Friday, November 25, 2005

Snow on the rooftop

These are the pictures i promised to take..i took from the upstairs room where the first picture shows the view of our garage and backyard as well as the back opposite house. The second picture is my neighbour's backyard..where all the snow covering the lawn...and the last one is the view of my sunroom's roof as well as a little bit of my back yard.

Tempreature today is not soo bad abt -5.. but with the windchill is abt -10..hehehe...
But guess what..i just got the news that by Monday we will be getting double digit tempreature..somewhere around 11 degrees with thunderstorm...
walau..what drastic change... one minute winter weather..and the next minute autumn weather... sigh...
we are like winter coat on and off..then fall/autumn coat on again..

Geetha..i agree with u..i dun really like wearing the winter coat n stuff...n worst part is..dressing Ryan up whenever we have to go out!
Not like Malaysia...sleeper will do need socks or hats, gloves...etc..soo troublesome!

TOnite we are going over to Mississauga to sleep over at my SIL place...coz MIL and FIL coming back from KL
not soo good news for muaaaaa :(
today i felt a little bit tensed up..coz i knew our lives will change again with them coming back.
For the last 2 months without their presence around... we were soo much peaceful and freedom!!
OH GOD have mercy on us! Protect us from any evil harmful plans that already set for us.

All i can say..may the force be with us. :))

hehehe..sometimes i feel like i am soo silly ..but i can't help it...for what i have been through with my MIL.
God bless her!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

minus 20 degrees

We are freezing cold rite here in Hamilton. TOday the tempreture drop to minus 8 but with the windchill feels like minus 20.

This morning when i got up i saw our neighbour's rooftop filled with white snow! yea..its been snowing since yesterday evening...we are supposed to get 5 to 10 cm of snow today but luckily we didn't get that many..heheh ;)
It is freezing and my hands really feels like the fridge coldness!
And the best part is... is still autumn/fall now..we haven't go to winter yet..hahha... the weather is getting crazy lately!

Too bad i didn't get to snap some pictures of the snow from the roof top..will get some tomorrow if i have chance :)

Feel like having a hot cup of tea or cocoa....that will warm me up! :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

3 years anniversary

Happy 3rd Anniversary to us! hehe...time really flies fast huh... boyy, i still feel like it was just yesterday :)

We didn't really have a big celebration. We decided to celebrate one day early. We went out for dinner with Ryan. Had a great time and shop around in the mall for xmas presents. :)

Happy Anniversary my Dear ...mmmmmmmmuaks... :)

Sunday, November 20, 2005

i quit!!

hahaha...finally!!!! i did it! i took lotsa courage and thinking ...and i quit my job! YUP can't take it all that shit anymoree...the whole shit really affects my health and family.
Yesterday was my last day! Kit told me he can see soo much difference in me rite after i handed in my resignation letter on Thursday. hahah..i seem more happy and relax.
B4 i was soo tensed up and always nervous all the time. sighhhhhhh.... rite now i am focusing on looking for a full time job as well as a day care for Ryan.

Is abt time i make full use of what i have studied b4.... can't just stay home brain is getting rusty nowadays.
Too bad rite now is towards one is hiring...i might have to wait till Jan 06..
We are doing fine ..just have to tighten a little bit our belt..kekekek.. no more luxury stuff :P

I really felt good!! PRAISE THE LORD!
I dun care what ppl think...(i.e. that i should wait till i get a new job first b4 i quit..bla bla...bla..)
i really dun deserve that kind of job....
I have faith in the Lord that He will provide us.. AMEN!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

first day of snow of 2005 it comes.. the ole mr snowman coming out again doing what he has to do this year. Tomorrow we will have a little bit of wet snow plus rain! yaiks for those who has to drive tomorrow and not soo much yaiks for me! hahaha
All i have to do is stay home and keep myself warm! :)
But i still have to walk to work ;) hey no complains here.. i know i know... walking is still better than driving on the wet slipery road!

The time has come, where u can hear all the holiday season songs been played on the radio and malls. All the christmas decorations been put up for sale... i wonder whether i should buy one santa clause outfit for Kit? hmmm hmmm..coz he already has the big belly signature of santa clause...if he doesn't dress up like a will be a waste? hmmm hmmm..what do u think? hehehe
he sure will not dress up for me..unless i buy one for myself as Mrs Clause? ;)

ahem ahem..sorrie sorrie... accidentally drawn over to the XXX side..
oppsie hehee

oh well, nothing much to blog these day...except that i am kinda 'bitching' abt my work.
Other than that..everything is still the samee.
Ryan learn new words lately...he knows how to say "good nite, Okie, and oh wow
heheheh...more to come ....
i am still trying to potty train him....very hard to get him sit on the potty :(

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Good ole SUNDAY!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... perfect daay of the week ...SUNDAY! Kit and i just love this day..coz no pressure thinking of going to work or no tension to rush doing grocerries and stuff. Just a normal and relaxing day for us to spend time together as a family! :)

When u really enjoy the day..the time really fly by very fast! How i wish everyday is SUNDAY for us.. ;)
We had a great day today eventhough we didn't do much. Mara & Ian (our neighbour-very nice couple!) cancelled our date (having dim sum at 11 am) today due to Mara didn't feel that well. This morning was cloudy and rainy. I guess that makes her even more sick!
We just can't live without the sun! We can stand the brutal coldness but not without the sun. It just makes us gloomy and miserable!

Since the date has cancelled, so we decided to go Eastgate Mall for shopping! hahaha long time didn't shop plus what i went through last nite, i just have to shop!!
Well, we bought some household stuff and i got Ryan Sesame Streets Alphabet blocks!! :) he loves it although he doesn;t know how to read yet! He just stack all the blocks and knock it down after he stacks it! he just loves to do that :)
Then we stock up the sodas for Christmas ...just in case any of our friends visit us during xmas :)
The weather was great during noon time...the sun came out but it was very windy.
Too windy till there was one of the three got blown down infront of our house. Lucky thing nobody got hurt! Policeman came after an hour later and waited for i guess 4 hours for the other man to come to chop the tree and remove it from the street.
It wasn't a big scene but there were ppl taking pictures with the tree on the street and posing holding the tree branches ..hehehe.. (of course they did it b4 the policeman came)

We just spend the rest of the day at home doing nothing. :)
I just like the feeling of doing nothing at all..

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Rough nite!

Whoaahhhhhh! tonite i had the most tough time ever at work. I was scheduled to work for 4 hours and 45 mins tonite and i can say most of the calls that i got was unbelievably CRAZY!!!
I really do not understand why a person willing to make your life miserable just because they had bad hair day or woke up at the wrong side of the bed?

Is because I have no choice that i have to work in a pizzapizza call centre just to pay the bills, people thought order takers working there deserve to work there and have no wherelse to go.
Those customers really acting like they are soo much superior and u deserve to serve them!

I am soo frustrated nowadays and so tempted to quit my job! I really pray hard that i can get a new job, a full time job that really use my brain!

I was sooo mad and frustrated till i got chest pain! hahah..boyyy..i realize that it is soo not worth it to get upset for those MORONS!
They were acting like kids! worst than kids!