 2008

Brain overloaded

I am so exhausted and my brain is overloaded now. Is 9.10 pm now and i am still trying to study for my tomorrow's test. I was in the college this morning since 8 am for my 8.30 test....then 3 pm i had one..n stayed in library for more drilling of my brain.

I just cannot wait for this whole thing to be over coz i am really exhausted here.
I am taking my little break eyes like getting brain couldn't absorb anymore....
I need martini!

Monday, April 07, 2008

one more week more week, baby! I am counting the days... i am exhausted, gas running low here..but happy that i am almost finishing semester 2!

It has been a hell of journey so far, lotsa work!!

Last week clinial was alrite, THANK GOD! I was assigned with post operative day 1 patient on Thursday. I was freak out on Wednesday already coz she is just came out from oven!
FRAGILE! She had total knee replacement. Everything went well and on thursday, my instructor asked me to take up another patient on friday. So, 2 patients on Friday.
This means, stress level increased even more!

Praise the LORD! without HIM, i don't think i handled thigs so great that day. Everything went well, no complaints from my patients, medications administered correctly and on time even though i have 2 patients. I had a great nurse who incharged for my patients on Friday. Love her coz she taught me a lot!
I didn't get to have my break that day..but it was all worth it coz i learned a lot.

The best part of the day was...hahhaha..(warning-syiok sendiri case here) i was signing off my duty and taking elevator back to my locker, the elevator opens and there were like 4 residents or physicians from the surgery floor. They were wearing their scrubs and hat too.. and they were young!
As the door open, one of the physican got so excited seeing me and was like moving towards the front (they were all at the back-end of elevator). One of the physician said to the other "what u doing? Calm down...u r too old for her!" hahahahahha

what la... i am too old for him to be exact..kekekekeke... but i am happy at heart because ppl still think that i am young..hahahaah
(memang la syiok sendiri ni)

Anyway, i am just glad my clinical was great last week and I grateful to the LORD for watching over me.
No more broken bones or anything!