Sunday, April 19, 2009

Long time... has been awhile i have not blog. I am just busy and lazy lately. I am doing my pre-graduation training...meaning working full time for free.. till April 30th. Is a mixture of day shifts and evening shifts...but mostly day shift.
I am working at this Behavioural Unit in one of Hamilton small hospital. I love this place..and my preceptor (the nurse who trained me) is an amazing preceptor. She is a total doll!
She taught me alot and i have learned alot.
My patients are mostly alzheimers & dementia..but they are some with schizophrenias and bipolar.
There is this patient, N.R., she suffered from alzheimers and bipolars...she can talk..but it does not make sense..every time when i am giving her care..she will said "leave me alone... u asshole" or "leave me alone ...u son of a bitch.." but i did not take it personally..coz i know they are sick...
Daily i care for them without fail...i like to go to work..and i like to care for them..
I dunno why...i find that..with psychiatry patients..they are interesting and challenging.
Giving them meds is another challenge..the nurses there have to be creative...
and our critical thinking box is on 100% all the time..when we are at shifts.

However, some nurses dislike that unit..they said is like babysitting...pschiatry patients are not patients at all..or pschiatry not nursing.
I totally disagree...coz brain is part of the human body and will fail too..and it is the most complex organ in the body.

I personally love psychiatry... a big satisfaction when i care for gives me the opportunity to assess their brain..their behaviour..and this task is not easy.
is not like biology knowledge we learn with other parts of the body..
coz hard to understand.

My ambition is to further career in psychiatry nursing.. hope that will happen :)