Thursday, June 28, 2007

How Vain Are You?

You Are 0% Vain

You don't have a vain bone in your body - almost as a matter of principal.

You demand to be judged on who you are, not what you look like.

Tagged by Grace

The results say it all...i am not VAIN at all..hahahahahhha... sometimes i wonder why Kit pick me...
i am very different from all other women..first of all...i am boyish, never at all care how i look as long as i don't look monster to people..good enough!
Second of all i am always fat from young till now.. hahahahha
soo...u can say i don't really know how to love or pamper myself.

The girly things that i do daily are as follows:-

1) Apply Nivea Soft moisturizer twice a day (morning and nite)
2) Apply lotion hand, leg and heel (prevent from dryness)- is hard not to apply in cold and dry country. Never did apply lotion when i was in Penang.
3) Shampoo and Conditioner (Sunsilk and Pantene) always changed..see which one is cheaper..hehehehe
4) I do have grey hair since i was 7 years 3 months once i dyed my hair with Garnier Nutriese Hair colour
5) Keep eyebrow from growing like a bush..
6) Keep my mouth hairless..( i do have a little mustache)
7) Never use make-up unless for dinner function (hardly have one) so no make up at all

That's me... call me crazy or what..i just don't feel comfortable applying those make-up stuff..or wearing designer money how to wear man...
maybe i'll change when i start to make money :)


G @ said...

thanks for doing the tag dear. wah ZERO percent also can ah?? fulamak salute u, gal fren! I agree, cold weather is so dry and bad for the skin. my legs and heels are like crocodile skin. wah u 7 yrs old got grey hair?? what u ate?? hehe. I also dont go for designer labels but i did use a lot of makeup and i love makeup ;)

Gene Lim said...

Grace: No problem dear..actually the test is interesting..i also want to know whether i got vain or not..hahahahah.. hahah dun salute me la...there is nothing to salute about..i am too shameful to be a gal leh...talking abt dry heel is cracking dry eh... :(
the grey hair thing is genetic problem...from grandma..grandma's whole head white hair when she was 20 plus.. so..genetic problem..
Girls should wear make up one..least need to "chap chap" ha ma..:)presentable for ppl to see.. :)

Joez said...

Sis, try the Nivea body (intensive milk for dry skin). It worked on me n also great for the heels. In Malaysia, it's dark blue container. Let me know if u r not sure, i can send u pix /ship to u.
Ya...grey hair...duh...every 3 months have to dye, same here la.