Friday, October 26, 2007

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Ryan getting better

After 3 days of fever and cold, Ryan is getting much better today. All of us were so stressful because of him getting sick.
I am grateful and thankful to MIL that she stay home to take care of Ryan for me so that i can attend my class and take my tests.

He is up running around like usual and singing all the time too. I am so glad to see that again.
As for me, I am still have a bad cough and i have lost my voice. I couldn't talk and felt so tired due to medication.
I hope i will be much better before i start my clinical days.

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not so ready...

I will be going to nursing home this coming Tuesday and I am very nervous. Whatever I have learned from past seven weeks i have to apply it on every Tuesday and Wednesday until Dec 15th 2007.
It is very scary because I have still a lot to learn!

Everything is going crazy lately with all assignments and test due on either same day or week.
Every one of us, students are very stressful and extremely frustrated. Too much work to do with too little time given.
The work is not tough but the load is heavy!

Sick also have to attend class and stay late at the library to study. I have 2 test coming up this coming Monday and 2 assignments due on next Friday. On top of that, I have to prepare myself for my practical work on Tuesday and Wednesday.
My schedule is lovely...

I am tired but Thankful and Grateful i have the privilege to study and God is with me all the time to Bless me and provide me strength and comfort!
AMEN to that!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

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my turn

Yup, i say it and i have it! Is my turn now to have the bug. I am down with a cold and sore throat.
I just finished my assignment, which i don't really know what i was doing.

I did my skill test no. 1 today...which i passed with not so good comment from the lecturer.
I was not very focus today. I think my body system is wearing out slowly.

Hate it! I really hope I have extra strength to do everything.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

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What a day

Ryan developed a fever this morning and I gave him Tylenol around 6 am. I did not feel good at all when i have to leave for school. Something was telling me that bad thing is going to happen.

I was right. Around 8.30 am..FIL called me on the cell telling me Ryan had seizure. I was panic and quickly packed my stuff and left the class and call 911.
It was tough when u don't drive. To worsen the situation, PIL don't speak or understand english.
Ambulance arrived home and I was communicating with the paramedic through my cellphone.
I was standing outside my college with my umbrella on..coz it was raining cats and dogs.
Half way cell phone ran out of air time...(i was using pay as u go)... lucky college is next to Mcmaster Hospital.. so ran over there... and i knew they are going to send Ryan there.
Waited for them at the emergency entrance.
I was panic, worried sick, soaking wet, and scared!

Thank God Ryan is okay now..just another episode of febrile seizure ...
I have to miss my test today..but THank God, my lecturer allow me to write it tomorrow.

Honestly, this morning was the worst day for me!
Ryan is sleeping now...and i have to think of my assignments and tests!
Sighhhhhhh..really sucks to be a parent no fun at all....especially when your kids are sick!

I rather choose being sick myself than Ryan getting sick!

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We are Canadian!

Canadian eh! yuppies... Kit and I are canadian now.. we just have to wait for another 6 more weeks to take the oath to be officially CANADIAN!

We both passed the test yesterday. Didn't managed to study..we cramp everything on Sunday nite and found out the test is not so bad. Whoever is going to take the citizenship test...the tip is just make sure u try to answer all the sample questions given to u from the booklet that u have to study from.
the test questions are almost similar..just that the way how the sentenced is phrased.

It didn't take us more than 5 minutes to do the test...all together 20 questions multiple choice questions..but u have to make sure u get all the questions right from the back sections..where it says u have to be rite..

that sections asked u about voter's right to run federal election; voting procedure and process; and voter's rights and responsibilities.

12/20 consider a pass and make sure the above sections questions right.. there u go..u r smooth sailing!

If i am given a choice, i want to keep my malaysian status..but too bad..Malaysia won't allow me to do that.
Deep down me..I am still a Malaysian! MALAYSIA BOLEH!
once u are anak are always and forever ANAK MALAYSIA!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

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Being bad..

I felt so sorry for neglecting my blog and blog friends. I did not have any chance to visit any of my friends blogs at all ever since i started school.
My bad..totally my bad!

I really want to apologize.. I do not do it on just that I do not have time. Now, u guys must be thinking, why i have time to update my blog and do sponsored post but not visiting u guys. Well, I have to do it in order to earn some money.
Seriously, now my brain is not functioning well, coz i do not have enough sleep lately.
Been getting up early and sleep late and on top of everything... i have stress over my exams and homework.

I broke down and cried like a baby on wednesday due to my overloading school work. I am lucky in the sense that I have Kit and Ryan to support me.
When i cried that day, Ryan said : Mommy, mou hum la... (don't cry la) and give me a tissue to wipe my tears...
he even said..Ryan is okei...
My heart melted and felt so foolish...and weak.

I am not just complaining here...honestly the load is very heavy...never encountered so stressful education life b4.
I know HE is with me all the way! I know i can do it :)

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Kit and I will be having our Citizenship exam this Monday at 1.15pm. Like i don't have enough test rite now... oh well, i got to do what i got to do. I still haven't open the book yet. Kit is studying now... and i just finished some of my school homework and I need to work for some money too. :)

We picked up the car already today. Hol, my bil came to pick us up and drove us to Oakville where the car dealer is and pick up Kit's second wife. It was alrite... felt so weird coz after using Ford contour for so many years..sitting in Camry ..felt kinda weird. So big and spacious.
The feeling is like..u were poor for so long and all of sudden u strike lottery and life changes..
something like that..but it is not that extreme... just similar to it only.

I am not really thrilled about it and also not to say that i am not totally happy about it. I am just neutral..and glad that Kit will be driving a safer car this winter.

Friday, October 19, 2007

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Picking up second new wife..

We are going to pick up the new car tomorrow morning. Yup, Kit's new second wife which cost us a fortune...
Sigh..there goes all our savings...what to do...Kit needs a better car for the long distance driving..especially during winter time.

I will snap some pics tomorrow :)

Monday, October 15, 2007


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Fire Ryan

I am fire Ryan, says Ryan when we asked who he is.. ..we even asked him are u sure? u r not Ryan? he said..nope I am not Ryan, I am fire Ryan!
He really cracked us good there.
Below are some pictures taken by Kit with him playing around with his Halloween outfit.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

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Alone on Thanksgiving

I am spending alone on Thanksgiving weekend because everyone is over at Mississauga celebrating the holiday.
I opted to be at home because i have to study and work on my studies. Pretty much suck but i have no choice.
FIL didn't like it but I don't care coz I have my priority.

This is the first time i have the whole house to myself as in Kit and Ryan won't be back at nite.
Pretty scary and lonely but..i know i will get used to it.

Taking my break now..thought i can earn some money...kekekekek and visit some blogs.

Thanksgiving weekend suck so far coz it has been raining all day and nite. It has been cloudy and moody for me.
No motivation for me to do anything at all!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my bloggers friends and family especially to Mamabok and her family , and MommieBee and her family.

I hope you guys had a great time and had blessed one.

I want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU and being THANKFUL to have known you gals. I am truly blessed to have you guys to support, cheer, joke, and share experience me.
God bless you all and your family with lots of love, happiness and good health!

Also to all who visited me and read my blog, I thank you for that! :) May you and your family have a great THANKSGIVING!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

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Wife no. 2

Wife no. 2 left Kit! Yup, i am talking about his Ford Contour 1998..heheheh.. yea lor..
that car gave us a lot of problem and Kit has been very stressful driving it. Kit has to drive long distance to work it is not safe at all.
We decided to change car. In fact, tomorrow Kit and FIL are going to test drive 2 Toyota Camry 2002.
I won't be going coz I have to stay home and study for my exams. Will be having one on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
On top of that i have 3 assignments dues on the same day too..

Really chialat man i tell ya... didn't get to do a lot of stuff today..mainly get the house chores done. Kit helped me half and I did half. I managed to get my scrubs or uniform for clinical placement, which is going to be in 2 weeks time!!!
Argggh..meaning i will be having my practical test soon...very SOON!!!

May the force be with me!

Friday, October 05, 2007

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I am truly surprise with my exam and assignment results. I just did the first exam for Psychology on Monday and I got my result yesterday. I was very impressed with what i got .. 85%
I totally surprised..because i only get to study on last sunday afternoon. It was very tough for me when it comes to timing.

As for my assignments, i got 2 assignments full marks.. i never get full marks for my assignments b4 during my studies for my degree...

I seriously work my butt off for this course. Now, every morning i got up at 4 am to do some extra order to catch up.
I seriously have no life... except for studying and family time.

I thank HIM for courage, wisdom, strength and everything!
What a wonderful miracle! I knew i didn't do it all by by HIS grace i am here and still hanging tough!

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Holloween Costume

This is what Ryan is going to pretend to be.. a fireman..hehehe...we bought this at Wal-Mart for $8.97..the cheapest we can find..came with the helmet, suit and axe. AWESOME? I THINK SO!
He is so happy and can't wait go trick or treating...silly boy